Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 30 - Red Lights!

Chapter 30: Red Lights!

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“You think it’s strange? You broke through, why couldn’t I?” Lin Feng found Tian Qiong’s reaction amusing.

“Hmph! Let’s see how strong you are now that you broke through!” swore Tian Qiong, grunting icily. He flashed into motion, like a feather in the wind, white lights flashing and dazzling. People had the impression it was an illusion. Using both fasts and slow strengths at the same time could be useful sometimes.

Lin Feng also controlled fast and slow Dao, but it was only level one. He hadn’t reached the second level with them yet.

“I hope you won’t regret your decision,” replied Lin Feng evenly. He opened his arms and pitch-black demon Qi absorbed the Qi around him. The space around him literally emptied out. Even sound couldn’t pierce through.

“Fast!” shouted Tian Qiong. Everybody started feeling dizzy, things moving too quickly around them. Some people’s eyes rolled back in pain.

“Forbidden!” shouted Lin Feng. Forbidden strength appeared. People couldn’t even recognize their surroundings, everything had suddenly changed with the forbidden, demon, and speed strengths.

Tian Qiong was a bit annoyed, he couldn’t get close to Lin Feng.

“Slow!” shouted Tian Qiong. He raised his left hand. Everybody had the impression Lin Feng was moving slower and Tian Qiong faster suddenly.

Lin Feng’s expression shifted. He clenched his fists and threw one out. He just used pure strength and rose up in the air, trying to get away from Tian Qiong’s slow energy. Then, he punched the space again and lightnings appeared amid roars of thunder.

“Sky Destroying Thunder Imprints!”

“Slow!” The surroundings changed again, but Lin Feng’s punch didn’t slow down. Tian Qiong was startled and looked glum. Demon energies appeared around him. His level of slow Dao couldn’t slow Lin Feng’s attack down.

Tian Qiong threw out his fists to stop Lin Feng’s thunder imprints, but he groaned in pain and was pushed back.

As soon as Tian Qiong was pushed backwards, the winner became obvious. Tian Qiong couldn’t kill Lin Feng. The opposite was true, too, but it was obvious who had the advantage.

Lin Feng also knew he couldn’t kill Tian Qiong. The Tian Clan had made great efforts to raise Tian Qiong, he was not an ordinary cultivator. If he faced Tian Han, maybe.

Tian Qiong glanced at Lin Feng and flew towards the mountain. “Mu Feng, I will keep in mind what happened today.”

Everybody heard him clearly. Tian Qiong was telling Lin Feng, ‘Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.’ If they met again, Tian Qiong would be merciless.

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed and he watched Tian Qiong disappear. He smiled coldly and turned around, glancing at those who had made fun of him before.

Their faces paled in terror. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng was a Half-Holy Emperor and that he could oppress Prince Tian Qiong.

“If that happens again, I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng angrily.

The few people looked extremely happy and nodded at his mercy, and then left as quickly as they could.

Lin Feng looked over at the mountain again. It was still shining with dazzling red lights. Most people didn’t dare look straight at the mountain. Of course, Peerless Holy Kings, Supreme Holy Kings, and stronger folk could look at it. Half-Holy Emperors had no problem at all.

Lin Feng flew back to the top of the mountain, getting closer and closer to the dazzling lights. At the same time, he realized that the red lights contained a strange Dao strength.

Divine Dao strength. Lin Feng had heard of it, but he had never seen it. He had never seen a strong cultivator who controlled Divine Dao strength in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Divine Dao was almost like a material left by the gods to oppose people who had a forbidden body.

People who controlled Divine Dao, those who had a forbidden body, and those chosen by natural selection were all incredible.

With Divine Dao, strong cultivators could do many things, it was extremely useful. It increased their Qi, and helped them break through more easily. Therefore, it was obvious that Divine Dao was useful.

People who had a forbidden body thought the gods had abandoned them at the beginning, but then they realized how incredible a forbidden body was. But the Heavens were scared of people who had a forbidden body, which was why Lin Feng had thought he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer in the past.

Finally, Lin Feng had never heard of the last sort, people who had been chosen by natural selection. He had never met anyone like that, either. The god who had transmitted the knowledge to him had not told him anything about them either.

Being chosen by natural selection meant that people had been chosen by Heaven. They were chosen to fight against people who had been abandoned by the gods. Therefore, their cultivation speed was terrifying. In a few years, or a few dozens of years, they could turn from ordinary people into Holy Kings.

Lin Feng walked down the mountain. He was a thousand meters away from the red lights, and could sense the Divine Dao. His strength increased as he drew closer.

As his strength kept increasing, Lin Feng wondered whether he would become much stronger if he walked into the light.

Lin Feng couldn’t help it, he wanted to try. At that moment, Lin Feng sensed a presence behind him. Someone hit him and he was hurled away. He was forced back ten thousand meters away from the light.

He turned around, stupefied. “Uncle Zi Jian?”

Indeed. The one who had pushed Lin Feng away was Patriarch Zi Jian, the leader of the Sword Sect!

Zi Jian nodded. Then he looked at the red lights again. He asked, “Didn’t you feel anything wrong?” He looked anxious.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He sensed his condition and his expression changed. His Qi was much weaker suddenly! What was going on?

“Uncle Zi Jian, my Qi…?” Lin Feng felt something was wrong. He was puzzled.

Patriarch Zi Jian nodded and murmured, “I was right, then!”

“Could it be that those lights consume people’s strength?” asked Lin Feng. He wanted to understand too!

“Indeed. Divine Dao can consume people’s Qi and weaken them. When you get close to the lights, your Qi increases, but when you go away, your Qi weakens. That’s why people who control Divine Dao are redoubtable. When they leave their enemies, the latter become weaker!” explained Patriarch Zi Jian.

Lin Feng was stunned.

What powerful red lights!

Divine Dao was incredibly powerful!

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