Perfect World

Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944 - Powerful Offence

On the other side of the starry sky, that person became quiet, but there were great waves stirring within him. He was inwardly thinking that this expert really was domineering. Was he going to fight those three immortal kings to the death?

He wanted to see that person clearly, see just what kind of appearance he had, but Shi Hao’s cultivation was now deep and immeasurable, how could just anyone see through him?

In his surroundings, chaotic energy pervaded the air, incredibly mysterious. He looked like an emperor that had existed throughout time, able to look down on Immortal Domain. His presence was incredibly horrifying. Only a pair of ice-cold eyes shot through the mist like blades, the radiance dazzling!

It was to the extent where even Shi Zhongtian and A’man were surrounded by his aura, no one able to do anything to them. They were all protected within a powerful domain.

“Dao friend, since it is like this, I won’t try to advise you otherwise. You should do things as you see fit.” The other person in the starry sky said, never showing himself all this time, also preparing to withdraw.

When one reached their cultivation level, how sharp was their divine awareness? He sensed danger, knowing that if he got involved further, it would most likely be a great karma!

“Goodbye!” He chose to walk away from this issue.

However, there was another voice that sounded in the starry sky, urging him to stay behind. “Senior, his actions are so vicious, harming our generation’s cultivators, I must ask your respected self to help us!”

He pleaded through divine senses, but he didn’t know that now that Shi Hao’s ten primordial spirits merged together, his dao skills already made tremendous breakthroughs, becoming terrifyingly high. Unless they were an exceptional expert who was trying to conceal divine will conversations, he could hear it all clearly.

“We’re going, this person is too fierce!” The mysterious expert in the starry sky said.

“Senior, I must ask you to take action! If you can detain him today, my ancestor Aocheng Immortal King will remember your kindness!” That person said.


That person clearly sensed something, releasing chaotic energy, wrapping it around Aocheng’s grandson, protecting him at his side.

“Aocheng’s grandson? Since there is this relationship, then you don’t need to leave today!” Shi Hao said.

In the dusky cosmos, Shi Hao took a step out, directly appearing before them. The space between his brows shone, erupting with sword energy, hacking towards the opposing starry sky.

“Dao friend, please be lenient!” That expert stopped him.

“I cannot coexist under the same sky with them. If you are going to stand in my path, then you will become my enemy!” Shi Hao said calmly.


At this time, sword energy surged, all of this primal chaos sword radiance was fired out from between his brows. It was completely unstoppable, the radiance just too terrifying, enough to cut down immortals and kill devils.

On the other side, the mysterious expert brought Aocheng’s grandson with him, turning around to leave.

Aocheng’s grandson, this was definitely a living fossil, his cultivation sky reaching. However, that depended on who he was compared to. Right now, he really was nothing.

He was a half immortal king, his cultivation already immeasurable. After an endless amount of time passed, he previously wanted to find a way to break through, but all of his efforts failed.


This expanse of the starry sky was crushed!

Chaotic sword energy flew out from Shi Hao’s forehead, now already not weaker than the Chaos Calming Art that focused on nurturing the primordial spirit. The Imperishable Scripture was completed by him, after it was made whole, it caused this type of result. His primordial spirit could also become imperishable and produce sword energy.

This place was too terrifying. The starry sky was crushed, many great stars turning into cosmos dust.

“You should not push others too far!” That person was backing up, bringing Aocheng’s grandson towards another starry domain.

“By sheltering my enemy, isn’t this you telling me that you wish to make me your enemy through your actions?” Shi Hao pressed forward, his expression becoming cold.

“I will not bicker with you!” That expert said coldly, quickly escaping. He wanted to quickly leave this place, bring Aocheng’s grandson into his territory.

Once they got there, Aocheng Immortal King would naturally take action.


However, how could Shi Hao let his enemy leave? A hand struck out, this hand covering the sky, everything underneath this entire starry sky was covered by him.


