Perfect Superstar

Chapter 207

Chapter 207

Chapter 207 – Meng Meng

Ringgg~ .

A sharp bell rang in Ningwan No . 2 Middle School, telling all the teachers and students that the time for the first class was up .

Meng Meng rushed out of the classroom and ran all the way to the bathroom .

After finding the innermost position and squatting down, she carefully closed the door . Then she took out her cellphone from her dress pocket and opened it . She didn’t forget to plug in the headphones .

According to school regulations, high school students weren’t allowed to carry electronic products, especially smartphones . Once caught, they would be confiscated on the spot . Their parents have to come and sign for it before they could take them back .

Meng Meng was a very good girl . She dared not break the school rules, but today’s situation was a little different .

She decided to do something “bad” .

It took 15 seconds to for the cellphone to boot up, but Meng Meng felt like a long time had passed .

When she got to the UI1, she couldn’t wait to connect to the data network and skillfully opened the browser .

And log in to the address that has already been saved in the favorites column .

[Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room .

Lu Fei was Lu Chen, and Meng Meng was a fan of Lu Chen and a true fan2 in the Lu Family Army!

After a few seconds, the live video and a large number of on-screen comments3 were displayed at the same time .

Meng Meng glanced at the number of people online and was immediately shocked – there were 270,000 +, which was really incredible!

It should be known that today was Monday . It was the morning time . There were work and school, not many people would be immersed in the live streaming website . Such a high number of online users was simply breaking through the sky4 .

That is to say, our Lu Chen’s charm is very high!

Meng Meng thought happily, feeling very happy .

As a die-hard fan of Lu Chen, Meng Meng had never thought about doing this and that5 with her idol . She liked Lu Chen’s songs, liked listening to Lu Chen’s voice, and liked looking at Lu Chen’s face .

That was enough .

In the fan group yesterday, Meng Meng saw the announcement that today Lu Chen and a girl group called MSN were going to shoot a music video, and the shooting process would be streamed live .

So, she secretly brought her cellphone to watch it at the end of the class .

Even just a quick look .

This was Lu Chen’s first music video, although not his own, but it was said that the female lead was Mu Xiaochu .

Many of Lu Chen’s fans were no stranger to Mu Xiaochu . They have known her in the “Singing China” competition . Moreover, Mu Xiaochu has also appeared on Lu Chen’s live streams . Everyone affectionately called her Little Sister Xiaochu .

To tell the truth, Meng Meng envied Mu Xiaochu very much, even a little bit jealous!

In the cellphone screen, Meng Meng finally saw Lu Chen .

Lu Chen was playing the piano, playing a tune she has never heard before .

The place where he was at was obviously a school classroom, probably at a university .

Meng Meng also wanted to go to college .

Then she could see the staff at the scene, the director, cameramen, lighting sets…

Everyone’s attention was completely focused on Lu Chen .

It was really interesting . So, this is how a music video is shot . It should be similar to shooting movies and TV shows, right?

A smile appeared on Meng Meng’s face . She pressed the screen and typed an on-screen comment .

“Come on, Lu Chen!”

At this moment, in the live broadcast room, the on-screen comments and rewards were even denser than a storm .

“The host is so handsome, he’s so irresistible!”

“This is my first time watching someone shoot a music video on a live stream . It’s really interesting…”

“Is Lu Chen the male lead? Who is the female lead?”

“The female lead is Little Sister Xiaochu . She is now a member of the MSN group, and the host wrote the song for them . They are shooting a music video!”

“The host is so amazing . I must give him a like and hit 100 fish balls6!”

“So handsome! So handsome! So handsome! So handsome!…”

The night before yesterday, Lu Chen made an announcement in his broadcast room, post bar and QQ group, saying that there would be a live stream this morning, so even on a Monday morning, the number of people online was still considerable .

And it was still growing . The power of fans was simply amazing .

As one of the fans, Meng Meng squatted in the bathroom, holding her cellphone with both hands, watching Lu Chen stare at Mu Xiaochu in the video, watching him finish playing the tune, watching him smile at the camera…

She looked a little silly looking at him smiling at the camera .

Until the bell for class suddenly rang!

Oh, no!

Meng Meng quickly stood up, hurriedly pressed the power-off button, pushed open the door and hurriedly left the bathroom .

On the way to the classroom, she clearly felt her vision darkened, and she became dizzy .

Recently, Meng Meng’s body wasn’t very good, a little anemic .

It’s probably because of I’ve been squatting for so long, the blood circulation was not smooth enough!7

Meng Meng thought, and she hurried back to her position before the teacher came in .

Luckily, luckily!

She finally breathed a sigh of relief .

Her deskmate asked curiously, “Meng Meng, where have you been? Why do you look so pale? Ah!”

She suddenly called out in alarm, pointed to Meng Meng and shouted, “You have a nosebleed!”

