Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 23 - Soliciting Other Influential Groups

Chapter 23: Soliciting Other Influential Groups

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“Mu Feng, do you want to steal the cold fire with us?”

Prince Nan looked at Lin Feng coldly. He looked indifferent, and sounded a bit threatening.

“Mu Feng, I agree, you’re quite strong, but don’t forget that we are young masters in the Tian Clan and the Ma Clan. You’re alone. You should retreat. Finishing third is good enough already,” said Tian Qiong to Lin Feng. He looked glum.

“Indeed. Mu Feng, you can’t fight alone against a whole clan!” said Prince Nan.

Lin Feng frowned. Those two people threatened him relying on one reason, their clan?

So many people had told him such things in the Continent of the Nine Clouds already. But he had killed most of them anyway.

Therefore, when Lin Feng heard them threaten him, he realized the situation was going to be troublesome, the Ma Clan and the Tian Clan could make him flinch.

Lin Feng didn’t reply using words, he replied using strength.

Lin Feng raised his hands, an explosive forbidden strength shot up to the skies. The man in black clothes grunted with pain, turning black. The temperature in Xuan Yuan Mu’s deployment spell suddenly increased a few thousand degrees.

“You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. You want to die!!” shouted Prince Nan when he saw Lin Feng suddenly attack and modify the cold fire. He immediately threw out his hand and a gigantic dragon deployment spell appeared.

A dragon’s chant made the space shake violently. Deployment spell strength darted towards Lin Feng’s chest quickly. Lin Feng grunted coldly and jumped forwards while spinning. He threw out his hands and demon strength appeared around him.


A powerful explosion spread through the air. Prince Nan and Lin Feng’s deployment spells disappeared. Lin Feng took advantage of that moment, raising his left hand. At the same time, a cold fire appeared around him.

“You want to steal the cold fire, but can you?” said Tian Qiong when he saw that Lin Feng had taken the cold fire. He raised his left hand and attacked with an axe, throwing it at Lin Feng.

“Gigantic Deadly Axe Deployment Spell, activate!” shouted Tian Qiong furiously. He condensed Qi in his axe as golden lights appeared around him. The golden lights illuminated an area of thousands of square meters.

“Go!” said Tian Qiong pointing at Lin Feng. The axe roared like thunder and hacked towards Lin Feng’s head. Tian Qiong’s eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng frowned; he wanted to dodge the attack, but realized he was almost paralyzed. That deployment spell could imprison people!

“Clone, go!” shouted Lin Feng. He saw the gigantic dark axe shine, Lin Feng released a clone above him.

“Tian Ji Sword, unsheathe!” shouted Lin Feng’s clone. White lights flashed, swift and sharp energies crashed onto Lin Feng’s clone’s hand. His clone shouted furiously and hit the axe to deflect it sideways.

When Tian Qiong saw that, his expression changed drastically. He said, “Oh no, disperse!!” He raised his left hand and the axe disappeared. The lights disappeared as well.

Lin Feng and his clone fused back together, Lin Feng was still holding the Tian Ji Sword, looking at the two fighters coldly. Then he raised his left hand, still holding the cold fire. He cast a deployment spell to seal it, and then he went into his own world and handed it over to Liu Fei for her to take care of.

“Kill him and steal the cold fire!” said Prince Nan icily, clenching his fists. He wanted to attack again.

At that moment, he heard Yu Qing shout, “It’s the end of the competition. You can’t fight anymore, those who do will die instantly!”

Prince Nan looked at Lin Feng icily, but he couldn’t do much.

He smiled coldly and said, “I hope you’ll be lucky enough to have the opportunity to use that cold fire!!!”

“Hehe, thank you for your best wishes, Prince Nan!” replied Lin Feng, smiling and bowing. He got off the battle stage and landed next to Cheng Shan.

“Brother Mu Feng, you’re awesome!” said Cheng Shan, looking at Lin Feng in admiration. Lin Feng smiled, but said nothing.