That person really was strong. He quickly resisted, a phoenix wing ranseur appearing in his hands, powerful and fierce, attacking towards Shi Hao’s large hand.


The world was shaking intensely, leaving everyone here shocked. The other party’s strength was too great! The weapon he had meticulously refined for countless years actually released a kacha sound, producing cracks.

A piece of the phoenix wing ranseur’s blade broke off!


At the same time, his shoulder was struck. The primal chaos sword energy released from between Shi Hao’s brows was unstoppable, hacking into the other party’s flesh, making that place produce a spurt of blood.


This person cried out, carrying anger. He turned into a streak of light, fleeing into the cosmos.

“You are sheltering my enemy, so you are my enemy. I will kill you!” Shi Hao released the final warning.

This person’s mind sunk. He flung out with all his strength, throwing Aocheng’s grandson towards a distant giant city which was in Ao Family’s territory.

He was already doing everything he could, going this far was already quite good.

He wasn’t someone at Aocheng’s level, there was no need to clash head-on. This was especially when the other party wasn’t even focused on him.


Shi Hao’s flesh was like the most terrifying sword core, splitting the void, immediately appearing before that giant city.

“Stop him!”

Aocheng’s grandson screamed out. He organized a group of experts to face the enemy, activating the altar at the same time, preparing to inform the clan and ask for reinforcements.

However, everything was too late. Shi Hao rushed over, the giant city’s altar exploding. Those who stood in his way exploded, groups of experts dying.


Shi Hao’s large hand struck down. Even though it was Aocheng’s grandson, his strength terrifyingly great after cultivating for an endless amount of time, he still couldn’t withstand this power, his body and spirit erased on the spot.


Even though Shi Hao didn’t unleash a great slaughter, when he rushed over, this city still cracked apart, the entire starry sky almost bursting.


Shi Hao took action powerfully. He knew what kind of place he arrived at.

This was the place where Aocheng ruled, Aocheng’s cosmos. Now that he was here, he didn’t feel any misgivings. Even though he didn’t want to carry out a blood purge, he had to drag out all of his direct descendants, slaughter his way into Aocheng’s place of seclusion.

“Not good, ancestor Ao Ling died! He died in Wood Star Heaven!”

When this piece of information was released, Ao Family’s cosmos immediately entered chaos.

Everyone was stunned. The grandson of an immortal king died! Who was the one who did this? To dare take on an enemy on the level of Aocheng Immortal King, this should be an exceptional expert who just returned from the Realm Sea.


That day, a figure appeared over one of Ao Family’s extremely well-known giant cities. An arm reached out, seizing the most powerful expert of this place.

“Heavens!” Many people cried out. This was Aocheng Immortal King’s direct disciple that overlooked this place. Even though he didn’t become an immortal king yet, it was rumored that his dao skills were extremely terrifying, viewed as someone who had a chance to reach the immortal king level.

However, what did everyone see today? Someone seized him from his manor with a single grip!

“It was you, you little…” This person screamed out, face covered in shock, recognizing Shi Hao. However, before he could speak his following words, he was crushed into bloody mist by Shi Hao.

“Aocheng, you old thing, crawl out here right now! Now that I have descended, the first one I am settling things with is you!” Shi Hao shouted.

His voice shook the heavens, experts from all sides revealing expressions of shock. Aocheng was a tough figure, even after all these years, not many people dared scheme against him. Today, was there really going to be an exceptional expert that was going to face him?

Some people were inwardly anxious, feeling more and more fear towards Realm Sea. The monsters who came from there were too terrifying, each year, they were stronger than the last, frighteningly powerful.

However, Aocheng didn’t appear. Even though this powerful expert came, his residence was still silent.


Shi Hao descended on the ancient land Aocheng Immortal King resided in. This was a continent that had drifted for millions and millions of years. There was a city on it, inside of the city was an unrivaled dwelling.


That day, the giant city was destroyed. A large foot descended, crushing the demonic mountain-like city walls, as well as the city gate towers, destroying this immortal king city.

