Perfect World

Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966 - Unstoppable in Foreign Realm

Kun Di was up ahead, while Shi Hao chased from behind. The great battle shocked the heavens!

Immortal radiance surged between the two, undying aura erupting. When essence blood rushed through heaven and earth, the suns, moons and stars were directly destroyed, the battle extremely terrifying.

This was a city, one of foreign realm’s gates. Kun Di directly rushed in. Shi Hao chased after him, rushing into the foreign realm. There were creatures who attacked him from within, but how could they stop an immortal king?

Pu pu pu…

All those who attacked Shi Hao exploded into shattered bones, crushed by his immortal king aura, turning into blasts of bloody mist, completely not on the same order of magnitude.

“Kun Di, hand over your life!” Shi Hao’s eyes became red from slaughter. His hair flew about in disorder, blood flowing from his body.


He was as fast as lightning. When a step descended, an expanse of stars withdrew. He condensed a fist imprint as he smashed outwards, directly striking at the back of Kun Di’s head, wishing to erase his primordial spirit.

At their level, only attacking the primordial spirit was effective. If one wished to completely destroy the other party, then the spirit had to be destroyed!

Along the way, many stars fell from the heavens beyond, directly blasted down by Shi Hao’s robes, the scene horrifying.


Kun Di released a great roar. His body turned around, a hand condensing a magical imprint. His other hand held the Immortal Smelting Pot, smashing it murderously towards Shi Hao.

This place immediately erupted with an endless rain of light, multicolored brilliance flooding the heavens. This was the magical force of an undying king, as well as his essence blood. It was fully released now, the power great beyond compare.

Shi Hao was blasted backwards, a strand of blood flowing from the corners of his mouth. A battle of this degree, even for someone like him who cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, left him injured.

One could imagine if it were other immortal kings who came here, their bodies would have definitely been blasted until they split to pieces. Kun Di’s Immortal Smelting Pot possessed unmatched power.


Kun Di didn’t feel all that great either, an arm twisted, smashed apart by Shi Hao’s fist imprint, his flesh ending up badly mangled and exposed.

Apart from his, there was a hole that connected from his back all the way to his chest, pierced through by the sword art condensed by Shi Hao’s other arm. Scarlet red radiance was currently flowing out where his heart was.


They fought intensely, blood scattering everywhere. Large stars forever became dim one after another, disappearing from this world.

All those who had undying king blood or immortal king blood scattered on them were doomed to collapse. In reality, this star domain was already beaten into ruin.

The undying king who ruled this area of the cosmos was alarmed. He released an angry roar, slaughtering his way out.

“Senior Kun Di, I am here to assist you!”

After understanding the situation, this undying king directly rushed over.

From the way he greeted this person, Kun Di’s status in the foreign realm was clearly extremely high. Normally, all undying kings would refer to each other as dao friends, yet he still called him senior.


The Everlasting Sword Core moved about, releasing dazzling radiance, accompanied by a rain of light. There was someone seated on a coffin as well, a sea of blood slowly moving across the great tomb, creating a dark red expanse.


That undying king was injured, hacked by Shi Hao’s world shocking sword until he backed up in reverse, coughing out blood.

This made him feel even more horrified. Just how strong was Huang? He couldn’t even begin to fathom this.

Right now, Shi Hao’s attention was completely on Kun Di. The reason he released this attack was because he was also attacking the owner of the Immortal Smelting Pot. The two began to fight a battle to the death once more.


This time, the Immortal Smelting Pot enlarged, becoming like history’s number one mountain, crushing down just like that with suffocating pressure.

Even with Shi Hao’s powerful body, he still staggered, his movements slowing down. It was as if he was carrying the endless stars and entire expanses of cosmos on his back as he continued forward alone.

The pressure he suffered was too great!


However, he was also screaming out, displaying his own divine abilities. His six great secret realms shone at the same time, condensing together, becoming his own unmatched secret technique.

In that instant, it was as if a pair of Kun Peng wings appeared on his back. There were True Phoenix rebirth flames that surged, his body bathed in endless strands of brilliance, allowing him to struggle free.


