Perfect Superstar

Chapter 217 - Confession

Chapter 217 – Confession

The rescue Meng Meng (leukemia patients) charity crowdfunding project ended on the 26th.

A total of more than 4.7 million yuan of charity funds have been raised. Due to the difference in individual diseases, it was expected to help 12 leukemia patients, who were in urgent need of help, including Meng Meng.

Muchen Crowdfunding Company was responsible for the specific funding arrangements, management and supervision, disclosure of accounts and other issues.

Lu Chen was no longer involved.

Moreover, Yanhuang Charity Association sent a representative to find him, which has a little to do with this project.

The charity association came for “Dedication of Love”!

Yanhuang Charity Association was founded in 1990. it was a national non-profit public welfare social organization voluntarily participated by citizens, legal persons and other social organizations who were enthusiastic about charity. It has more than 500 member units in China.

Compared with the Red Cross, Yanhuang Charity Association has a better reputation among the people.

The representative sent by this charity was surnamed Xu and her name was Xu An. She was the director of the International Liaison Department of the Charity Association.

Ms. Xu An was in her 40s. She has a kind face, soft voice, and high quality of speech.

On behalf of the Yanhuang Charity Association, she hoped to get the non-commercial license of the song “Dedication of Love” from Lu Chen for promotion and public service advertisements of the charity association.

Without any hesitation, Lu Chen agreed directly.

He never thought of making money from this song. Whether it was the Charity Association or the Red Cross, as long as they were willing to use it, they could use it freely, and they didn’t have to pay any fees!

The Yanhuang Charity Association, in addition to seeking the authorization of “Dedication of Love”, also hoped that Lu Chen could participate in a public service commercial shooting.

This public service commercial will take “Dedication of Love” as the core theme, inviting a number of stars to perform and sing together, including Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Fei’er, Liu Zonghan, Xi Rong and other big characters.

With Lu Chen, 12 have been confirmed so far!

To put it bluntly, in the invitation list provided by Xu an, any one was more famous and has higher position than Lu Chen. If he wasn’t the original creator of “Dedication of Love”, perhaps he wouldn’t be in the list at all.

Xu An also vaguely revealed that this had something to do with Lu Chen’s recent interview with China Youth Daily.

And this was of course a good thing. A great thing.

Lu Chen couldn’t think of any reason to refuse, so he decided on the spot.

According to his sister, the more his reputation increased, the better!

However, the shooting of this public service commercial “Dedication of Love” wasn’t going to start immediately. For such a giant as Yanhuang Charity Association, the preparatory work would inevitably take a lot of time.

But Lu Chen’s participation in the performance was already a done deal.

So, after meeting with Xu An, Liu Chen quickly put the matter at the back of his mind. Anyway, someone would inform him at that time, and he has a very free schedule as an independent artist.

At present, what Lu Chen was paying attention the most was the album “Not Yet Lovers” released by MSN girl group of Flying Stone Records!

In this newly released album, Lu Chen wrote three songs, including the title song “Not Yet Lovers”.

And he was also in charge of the production, and starred in the “Not Yet Lovers” music video.

On the last day of October, as a preparation for the release of MSN’s first albums, they started a large-scale publicity on major TV stations, radio stations and the Internet using “Not Yet Lovers” music video and singles!

As the first girl group to be promoted by Flying Stone Records in recent years, the company has high hopes for MSN’s album. The cost of inviting Lu Chen to write and produce the songs alone was more than one million yuan, which was naturally included in the extremely important publicity.

It was said that Flying Stone Records has set a publicity budget of up to 5 million yuan!

Therefore, it brought a lot of pressure to Lu Chen.

The three works he wrote for MSN, including the title song “Not Yet Lovers”, were all carefully chosen excellent works, but it was actually very difficult to accurately grasp the trend of the market and the tastes of fans.

Some songs are obviously very good, but they just couldn’t become a hit, while some catchy songs1 could become popular all over the country.

Although Lu Chen was very confident, Flying Stone Records spent millions on this MSN album. And once it fails, it would actually have a great impact on him.

After all, one of his works now sells for as much as 350,000 to 400,000, which was completely at the top level.

If this top-level price didn’t achieve the desired effect, the reputation that he had buildup would be severely damaged!

The speed of Lu Chen’s rise was too fast. It was unknown how many people in the circle were envious and jealous.

Of course, there were people who wanted to see him make a fool of himself with their eyes wide open!

And these words were told by Chen Fei’er to Lu Chen.


The time entered November. The autumn chill was getting stronger.

After returning to Beijing from Hangzhou, Lu Chen met Chen Fei’er for the first time in a western restaurant in Beijing.

This restaurant was very famous and has Michelin certification, so it was usually hard to book a table.

But for Chen Fei’er, this was obviously not a problem.

On the surface, the meeting between Lu Chen and Chen Fei’er was to discuss the latter’s new album, but both of them knew in their hearts that this was actually a real date.

It was just that no one wanted to point it out.

