Perfect Superstar

Chapter 194

Chapter 194 - An Appointment

After she took off her sunglasses, the true appearance of the woman in white dress was revealed.

Her appearance was very beautiful. Her every frown and smile were filled with a mature women’s unique charm, which makes people's heart pound with excitement.

And her face, there was no one present who didn't recognized her.

Chen Fei'er!

The Queen of Sweet Song of the pop music world, who has been famous for more than ten years, a big shot in the circle!

For Sun Shan, Director Zhong and others, this discovery was a bit too exciting – who would have expected that the one who had come to visit Lu Chen was Chen Fei'er.

All of a sudden, everyone was stunned.

Especially Sun Shan, her mind was completely blank!

She unexpectedly despised Chen Fei'er just now!

Although Chen Fei'er was a singer, she has also made movies and played guest roles in several blockbuster films.

She had worked with the top figures in the circle, big directors and big stars.

Whether it was popularity, reputation, or status in the circle, Chen Fei'er could be said to have completely crush Sun Shan.

They were not even on the same level.

If Chen Fei'er really gets serious with Sun Shan, then the latter would have endless trouble. Her development in the circle would inevitably have many obstacles, unless Sun Shan has the strength to go against the sky or a strong backer to resist.

Sun Shan knew very well that she didn't have either of these things.

In front of Chen Fei'er, she has nothing to be proud of. The gap between them was too big.

And even if Chen Fei'er was magnanimous and didn't take her seriously, if others knew what she has done today, she would become the target of jokes and ridicule in the circle!

“Chen… Sister Chen…”

Sun Shan stammered, “I… I’m sorry. “

Her previous arrogance had vanished. Her face was red and pitiful like an aggrieved daughter-in-law.

Sun Shan wanted to find a crack to drill in, because such a scene was too embarrassing for her.

But she couldn't turn and leave. Otherwise, Chen Fei'er would definitely be deeply offended by her!

Chen Fei'er glanced faintly at Sun Shan and said nothing more.

Actually, Sun Shan was thinking too much. Chen Fei'er has been in the industry for more than 10 years, what kind of people have she not seen?

Following the Red Top White[1], hypocritical and malicious, impudent and shameless, self-righteous…

She wouldn't go out of her way to be serious because someone else's one or two words offended her. That’s really beneath her.

It might also give the other party the opportunity to hype.

Chen Fei'er didn't have Sun Shan in her eyes, and she wouldn't give her the opportunity.

Director Zhong came back to his senses and asked with a smile on his face, “Miss Chen Fei'er, are you here to visit the set[2]?”

Seeing Sun Shan looked like a frosted eggplant, the director felt very comfortable in his heart.

Who asked you to pretend, pretend to be a stupid c*nt?

He couldn't express his inner feelings directly, so he had to send his admiration to Chen Fei'er.

Sister Fei, you are so powerful!

And Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was so quiet. Who knew that he has such a great ability to ask a Heavenly Queen to visit the set?

This made Director Zhong really have a completely new appraisal of Lu Chen. He wrote down a big “convinced” character in his heart!

Chen Fei'er said with a smile, “It’s not a set visit. Lu Chen and I are friends. If I know he’s filming here, I’ll come and have a look. It doesn’t affect your work, does it?”

“No, no, no…”

Director Zhong shook his head like a rattle: “It's our pleasure to have you here.”

He has shot a lot of commercials, but the ones he has worked with were basically second and third-tier star artists. He couldn't even get close to big names like Chen Fei'er.

Today, Chen Fei'er came to his place for a set visit. if word of this got out, it would give him so much face.

Lu Chen said with a smile, “Thank you, Sister Fei.”

His and Chen Fei'er’s eyes met. The latter’s eyes contain a gentle smile, as if they could speak.

Although Lu Chen has a lot of questions to ask her, it was obviously not appropriate at the moment.

Chen Fei'er’s eyes were also dissuading him.

The Heavenly Queen pursed her lips and said with a smile, "You’re welcome. I just stopped by, so I won’t bother you.”

At this moment, some of the tourists around recognized Chen Fei'er and immediately shouted her name.

“Chen Fei'er!”

“Chen Fei'er, it’s Chen Fei'er!”

“It’s really Chen Fei'er! I'm not mistaken, am I?”

“That’s right!”

It was normal to run into an artist star in the film and television city, but to run into someone of Chen Fei'er's level, it was really luck. Right away, countless people gathered around to see her elegant appearance.

Fortunately, the shooting team and Chen Fei'er’s assistant were very experienced and immediately protected her from onlookers. They kept the onlookers away.

Chen Fei'er winked at Lu Chen, turned around and returned to her car.

If she didn't leave, it would be difficult to leave!

Lu Chen watched her car drive away and there was a wonderful feeling in his heart.

When Chen Fei'er called him earlier, he had a vague premonition.

He didn't expect his premonition to come true!

“Mr. Lu Chen…”

The voice from Director Zhong made Lu Chen draw his attention back.

The director asked cautiously, “It’s already noon. Should we have a meal first, come back and shoot again?”

His attitude towards Lu Chen was at least twice as polite!

Lu Chen said with a smile, “You are the director, you are in charge.”

Director Zhong felt really comfortable. Chen Fei'er's appearance didn't change Lu Chen’s respect for him.

