Perfect Superstar

Chapter 213

Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – The Greater the Ability, The Greater the Responsibility

Without surprise, the entertainment headlines of the major media the next day were dominated by the sulfuric acid-throwing incident .

The beautiful host of Zhedong Satellite TV, the crazy fan who committed a violent act, and the brave man with extraordinary skill…

All attracted everyone’s attention!

Overnight, Lu Chen’s blog fans surged to more than 9 million .

At the same time, the Hangzhou police also released the results of the investigation in a timely manner, basically confirming that this was a case of attempted malicious injury caused by personal reasons, and the assailant would be severely punished by the law .

Hangzhou’s local “City Bulletin” further revealed in its headlines that the assailant was unemployed, and that he had carefully planned last night’s action . He had stepped on the site in advance, and was very well prepared .

The assailant’s mind has been twisted . He not only wanted to destroy Tian Tian, but also wanted to make a big news .

Tian Tian was one of the hosts of the party .

One could imagine how much a sensation it would make if she had an accident in front of the public!

In addition to the concentrated sulfuric acid purchased from special channel, the assailant also carried a controlled knife1, but he was stopped by Lu Chen in time and no tragedy happened .

While strongly condemning the assailant, “City Bulletin” also praised Lu Chen for his bravery, calling him “the pride of Zhedong” and not sparing words of praise .

This made Lu Chen, who saw the newspaper when he got up for breakfast in the morning, very embarrassed!

What was troubling was that many media reporters came to the hotel where Lu Chen was staying, all of whom wanted to interview him .

They were temporarily blocked in the lobby by the hotel security .

Lu Xi said with a smile, “Is this regarded as you becoming famous with that one kick?”

Lu Chen was speechless .

Just then there was a soft knock on the door of the living room .


Lu Xi was a little surprised, because she had already told the hotel that they didn’t want to be disturbed, especially by reporters .

Lu Xi went over and opened the door .

She saw a group of people standing at the door, and Tian Tian was amongst them .

The famous female host of Zhedong Satellite TV has a haggard look on her face . Her eyes were swollen into walnuts, and the dark circles under her eyes made her looked like she was wearing smoky makeup, but this couldn’t hide her natural beauty, giving people a pitiful feeling .

There were men and women who came with her . There were old people as well as middle-aged people, and a policewoman in uniform .

The composition was very complicated .

Seeing Lu Xi who opened the door, Tian Tian was stunned and asked carefully, “Excuse me, is Mr . Lu Chen in?”

Lu Xi said with a smile, “Yes . Please come in . ”

She understood Tian Tian’s feeling very well . Any girl who encountered such a thing may not be able to perform better .

It was estimated that the female host didn’t sleep at all last night .

“Thank you…”

Tian Tian thanked her politely and asked as she walked in the room, “Excuse me, you are?”

Lu Xi explained: “I’m Lu Chen’s manager, Lu Xi, and also his elder sister . ”

Tian Tian hurriedly said: “Hello, Elder Sister Lu Xi . ”

Lu Xi said with a smile, “Hello . Please make yourself at home . Lu Chen…”

Lu Chen came out of the bedroom and was a little surprised to see so many people in the living room .

Tian Tian stepped forward, bowed to him and said, “Mr . Lu Chen, I’ve come to thank you!”

The female host also handed over the paper bag in her hand: “This is the compensation for your clothes . ”

On the black bag, the Armani logo was very eye-catching .

Lu Chen took it and said, “Pleas call me Lu Chen . Thank you . In fact, you don’t have to take yesterday’s matter to heart . You are Sister Fei’s friend . She is also my friend . Friends don’t need to be so polite with each other . ”

A faint smile appeared on Tian Tian’s pale elegant face: “That is as it should be . ”

She said, “Let me introduce you…”

The people who came with Tian Tian to meet Lu Chen, in addition to her assistant, there was also Director Chen of Zhedong Satellite TV, two persons in charge of the concert organizing committee, and a representative of the Hangzhou police .

They came over with Tian Tian this morning, in addition to expressing their gratitude to Lu Chen, they also hoped that Lu Chen would not hype up the matter so as to minimize the negative impact .

In addition to such incidents, Hangzhou has lost face in every aspect, at least there were major problems in terms of security organization .

Lu Chen, of course, agreed .

First of all, he was from Zhedong . He must give face to his hometown, and secondly, he didn’t need to use this matter to hype .

It was totally unnecessary .

The communication between the two sides was very pleasant .

At the suggestion of Director Chen of Zhedong Satellite TV, Lu Chen, together with Tian Tian and the police representative, directly borrowed a conference room in the hotel . All the reporters who were crouching at the hotel were invited over and a small press conference was held to set the record straight .

At this informal press conference, a reporter asked Lu Chen, “I would like to ask Mr . Lu Chen, at that time, what was your motive to protect Tian in spite of danger? What were you thinking at that time?”

