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Chapter 200 - Chen Qian

Chapter 200 – Chen Qian

Across the table, sitting opposite Lu Chen, was a pure and lovely girl.

She was, at most, no more than 19 years old. It was the best age for young girls. She was as elegant as early blooming flowers, and pitiful like bright cherry blossoms, worthy of being cherished and retained.

Chen Qian, Su Daiwan’s biological younger sister.

She was also Lu Chen’s “blind date” tonight!

Chen Qian’s appearance was at least six or seven points similar to Su Daiwan. She has white and picturesque skin, a pair of big watery eyes that seemed as if they could speak, and cut bangs that were no different from a schoolgirl.

When she was introduced to Lu Chen by her sister, she looked very shy and kept her head down.

Su Daiwan took Chen Qian by the hand and said to Lu Chen with a smile, “Little Chen, Little Qian has just come back from abroad. She is also a music major. You two must have a lot in common. How about making friends with each other?”

Su Daiwan has said so. How could Lu Chen say no?

He nodded hurriedly and said, “OK, sister-in-law, I will treat Little Qian as my own sister.”

Lu Chen keenly noticed that when he finished saying this sentence, Chen Qian’s body obviously shrunk a little.

At the same time, he could see that Su Daiwan really loved her sister.

Su Daiwan smiled, got up and said, “You two talk, talk about music. Little Qian, you should learn from Little Chen.”

Chen Qian gave a soft “un”.

Su Daiwan took the initiative to leave. Obviously, she wanted to create an opportunity for the two to be alone together.

But as soon as she left, the atmosphere became a little awkward.

After a moment of silence, Lu Chen touched his nose and asked, “Chen Qian, what kind of music did you study abroad? Modern or classical, instrumental?”

Chen Qian said softly, “I am studying modern music…”

She didn’t seem to want to continue the topic. She raised her head and took a quick glance at Lu Chen and said, “Brother Lu Chen. It’s too stuffy here. Will you accompany me for a walk outside?”

Lu Chen was stunned, but still agreed.

In fact, he didn’t really like such occasions. Everyone was dressed up, standing in the hall with hypocritical masks, talking to each other and saying insincere words.

But a lot of people still enjoy it.

Therefore, Lu Chen didn’t want to set foot in the business circle, nor did he want to develop in the business circle. He knew that he had no talent for business.

Engaging in online crowdfunding was purely to earn a sum of money to pay off his family’s debts as soon as possible.

By then, after selling his share, he would be able to retire[1].

Chen Qian was very sensible. She deliberately looked for Su Daiwan and talked about it before leaving.

Su Daiwan had no objection and was very happy. She said to Lu Chen, “You can take Little Qian out to play. She is not used to such an occasion. Please send her home before 10 o’clock.”

Although Lu Chen was the legal representative of Muchen Crowdfunding, it was Li Mushi who was really in charge in the evening.

So, after the previous celebration ceremony was completed, it didn’t matter if he leaves now.

Su Daiwan trusted Lu Chen very much and felt at ease to give her younger sister to him to take care of.

Lu Chen took the opportunity to leave and left with Chen Qian.

Before leaving, he greeted Li Mubai, who was circling around a beautiful girl.

Knowing that Lu Chen was going to go out with Chen Qian, Third Young Master Li let out a “hehe” smile, smiling rather obscenely.

He said meaningfully, “Brother Chen. Take care of your body!”

Speechless, Lu Chen gave him a punch.

Lu Chen and Chen Qian took a high-speed elevator down to the underground garage of the Regent Hotel.

Because of his position as the chairman of Muchen Crowdfunding, Lu Chen spend much of his time socializing with people in the evening and has drank a lot of wine.

But in fact, what he drank wasn’t real wine, but mixed drinks.

This was a little secret in the business circle. Otherwise, as the host, if one drunk too much, one would make a fool of oneself. Moreover, it was impolite to talk to others with the smell of alcohol.

Therefore, Lu Chen could drive in his own car without worrying about drunk driving.

He found his Zhonghua X7. Then, just as he opened the lock with the remote-control key, he heard Chen Qian timidly say: “Brother Lu Chen, you’ve drank a lot of wine. Let me drive. It’s not good to get caught drunk driving.”


Lu Chen scratched his head. It wasn’t like he could say that all he drank were mixed drinks, right?

Chen Qian was really pure. She didn’t know anything about the business circle.

Perhaps Su Daiwan had protected her too well.

She was kind of like a flower in a greenhouse. It was a wonder how she was willing to send her abroad to study in the first place.

She was wearing a floral dress tonight. Her petite and demure appearance really made others feel pity for her and love her dearly.

Lu Chen hesitated and asked, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Chen Qian nodded and said, “I got my driver’s license in the U.S. and changed it when I got back to China. Brother Lu Chen, you can rest assured, I drive very slowly and steadily.”

She blinked her big eyes, her eyes full of anticipation, a little excited to try.

She was a good girl, looking for a little excitement in her life.

As long as one was a man, especially young men, they really couldn’t refuse her request.

Isn’t it just driving a car?

It’s no big deal!

Lu Chen was of course a man, a normal young man.