Shi Hao’s fist smashed aside the Immortal Smelting Pot, blasting it into the sky, sending it flying out of this area of cosmos.


Kun Di’s palm arrived, fierce and accurate, ruthless and cold. His silver pupils turned into crosses, tearing apart the void. His right palm was like a blade, tearing apart Shi Hao’s waist.

He wanted to chop Shi Hao apart at the waist, decrease his fighting strength like this.


The symbols on Shi Hao’s flesh flickered about, these were the great dao laws of the Imperishable Scripture. His flesh was sturdy, terrifyingly strong.

Even though a bloody gash was opened, blood pouring out, his flesh still released endless radiance. It was extremely dazzling, blocking this palm imprint’s destructive power.

Shi Hao’s flesh healed, astonishingly sturdy, while Kun Di’s figure was struck backwards. This was the natural embodiment of the imperishable.

At the same time, Shi Hao’s fist imprint was incomparable, blasting through Kun Di’s chest, blasting open a gaping hole there. Even a silver-red colored heart was torn apart.


The Everlasting Sword Core also flew out. It was like a sky shocking rainbow, tearing apart the cosmos just like that, its power extraordinary.

Kun Di released a muffled groan, blood scattering outwards. He clutched his neck, quickly backing up. His pupils contracted, his face carrying an incredibly cold expression.

His head almost fell. The Everlasting Sword Core’s strike was too fast, nothing it couldn’t slice through!

The sword core was refined by the little figure within the lump of immortal radiance above his head. It began to move, hacking down devils and slaughtering immortals, tearing apart all living things.

A head almost fell off, this seemingly leaving Kun Di deeply shaken. In all these years, how many people could injure him like this? It made his silver pupils become extremely cold.

“History’s greatest murderer, die!”

Shi Hao roared, his attacks even more ferocious. In the surroundings, immortal king radiance erupted, tearing apart this cosmos. He wanted to unleash a great slaughter here, smash apart Kun Di.

He thought about the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Wasn’t it precisely because of the foreign realm that so many creatures died? There were so many innocent people who were turned into blood and bones.

Many people resisted, fighting against this, leaving behind endless stories of sorrow and grief.

Imperial Pass had those old figures, those fearless great commanders who fell one after another, their blood scattering across Desolate Border.

The original Imperial City began to burn, falling down. Desolate Border’s Seven Kings’ descendants had pretty much all died off!

Now, even Imperial Pass no longer existed, flattened. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths were even in ruins, now already ruined.


This great battle was intense, the influence too vast. The undying kings on the side discovered that even if they took action to help Kun Di, they still weren’t strong enough.


Kun Di was soaked in blood, this time almost hacked apart at the waist. He turned around to leave, setting the resolution to not zealously continue fighting, not wishing to fight Shi Hao to the end anymore.

How could this type of battle escape the detection of other experts?

Undying kings revived one after another, waking up from their slumber, looking in this direction. Some of them even took action.

However, Shi Hao seemed to have gone crazy, not giving up, still chasing after Kun Di, wishing to kill this experienced expert.

Right now, the foreign realm’s experts were all shocked. Who was Kun Di? He was basically the foreign realm’s number one expert, yet he was defeated under Huang’s hands?

“Youngster, you go too far! Do you really think you can destroy my soul today?” Kun Di berated. His speed was extremely fast, fleeing into the very depths of this realm.

Along the way, there were cosmos stretching out one after another that belonged to other undying kings.

Shi Hao’s head of hair danced about like a raging flame, releasing golden light. His entire body was covered in scarlet multicolored brilliance, body as if cast from gold, astonishingly valiant.

His magical body was unstoppable, charging straight through everything, destroying the formations of undying kings one after another along the way.

His body was sturdy, his courage unmatched!


Finally, Kun Di no longer fled, landing on a sturdy and imperishable place. He suddenly turned around to look at Shi Hao.

This was an ancient land that floated in the cosmos, one that was sturdy and unbreakable.