“Aocheng, get out here right now!”

Shi Hao shouted, entering the city.

However, Aocheng didn’t come out.

Some people sensed that Aocehng wasn’t here, or else how could he just submit to this type of humiliation?

“All those who stand in my path shall die!”

Shi Hao shouted. He saw that there were some who wanted to stop him, these individuals immortal dao experts. However, as a result, when he pointed out, streak after streak of light flew out, making these people explode in midair, bloody mist scattering outwards.

This was just too shocking, killing true immortals with just a point of his finger! No one was able to stop his advance at all.

“Who are you?!”

Someone with great authority and extremely noble status in Ao Family appeared. He was Aocheng’s successor, as well as his only living son!

Aocheng was always nurturing him, wishing to push him into the Immortal King Realm, almost succeeding several times. However, that cultivation realm was too mysterious, always just a bit off.

“Aocheng’s people shall die!”

Shi Hao shouted. He didn’t care who this person was. All those who stood in his path and bore powerful hostility against him just needed to be decisively dealt with.


This person was extremely strong, daring to fight Shi Hao. However, he suffered greatly just from the first exchange, an arm cracking apart. Then, with a pu sound, it turned into a blast of blood.

Ah…” He released a roar. His broken arm regenerated. He drew a weapon, attacking Shi Hao.

However, how could he be Huang’s opponent? The ending was obvious. He was killed, his blood splashing across the immortal king manor.

“Aocheng, you old things, are you really not here?”

Shi Hao didn’t slaughter the innocent, but he didn’t let this manor go either. He directly charged in, sweeping everything he could bring with him.

“Immortal medicine, where do you think you are going? You can just follow me from now on!” Shi Hao’s five fingers unfolded, restraining a stalk of long life undying medicine and seizing it.

There were too many divine things here, the value astonishing.

However, it was a pity that the dwelling in the very depths of the immortal king manor was closed, no way of opening it. Unless Aocheng died, even if an expert tried to forcefully activate this place, the entire dwelling would collapse. At that time, millions and millions of years of accumulation would go up in smoke.

“Where is Aocheng? Speak!” Shi Hao interrogated Aocheng’s people.

That day, Immortal Domain was shaken. Someone took action powerfully, slaughtering their way into an immortal king manor. This was a huge matter!

It was because that was Aocheng’s manor. He was one of the most powerful individuals, well-known among the immortal kings. Otherwise, how could he have remained powerful for so long?

Then, there were more details that spread, triggering a great commotion.

Aocheng’s grandson and his only son were killed that day, truly horrifying. The one who took action was too domineering, actually daring to do this.

“Aocheng’s grandson was a half immortal king, his only son even more formidable, inheriting his blood! However, they died just like that! Aocheng is going to go crazy!”

In Immortal Domain, all of the clans discussed this matter passionately.

In the end, news went out. Everyone knew where Aocheng was, where he headed to.

“Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu entered the Realm Sea!”

This information rippled throughout the world.

What did they go to the Realm Sea for?

Soon afterwards, there were secret rumors that spread.

Aocheng, Taishi and Yuanchu entered the Realm Sea to meet an old senior, wishing to guide him back, invite him into Immortal Domain!

Their expressions changed, all of them incredibly shocked. An old senior? Just what kind of status did he have, for even three great immortal kings to need to respectfully call him their senior?

“Aocheng, since you all headed to Realm Sea, then I will head there to kill you all by the Realm Sea, settle this karma!”

That day, Huang’s voice transmitted out, causing mountains to collapse and seas to roar. He didn’t hide his intentions, directly stating them, just too direct.

Then, he brought Grandpa Fifteen and A’man back to their residence, having them stay in A’man’s master’s land of seclusion, saying that they absolutely couldn’t leave.

Shi Hao left. He was going to kill immortal kings, settle this karma to prevent those three great immortal kings from threatening the people at his side. He was going to settle this disaster with a great battle!

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