But instead of eagerly handing over the car keys as Chen Qian had hoped, he smiled faintly and said, “Sister Chen Qian, I think I’d better drive. My car can’t stand the twists and turns[2] of the Little Witch of Meilan Road.”

Little Witch of Meilan Road!

Hearing these words, Chen Qian’s face suddenly changed.

She was like a little wildcat whose tail was stepped on, with the fur all over her body standing straight up. The original ladylike demeanor was gone, and her eyes were full of sharp light, full of heart-palpitating danger.

Lu Chen was not surprised and smiled lightly.

Meilan Road was a winding mountain road in the suburb of Los Angeles in the United States. Due to its steep terrain, there were often rich children racing on this mountain road, resulting in several deaths.

The title of the Little Witch of Meilan Road belongs to the “good girl” in front of him!

Chen Qian asked coldly, “How do you know that?”

Her sister, Su Daiwan, didn’t know about it, but Lu Chen, who she met for the first time, knew it very well.

All her disguise was exposed!

How could Chen Qian not be ashamed and angry?

Lu Chen said with a smile, “I also know that you are very dissatisfied with your sister’s arrangement. You don’t want to go on a blind date with me at all, and you even hate me. So, you thought of driving over here to torment me[3], thus letting me suffer a bit and give up, right?”

If he hadn’t known that about Chen Qian beforehand, Lu Chen would have been fooled.

Chen Qian’s acting skill was very excellent. To be honest, he hasn’t seen any flaws.

Until she showed her fox’s tail just now.

Chen Qian was speechless.

She really had the idea of driving Lu Chen’s car out for a wild ride. Even if she didn’t frighten him to death, she would torment him to death!

Chen Qian couldn’t resist Su Daiwan, so she wanted to find Lu Chen to go out.

She dressed up this evening, not only to make her sister happy, but also to make Lu Chen not be vigilant.

Who would have thought that such a pure and lovely girl was the famous Little Witch of Meilan Road in the sports car circle in the Greater Los Angeles area?

Lu Chen stopped smiling and said, “Chen Qian, in fact, I don’t really want to pursue you, and I don’t want to have a girlfriend at present. It’s just that sister-in-law Daiwan wants to be the matchmaker, and It’s not good if I don’t give her some face.”

“Therefore, we are not enemies. Now that we are clear, shall I take you home?”

Chen Qian stared at Lu Chen, the light in her eyes gradually softened.

She pondered for a moment, then nodded and said, “All right.”

The Little Witch of Meilan Road took the initiative to hold out her hand to Lu Chen: “I’m really sorry just now. I apologize.”

Lu Chen secretly breathed a sigh of relief and held Chen Qian’s small hand. “You don’t have to…”

To his great surprise, Chen Qian’s five fingers suddenly grasped his hand, and lifted his arm upward and pulled it back. At the same time, she turned her back to Lu Chen like lightning, and put his arm on her shoulder!

Her left hand also grabbed Lu Chen’s arm and bent down to throw him.

This was a very standard over-the-shoulder throw move. Without long-term training, people couldn’t do it so skillfully and perfectly. Moreover, Chen Qian’s sudden attack came without any warning. It could be said that she caught him by surprise!

She was so confident that she was going to throw the annoying guy in front of her.

And, Chen Qian did indeed caught Lu Chen by surprise. She grabbed Lu Chen’s arm and follow through with the over-the-shoulder throw move, except she encountered a problem on the last step.

Lu Chen seemed to stand till like a huge mountain, and she couldn’t move him no matter how hard she tried!

This guy is so strong!

Chen Qian was taken aback.

But she didn’t panic, and without thinking about it, she raised her right foot and stamped back towards Lu Chen’s foot.

She was wearing a pair of crystal high heels with very thin heels!

But Chen Qian’s plan failed again, because at the moment she raised her foot, Lu Chen put his other hand on her waist and gave a sudden push to the side.


Chen Qian instantly lost her balance. She spun around and couldn’t help screaming.


The next moment, her butt and the engine cover of Zhonghua X7 came into close contact!

It turned out Lu Chen placed her on top of the car.

After a while, Chen Qian finally came back to her senses, and her pretty face suddenly turned red.

Lu Chen drew back his hand and said with a smile, “Have you had enough? If you’ve had enough fun, I’ll take you home…”

Although there was a smile on his face, his eyes were full of impatience.

For this kind of stubborn girl who doesn’t know what is good or bad, Lu Chen didn’t have the slightest favorable impression. If it weren’t for Su Daiwan, he would really give Chen Qian a taste of pain.

In the situation just now, if it weren’t for Lu Chen’s quick reaction, perhaps he would have suffered a lot.

And he didn’t where the other party learned those dirty tricks!

Chen Qian glared at him with a stubborn look on her face, looking very unconvinced.

Lu Chen shook his head, stepped back, took out his cell phone and said, “Then I’ll call your sister…”

“Don’t you dare!”

Chen Qian screamed.


[1] Retire in the Online Crowdfunding (business) and not in his career.

[2] Twist and turn here means how she handle a car, I think.

[3] Torment him with her driving. Make him sick or scared or something. Imagine yourself sitting beside a drag racing driver in a road full of twist and turn.

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