This place was extremely large, located in front of a temple that released faint golden radiance. It was incredibly divine, accompanied by a rain of light, making this place appear exceptionally peaceful.

It seemed to be able to neutralize all disputes, erase the killing intent of the heavens.

This place was auspicious and peaceful, divine and sinister. There was a type of indescribable feeling.

The foreign realm, for the sake of finding that seed, didn’t hesitate to destroy the Nine Heavens Ten Earths and slaughter all living creatures. Which undying king’s hands weren’t soaked in blood?

However, there was actually this type of peaceful land, pure and holy, making one wish to give up on everything, forget about all murderous intent.

However, who was Shi Hao? He was now a giant among immortal kings, difficult for him to encounter his match!

After a momentary absent-mindedness, he quickly calmed down, recovering his mental state. It was hard for external objects to seize his will.

Kun Di’s expression became gloomy. “Your time of death has arrived. Last time when you charged into my realm, that was one thing. You actually dare to come in again? You will meet a tragic end!”

“Old thing, with your type of status, how can you run so easily? You previously dominated the world, rarely encountered your match. I want to see today just what kind of methods you have!” Shi Hao calmly said.

“Youngster, what a bold way of speaking, what guts you have? For you to dare come in here, I’ll admit that you are a fierce person!” Kun Di said.

There were several figures who appeared all around, more than one undying king appearing, chasing him here. Their expressions were all grim, wishing to join forces in killing Huang.

However, Shi Hao didn’t look at them, instead staring at that temple. He felt like the abnormalities all lied here, that there was danger.

“You really are quite daring!” An undying king shouted.

“This realm isn’t as powerful as what you all believe it to be, not high up above. Back then, Willow Deity had also slaughtered his way through, what is so special about this place?!” Shi Hao sneered.

He indeed had confidence. After sharpening himself in Realm Sea for many years, he saw all types of life and death scenes. He saw immortal kings struggle against each other, his comprehension deepening, becoming stronger.

Slaughtering his way into the foreign realm indeed had dangers, but he had confidence that if he wanted to run, he could do it.

The reason he slaughtered his way in was precisely to establish his dominance, to take the heads of more undying kings!

“The reason why that willow tree could act so unbridled is because he didn’t encounter this old one!” Kun Di said coldly.

“Today, I ran into you, but so what? Didn’t you still have to run all the way back?” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

Kun Di’s face fell ashen. He didn’t truly wish to run, intentionally guiding the other party here, wishing to get support. However now, it looked like he really was running for his life.

“Senior Kun Di wishes to eradicate your true soul, that’s why he led you here on purpose. Cease your arrogance!” An undying king shouted.

In the distance, the void split apart. A golden spear that stretched across millions and millions of li arrived. Anlan descended, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

Apart from this, Shutuo also took action, displaying power from a starry sky between them, similarly attacking this place.

The kings all arrived, one after another!

“You all need to be careful, back off!” Kun Di said. He didn’t let them surround and attack Shi Hao. In reality, the others also tacitly understood each other, restraining themselves after attacking a bit.

They scattered outwards, surrounding Shi Hao within.

Right now, there were already nine undying kings who hurried here!

Kun Di didn’t wait any more, withdrawing to that golden temple’s side, starting to chant a piece of ancient incantation. The other undying kings’ expressions changed, backing up more.


A wave of terrifying power erupted, a domineering demonic figure suddenly rushing out from within the temple. It was absolutely massive, towering above this continent, filling up the cosmos.

Shi Hao watched all of this coldly, on guard. He wanted to see just what kind of methods Kun Di had.

At this time, his expression changed. He had seen this type of massive black figure before!

In the past, when Scarlet King towered above the great river of time, overlooking endless generations, wishing to deal with opponents, in the end, a white-clothed woman came to fight a great battle against him.

During that period, when Scarlet King’s magical body suffered great injuries, he actually summoned some type of terrifying black figure to resist the white-clothed woman.

Shi Hao was sure that the figure from back then was precisely this massive creature before him!

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