Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 27 - Betrothal

Chapter 27: Betrothal

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Cheng Ya Nuo looked at Cheng Zhe worriedly. She didn’t want Lin Feng to rebel against them because of that.

When Cheng Zhe heard her, he shook his head and smiled confidently, “No, there won’t be any problem. You’re so beautiful, Mu Feng probably thinks so, too. I just want to see if it works now.”

He looked confident and happy. Cheng Ya Nuo felt relieved and waited patiently when she heard that.

“Father, now you want Ya Nuo to get married with Mu Feng!? Why!?” Luo Ze had arrived in the courtyard, enraged. The guards didn’t manage to stop him, and they didn’t dare anyway, as he was Cheng Zhe’s future son-in-law, after all.

Cheng Zhe looked at Luo Ze and waved. A few people came to take him away, but Luo Ze ran towards Cheng Zhe and shouted furiously, “Father! Why did you lie to me?! Why do you want Ya Nuo to get married with someone else now?!”

“Luo Ze, I am not your father. I am the leader of the Cheng Clan, call me Leader now,” Cheng Zhe said coldly.

Luo Ze’s face paled, and took a few steps backwards. He glanced at Cheng Zhe, who looked cold and detached, then at Cheng Ya Nuo, who didn’t even glance at him. Luo Ze had the impression his world was collapsing around him.

“Hehe. It’s because I lost at the competition, and Mu Feng did great,” said Luo Ze, smiling mockingly and pointing at Cheng Zhe.

Cheng Zhe remained silent, and slapped Luo Ze away. Blood splashed.

“Luo Ze, you’re questioning the Cheng Clan’s Leader’s decisions? Do you think you’re qualified for that?”

Cheng Zhe looked at Luo Ze disdainfully. Luo Ze’s heart twitched. He should have guessed that if someone like Lin Feng appeared in the Cheng Clan, he would lose his privileges.

He was now a piece of trash. He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng at all. Cheng Zhe would obviously choose someone stronger if there was such a person. He wanted the best for his daughter, Cheng Ya Nuo.

“Hmph! Cheng Zhe, you will definitely regret this!” shouted Luo Ze furiously. He struggled to get back to his feet. His mouth was still bleeding as he ran away from the courtyard.

Almost at the same time, Lin Feng appeared in the sky, they glanced at each other and grunted icily, but didn’t say anything. Luo Ze quickly vanished.

Lin Feng had a strange impression, but he ignored Luo Ze, as he directly entered the courtyard.

As he came in, he saw Cheng Ya Nuo and Cheng Zhe, who smiled at him. Lin Feng didn’t understand. He could see they were plotting something from their expressions.

“Are you plotting something?” Lin Feng immediately noticed something was wrong, so he said what he thought, he wasn’t used to talking for nothing.

Cheng Zhe blushed when he heard Lin Feng, but he forced himself to smile indifferently. “Hehe, Mu Feng, my boy, we’re not plotting. Cheng Shan and you are good friends, so that was the only thing I could do to make you come here.”

“What about Cheng Shan’s punishment?” Lin Feng asked Cheng Zhe.

“Hehe. It was a lie. Now you’re here and Cheng Shan is, as before, qualified to take care of the tower. I don’t mind if you learned some secret skills of the Cheng Clan,” said Cheng Zhe, smiling wholeheartedly. Lin Feng was puzzled.

But he also knew that nobody did things out of altruism in this world. Cheng Zhe talked that way because he was expecting something.

“What are your conditions? And you used Cheng Shan to make me come here, right?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, glancing at Cheng Shan.

Cheng Zhe smiled in embarrassment and replied, “Hehe, we can’t say we have conditions. It’s something good actually.”

“Something good? For me?” Lin Feng asked. He was puzzled.

“Of course, it’s something good for you,” said Cheng Zhe smiling happily.

“So tell me, what is it?” said Lin Feng looking at Cheng Zhe, who looked absolutely delighted. He couldn’t wait to hear Cheng Zhe’s arguments.

When Cheng Zhe saw Lin Feng looked curious, he couldn’t help but glance at Cheng Ya Nuo, who blushed shyly.

Then he stood up and walked to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly had an idea of what it could be so when Cheng Zhe told him, he wasn’t surprised at all.

“I want to betroth my daughter to you, are you happy?” Cheng Zhe smiled. He grabbed Cheng Ya Nuo’s hand and started moving it towards Lin Feng’s hand. She blushed, and didn’t dare look at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and clasped his hands behind his back.

Cheng Zhe’s face stiffened. he smiled coldly and asked, “Mu Feng, what is that supposed to mean?”

“I’m sorry, Leader. I have wives and children. I even have grandchildren. I cannot accept your offer,” said Lin Feng, taking steps backwards. Cheng Zhe looked angry.

When he heard Lin Feng, he looked glum. Cheng Ya Nuo couldn’t believe it her ears. She felt humiliated. Lin Feng didn’t even look at her.

She was considered the most beautiful woman in Zhongzhuan City. She had never felt humiliated like this. Many men courted her in town. Mu Feng wasn’t even interested in her?

Cheng Ya Nuo was infuriated as she clenched her fists and asked icily, “Mu Feng, you really don’t want to get married to me?!”

“Indeed,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head without the least hesitation.

When Cheng Ya Nuo heard how certain Lin Feng sounded, she nodded coldly, “Alright. I have nothing to say, then. Since you don’t want to, I can’t do anything. You can leave.”

“Thank you very much for your understanding. I’m off,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fists and smiling. Then he got ready to leave. He didn’t care. Tomorrow, he’d go to the central part of the Supranatural Region with Xuan Yuan Mu, anyway.

He turned around, but suddenly, his expression changed drastically. He didn’t have time to react, two fists moved towards him quickly, even as he released forbidden and demon strengths.

But even that way, he was blown a hundred meters away.

“Leader, you surprisingly chose to sneak attack a younger cultivator?” Lin Feng raised his head, wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth. He was infuriated.

Cheng Zhe laughed softly. He took back his fists and smiled indifferently. “Mu Feng, I gave you face, but you refused my offer. Let me ask you once more, won’t you get married with my daughter?”

Cheng Zhe still hoped. Lin Feng was very talented after all. Only Tian Qiong seemed to be stronger than him. Of course, that’s what Cheng Zhe thought.

“Haha! What a great leader! You surprisingly want your daughter to get married with the first talented man you bump into! Isn’t there anyone interested in Miss Cheng?”

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