Cheng Zhe and Cheng Ya Nuo looked at Lin Feng and nodded. Their eyes were filled with admiration. Cheng Ya Nuo even looked soft and sweet.

Luo Ze clenched his fists, his expression hideous and ferocious, especially when he saw that Cheng Ya Nuo wasn’t paying attention to him at all. Cheng Zhe even looked at him coldly. He knew they now considered him a weakling. Strength was the most important thing in that world and at that moment, there was someone stronger than him!

Luo Ze was completely dispirited. The one he had called a piece of trash turned out to be stronger than him and on top of that, he had stolen the cold fire and Prince Nan and Tian Qiong hadn’t managed to take it from him!

“Hmph! Mu Feng, wait and you’ll see, sooner or later, I will kill you!”

When Lin Feng saw that Luo Ze was looking at him like that, he threw out his hand and slapped him.

Whap! Luo Ze was blown away a dozen meters away and crashed onto the ground, his mouth bleeding.

“If you’re not happy, you can fight against me. If you attack me from behind again, I’ll kill you. Don’t blame me then,” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Luo Ze felt humiliated as he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. What could he say, though? Nothing. He stood up and stayed there.

He wasn’t qualified to say anything anymore.

Cheng Ya Nuo glanced at Luo Ze indifferently. She didn’t care about that piece of trash anymore, and neither did Cheng Zhe. He didn’t want a piece of trash as a son-in-law. He used to think Luo Ze wasn’t bad, but after all that had happened, he had mixed feelings.

Luo Ze was far from being able to compete with Prince Tian Qiong!

When Lin Feng saw that Luo Ze didn’t even dare look at him, he smiled coldly.

At that moment, Yu Qing walked over. He was Xuan Yuan Mu’s main disciple, and quite strong.

“The competition is over. You are all talented deployment spell casters, but some of you are stronger than the others. Let’s see the rankings now.”

“First, Prince Tian Qiong with thirty-three crystals. He stole three crystals from Prince Nan at the last minute.”

“Second, Mu Feng, twenty-seven crystals, he stole the cold fire, but didn’t steal his crystals.”

“Third, Prince Nan, twenty-one crystals.”

“The fourth to the tenth have less than twenty crystals, the fourth is…”

Yu Qing announced who the cultivators of the top ten were. Lin Feng was among the best ones. Many people were looking at him.

“Prince Mu Feng, The Celestial Dragon Sect is willing to recruit you as an elder, Your Excellency!” said an old man, cupping his fist to Lin Feng.

In the top three, Lin Feng was the only one who didn’t belong to any clan. Many influential groups noticed him and wanted to recruit him.

“Prince Mu Feng, Yai Shan is also willing to recruit you as an elder!” said someone else. All sorts of influential groups invited him and proposed very tempting terms.

“Prince Mu Feng, the Sword Sect noticed your sword skills are really impressive, we’d love to have you as an elder as well, please give us face”, said a middle-aged man in purple clothes and silver helmet. His expression was as sharp as a sword. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring. His Qi was extraordinary.

The leaders of the three greatest clans also noticed Lin Feng.

“The Sword Sect came in peace?”

“Right, the Sword Sect has existed for thousands of years and I’ve never heard that they recruited elders from outside. What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What’s that supposed to mean, Patriarch Zi Jian?” Xuan Yuan Mu opened his eyes and smiled at Patriarch Zi Jian. “Zi Jian, don’t try to compete with me over Lin Feng. He’s from the Gods Sect now.”

“Hehe, Master Xuan Yuan Mu, I wouldn’t dare compete with you. But being an elder of the Sword Sect would be better than being a disciple of the Gods Sect, don’t you think? The God Sect is one of the greatest influential groups in the Supranatural Region, but the Sword Sect is also a big sect. He’d have more privileges as an elder in the Sword Sect,” said Patriarch Zi Jian to Xuan Yuan Mu. He didn’t sound respectful at all, he just talked to him as an equal. Lin Feng was surprised.

“How powerful is that Zi Jian? And why do I have the feeling I know him?”

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