Meng Meng instinctively reached out and touched under her nose . Her fingers touched a sticky liquid, which was still warm .

She was stunned for a moment, then she became very dizzy, and after that, she didn’t know anything anymore .

When she lost consciousness, Meng Meng heard her deskmate shouting her name loudly .

Very anxiously!


In the evening, Beiyin8 auditorium .

The day just got dark . The auditorium, which could hold 1,000 people, was at least 60% full .

The audience was basically students of Beiyin, and there were also several teachers .

Many of them were called in to cooperate with Flying Stone Records in shooting the final scene of the music video .

A lot of people just came to see the fun .

Hearing that Lu Chen, the champion of “Singing China” and the founder of campus folk songs, was present, everyone was a little curious .

There were only few students of Beiyin that chase stars, but there were still some .

For the purpose of shooting, the stage of the auditorium has been refurbished, with long banners for graduation party hanging from the top, and a large LED display screen, displaying alternating faded colors, in the background .

Mu Xiaochu and her two “classmate girlfriends” were sitting in the audience, and a spotlight was shining down on her .

But the real focus was Lu Chen .

Lu Chen changed into a simple t-shirt and jeans . He sat there holding a guitar and was about to start performing .

For Lu Chen, shooting a music video was a little bit more difficult than shooting a commercial .

Today, they shot a lot of content . He and Mu Xiaochu met in the music room, met in the library, bumped into each other in a restaurant, met in the garden…

Although there were no holding hands, no kissing, and no intimate scenes, and only eye contact and music were used to communicate .

This didn’t stump Lu Chen at all .

The shooting process went smoothly . NG takes9 were rare, so the progress was greatly speeded up .

After shooting this final scene, they could call it a day and go home!

The presence of hundreds of “extras” on the stage only added a little more pressure to Lu Chen .

He gently plucked the strings and played the prelude skillfully .

Most of the people present were those who understood music . Many people have heard this song and, they immediately recognize it .

“Those Flowers!”

Lu Chen wrote the song “Those Flowers”, which he first sang at the graduation party of Jianghai University .

Later, he also sang it in the “Singing China” competition and won a very high score .

But it was the video of him singing it in his graduation party that spread on the Internet that made this song really popular .

There were many young people, especially students, high school students and college students, especially nearby graduates .

They liked this song very much .

Many people play and sing “Those Flowers” at their school’s graduation party .

It could always move those sentimental girls .

Therefore, “Those Flowers” has the nickname of The Divine Comedy10 of Graduation, and the number of people who have heard this song were too many to count!

And now hundreds of Beiyin students were listening to the authentic version of “Those flowers”!

“That laughter reminds me of those flowers of mine .

Quietly blooming in every corner of my life .

I once thought that they would be by my side forever .

But now we have already parted lost in the sea of people .

Have they all withered?

Where are they now?

This is how we are, fleeing to the horizon!

Lalala…Missing them

Lalala… Are they still blooming?

Lalala… Move on!

They have been blown away by the wind and scattered to the horizon!


A touch of sadness, a touch of feelings, whispering and singing about the past .

The auditorium became very quiet, only Lu Chen’s song echoed .

Those who can be admitted to Beiyin were all outstanding students in their major . They usually start to receive music training from an early age, and made countless painstaking efforts, plus talent and luck to sit here .

So, they were proud .

For Lu Chen, who switched to a career he wasn’t trained for11, although the Beiyin teachers and students present didn’t look down on him or anything, there was always a sense of condescending superiority or disapproval .

However, now that they have seen Lu Chen play the guitar and heard him sing with their own eyes and ears, even the most picky person couldn’t deny his talent, and the power in his singing!


Some stories that are still haven’t told are best left untold .

Over the years, it becomes difficult to tell which of those feelings were real .

Today this place is overgrown with weeds and the fresh flowers are gone .

I was fortunate to once have you here though all four seasons .

Lalala… Missing her .

Lalala… Are they still blooming?

Lalala… Move on!

They have been blown away by the wind and scattered to the horizon .

Have they all withered?

Where are they now?

This is how we are, fleeing to the horizon!”

In the auditorium, Mu Xiaochu sat motionless, and a camera was pointed at her .

There was a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face .

She stared at Lu Chen like this, without the slightest shyness .

This was different from the script in the music video, but Director Fang Hui didn’t call out for a stop .

And just let the cameraman keep shooting .

She has shot so many music videos, but she has never forgotten her job responsibilities as she did at this moment .

Immersed in the atmosphere of the scene .

…… .

At the same time, thousands of miles away, Ningyuan City, in the ICU ward of the First People’s Hospital .

Meng Meng, who was hooked up to a drip, was lying on the hospital bed, sleeping soundly .

Her mother was sitting by the bed, holding a lab test report in her hand, tears streaming down her face, trying not to cry .

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