He said with a smile, “Everyone has worked hard in the morning. I’ll treat everyone to lunch, and continue in the afternoon!”

Director Zhong didn’t even ask Sun Shan for her opinion.

Because he knew very well that as long as Sun Shan had a little bit of brain, she would not make trouble and play big names any more. On the contrary, she needed to work hard to have a good relationship with Lu Chen.

The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er was obviously very unusual.

Sure enough, as Director Zhong expected, after lunch, Sun Shan came back and started shooting again. Sun Shan was as clever as a quail and followed the instructions very cooperatively, completing all the scenes of her and Lu Chen.

When the outdoor and indoor shots were finished, it was still not dark.

The shooting team of Silver Horse Advertising Company finished work and went home. The next task was post-production.

After shooting today’s commercial, Lu Chen has to stay in Jinling for another night.

Because tomorrow they were going to shoot the photos for the advertisement posters, and perhaps he would continue to live in Jinling the next night.

Of course, he didn't have to pay for the hotel.

At the time of parting, Director Zhong shook hands with Lu Chen and said sincerely, “Mr. Lu Chen, if there is a chance. I hope to work with you again next time!”

What he said wasn't polite words, but his real feeling.

Needless to say, Lu Chen’s work attitude was very serious and sincere, and his acting skills were beyond expectation.

As a singer, Lu Chen performed even better than Sun Shan, a professional actress.

In a scene that took place in the house, they had 4 retakes because of Sun Shan, but had only 1 retake because of Lu Chen.

Lu Chen nodded and said, “I think there will be a chance.”

Director Zhong conjured out a business card and presented it with both hands: “This is my contact number…”

“If you want to shoot commercials, MVs, or promotional films, please take care of me. Thank you.”

Lu Chen smiled and took director Zhong’s business card and asked Li Feiyu to give the other party his own business card.

Having many friends means having many ways. Even if the other person was just an unknown little director, maybe in the future, he would find an opportunity to soar into the sky? One couldn't be too snobbish, or one would easily be embarrassed like Sun Shan.

Speaking of Sun Shan, Sun Shan came to find Lu Chen.

She smiled charmingly and asked, “Lu Chen, I’m so sorry today. Can you let me treat you tonight to make amends?”

The third-tier starlet smiled with watery eyes, revealing a trace of temptation, quite a bit of seductive flavor.

But Lu Chen wasn't interested in her at all.

Sun Shan’s face was estimated to have undergone facelift. The muscles of her face were a little stiff when she smiled, and there was a lot of powder.

He was glad that the kissing scene in the last part of the commercial wasn't a real shot, but a borrowing technique.[3]

Otherwise, he probably would have no appetite to eat dinner that night.

Lu Chen politely declined, “Miss Sun Shan is too polite. I have an appointment with a friend this evening, so I’m really sorry. I’ll invite you next time.”

He spoke politely, but his tone was unshakable.

Sun Shan didn't feel embarrass. In the past, she would have lost her temper and lost face on the spot. I invited you and yet you thought highly of yourself. Who do you think you are? You're just a little singer from a talent show!

But now she had to put up with her temper, reluctantly smiled and said, “All right…”

In fact, Sun Shan’s real intention to invite Lu Chen was to take advantage of the latter to get into contact with Chen Fei'er. Even meeting her for a meal would be very good for her.

Too bad for her, her pretty seductive eyes were vainly tossed aside as Lu Chen simply did not fall for her trick.

“That woman!”

On the way back to the hotel, Li Feiyu said disdainfully: “Is simply…”

Forgive his poor vocabulary, he couldn't think of the most suitable adjective, and could only say “Bah”.

Lu Chen smiled and said nothing.

Chen Jianhao told him that the entertainment industry was really complicated. When the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds, not to mention exotic flowers.

For such a person, staying away was the wisest choice, and getting involved would only lead to trouble.

Ring! Ring!

At this time, his cell phone suddenly rang twice – a short message came.

Lu Chen took out his cell phone and looked at it, then calmly replied to the message.

He reached out and patted Li Feiyu on the shoulder and said, “Brother Li, I'm going out to do something. You can take care of dinner by yourself.”

Li Feiyu smiled a little mysteriously: “I understand, did someone ask you out?”

Lu Chen touched his nose with a wry smile and said, “Yes.”

He knew he couldn't hide it from Xiaofei.

Li Feiyu gave a “ha” and said proudly, “I knew it!”

He has already guessed who asked Lu Chen out – that’s really… really enviable!

Li Feiyu wasn't a fool, and as Lu Chen’s assistant, he knew more things than Lu Xi.

“Then have a good time. You’d better not come back at night!”

Lu Chen was speechless.

He stopped a taxi on the side of the road and told the driver his destination.

The address came from the short message he just received.


[1] Following the Red Top White – is a Cantonese slang that expresses an attitude of becoming more prosperous, and also a kind of survival wisdom that guides the situation and seeks good fortunes. It is often used to describe the snobbery phenomenon in the entertainment industry.

[2] Visit the set is more of a work-related thing, like supervising someone on the work.

[3] A technique of physical contact or intimate behavior (such as kissing) in shooting movies and photos. For example , an actor who wants to kiss according to the plot. When the two people’s lips are close but not in contact, the actors’ acting skills and camera shooting angle are used to create a kiss between the two.

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