This question was somewhat sinister, because many people on the Internet thought that Lu Chen acted so boldly, regardless of one’s safety, because of the idea of a hero saving the beauty, and teased that the power of the beauty was truly great .

There were crazy fans and there were brave heroes!

Lu Chen answered very calmly, “if you’re asking me what I was thinking at that time, I really didn’t think too much at that time . Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t see me sitting here with Host Tian to answer your question . ”

There was a soft laughter among the reporters .

Lu Chen was right . Things happened so suddenly that even if he hesitated for half a second, the result would be different!

Only an instinctive reaction could cause such a quick reaction .

To say that Lu Chen was thinking about hero saving the beauty was really a bit nonsense – he didn’t even think about it at that time .

Lu Chen added: “At that time, whether it was Host Tian or anyone else, I would have stepped in to stop the assailant!”

The reporter from the Morning Post was still unwilling to give up and asked, “What prompted you to do this?”

Lu Chen smiled faintly and said, “It should be that I have the responsibility . The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility . Since I have the ability to stop evil deeds, I should have the corresponding responsibility!”

The reporter could not help but brighten his eyes: “The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, this sentence is good!”

Applause broke out in the conference room, though not very enthusiastic, it was enough to illustrate the attitude of the reporters present .

Another reporter stood up and said, “Mr . Lu Chen, I am a reporter from NetEase . Many netizens are very curious . How did you take off your suit at that time? Have you ever practiced martial arts?”

Lu Chen didn’t hide it, explaining: “I frequently exercise and practiced martial arts . The move of throwing clothes is called Overlord’s Armor Removal . ”

Overlord’s Armor Removal?

This name was really domineering and has a selling point!

Many reporters quickly lowered their heads and tapped on the keyboard and quickly typed in the contents of the interview .

They already have today’s press release .

After failing to dig out inside story from Lu Chen, the reporters turned to other main character, Tian Tian .

Tian Tian’s mental state wasn’t very good, but in the face of all kinds of questions from reporters, she answered very appropriately, showing the qualities that a program host should have .

After all, she was regarded as half a colleague and the identity of the victim, so reporters were not embarrassed .

Next, the representatives of Zhedong Satellite TV and the police also answered a lot of questions .

After the impromptu press conference ended, Lu Chen and Lu Xi prepared to leave the hotel .

Tian Tian also wanted to invite the two to eat together to express her gratitude, but she was politely declined by Lu Chen .

He and his elder sister had important things to do .

They exchanged contact information with Tian Tian .

After his trip to Hangzhou, Lu Chen didn’t immediately return to Beijing, but took the high-speed train to Ningwan .

Ningwan is a prefecture-level city under Jiangsu Province, only more than 200 kilometers away from Hangzhou .

So, it only took only 40 minutes to get there by train .

After leaving the train station, Lu Chen and Lu Xi stopped a taxi and went to the First People’s Hospital in Ningwan .

The two were visiting a fan of Lu Chen . The fan’s name was Meng Meng .

For thousands of Lu Chen fans, the name “Meng Meng” might not be well known, but her online name “Meng Meng” was a well-known ID in the fan community . 2

“Meng Meng” frequently wrote some new articles and song reviews on blogs and forums, and she was also a girl, so she has gained a lot of otaku fans .

Lu Chen also read one of her song reviews and find it very interesting at that time .

What Lu Chen didn’t expect was that this girl who liked to dream unexpectedly got acute leukemia .

Last night, when Lu Xi was looking through the e-mail, she found a letter from Meng Meng’s classmate .

In this letter, her classmate revealed the situation of Meng Meng, saying that Meng Meng’s condition was very bad, and a lot of money was needed to treat her illness . However, she was from a single-parent family . Her family’s financial conditions were not enough to support the expensive medical expenses .

Meng Meng’s classmates and the school have donated money for her, but it was still a long way from the full cost of the bone marrow transplant . It was only in desperation that the classmate sent a letter to Lu Chen for help .

Meng Meng herself didn’t know about this .

At the end of the letter, Meng Meng’s classmate also wrote Meng Meng’s family address, contact number and hospital for verification to prove that she wasn’t lying .

After Lu Xi saw this email, she immediately told Lu Chen .

Therefore, Lu Chen decided to change his itinerary and come to Ningwan to visit the seriously ill fan .

He was willing to provide as much help as he can!

It was really unexpected to encounter such a thing . Lu Chen knew very well that he couldn’t help all the people in need by himself alone, and once there was a precedent, there might be a lot of trouble in the future .

For example, some real or fake fans could come to him for help .

Most importantly, after paying off his family’s debts and redeeming the house, he didn’t have much money left .

But none of this was a reason for Lu Chen to shy away . He couldn’t just helplessly watch one of his fans, a blooming teenage girl withered because of illness, just like he couldn’t let Tian Tian be innocently hurt in front of him .

He could always think of a way .

As a man, there were naturally some things which he couldn’t do, and some things which he must do!

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