“I’m reminding you, don’t let success go to your head!”

After eating her dessert, a small piece of cream cake, Chen Fei’er said seriously to Lu Chen: “A lot of newcomers in the circle, just because they were held up too high all of a sudden, fell miserably and badly.”

Lu Chen nodded.

He has really been in the limelight a little bit lately.

First, he saved people and punished the culprit in Hangzhou, then he did a charity crowdfunding, and then he was interviewed and reported by China Youth Daily…

Any newcomer, as long as he or she has done one of them, would surely be able to gain recognition in public.

Lu Chen has been in the limelight three times. It wasn’t too much to say that he had gain both fame and fortune.

So far, the number of followers in his Inspur blog has officially exceeded the 10 million mark!

The surge in fame has brought tangible benefits.

First, [Whale TV] was negotiating with Lu Xi and was preparing to renew the contract with Lu Chen.

The cooperation between Lu Chen and [Whale TV] began half a year ago. The contract period signed by both parties was two years. In addition to the reward revenue, there was an additional 500,000 yuan signing bonus per year.

At that time, the contract was satisfactory to both sides. But now, it has become outdated.

Because this contract was no longer worthy of Lu Chen’s fame and value!

It wasn’t that Lu Chen offered to break the contract, but [Whale TV] felt the need to renew the contract.

Lu Chen started his career with [Whale TV] and became famous through “Singing China”. Although [Whale TV] gave him a good treatment, the return that Lu Chen brought to [Whale TV] was also astonishing.

Leaving aside the popularity of the Lu Fei’s live broadcast room, his successful experience alone allowed [Whale TV] to attract many excellent anchor talents, and the number of registered members continued to rise.2

Although [Whale TV] could pretend to be deaf and dumb and wait for Lu Chen to complete the two-year contract, there would almost be no possibility that Lu Chen would sign a new contract by then.

The most important thing was that the contract has been disclosed, making [Whale TV] very passive.

500,000 yuan signing bonus?

This joke is a bit too much!

Therefore, for the sake of better cooperation between the two sides in the future, and in order to retain the golden sign, that was Lu Chen, [Whale TV] has offered a new contract to Lu Chen Studio.

At present, Liu Xi was negotiating with [Whale TV] on behalf of Lu Chen, and it was estimated that the signing fee would be at least 3 million yuan.

Lu Chen also intended to continue to cooperate with [Whale TV] for a period of time, but he would not give up the benefits he deserves.

In addition to [Whale TV], there were a lot of people who wanted to sign endorsement contracts with Lu Chen, including several famous domestic and foreign brands, as well as a lot of performance business and agencies coming to the door, which made Lu Xi busy and dizzy.

As for other kinds of invitations, they were countless.

The entertainment industry was a big vanity fair. Many artists who became famous overnight could easily fall into a whirlpool of vanity and interests, unable to extricate themselves and gradually lose their own heart. As a result, scandals broke out frequently, which led to the destruction of their future.

Chen Fei’er didn’t want Lu Chen to become one of them.

She deeply understood how complicated the entertainment industry was. Fortunately, Lu Chen was an independent artist. If he was in a large entertainment agency, he wouldn’t know how many bright guns and dark arrows he would have to face!3

In response to Chen Fei’er’s kind reminder, Lu Chen nodded and said: “I know, Sister Fei.”

To be honest, he has really been a little complacent lately.

Fortunately, there were always good teacher and helpful friends4around him!

While answering, Lu Chen unconsciously5reached out his hand to wipe off the cream left at the corner of Chen Feier’s mouth.

Chen Fei’er froze immediately. A blush instantly appeared on her beautiful face. For a moment, her beauty was beyond compare.

She didn’t expect Lu Chen to be so bold.

Neither did Lu Chen himself.

It was just a finger touching on the skin. But that soft jade-like feeling made his courage suddenly increased.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lu Chen lowered his hands and pressed on Chen Fei’er’s small hand.

He looked at her with bright eyes.

Chen Fei’er’s eyes widened first, then under Lu Chen’s intense gaze, she lowered her head shyly.

After a while, she probably recovered, raised her head again and stared at Lu Chen.

As if to say, “Your courage is too big!”

Lu Chen wasn’t willing to let go and said frankly: “Sister Fei, I like you.”

He wasn’t a newbie in love, and he didn’t want to continue to hide his feelings for Chen Fei’er, so he simply took advantage of this opportunity to confess directly.

Chen Fei’er’s face turned red again, but she was not a teenage girl after all, so she sighed softly and said, “Lu Chen, will you let me think about it?”

She didn’t not deny that she also has a favorable impression on Lu Chen, but she wasn’t really ready to start a relationship.

Lu Chen nodded and withdrew his hand and said, “All right.”

Chen Fei’er felt a little guilty and held Lu Chen’s big hand and said softly, “Thank you.”

Lu Chen didn’t retract his hand again.

The two remained silent, but there was a tender feeling flowing silently between them.

The night outside the window also seemed to be much gentler.

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