Perfect World

Chapter 1968

Chapter 1968 - Slaughtering His Way Out Alone


The sky began to rumble. Under the intense shaking, the entire world was like a painting that was being ripped apart. It was as if there were hua hua noises transmitted out, as if it was going to explode to pieces.

That chest was too mysterious. After it produced cracks, the rain of light that rushed out became who knew how many times stronger!

Shi Hao resisted the tremendous force, now finding it a bit harder to hold on. What was inside the chest was too terrifying, about to corrode him, make him fall into darkness.

What poured out was clearly divine splendor, yet the result that was created was instead the thickest surging darkness matter.

This divine darkness matter was even greater than the previous pure darkness substance!

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He moved quickly, wanting to get close to a group of undying kings, but now it seemed like he didn’t have enough time, difficult for him to succeed.


Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood, his eyes carrying all types of radiance, accompanied by primal chaos radiance, this was the essence within the blood. One could see just how great the pressure was.

Even someone as powerful as him suffered serious injuries!

Kun Di’s expression was cold. He saw Shi Hao’s actions, seeing that he was quickly approaching. His body immediately became indistinct, disappearing from this place.

At the same time, the other undying kings also disappeared from their respective universe, going into hiding, not wishing to face him head-on.

When they saw that Shi Hao already coughed out some immortal king essence blood, suffering extremely serious injuries, that chest finally seemingly displaying great effects, they believed that it would slowly destroy him here.

However, they didn’t know that the chest produced cracks, and it was because of this that the radiance that rushed out became many times greater.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

Shi Hao shouted. He displayed immortal king great divine abilities, searching the heavens and earth, rushing through the various starry skies in search of the undying kings.

However, creatures at that level, when they truly wanted to go into hiding, how could he instantly find them? All of the undying kings could tell that something wasn’t right with his condition, so they wanted to slowly exhaust him to death.

Shi Hao’s body staggered. The radiance behind him became increasingly terrifying, making his entire body crack apart. There was something that was going to tear apart his body, invade inside.

“Get lost!”

He roared out. He suddenly turned around, a sword core striking out. A rain of light accompanied by blood rushed out, the clash intense.

The sword core erupted with power, smashing together with Origin Ancient Artifact, sparks flying between the two.

Shi Hao’s expression became more and more serious. He couldn’t continue like this. If he fell into darkness, became contaminated here, then the consequences would be too horrible to imagine!

He didn’t want to imagine what it would be like if another ‘him’ was born, if this unfamiliar him began to dominate the world, act against those close to him.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way towards the outside of the foreign realm. Today, he traveled unhindered through the foreign realm, slaughtered undying kings and learned about Kun Di’s trump card. It was now time for him to go.

“Huang, where do you think you are going?!”

When Shi Hao withdrew, Kun Di appeared, displaying the most powerful methods from behind. He slaughtered his way over, activating his Immortal Smelting Pot.


That pot was too large, filling the universe. It appeared abruptly, suppressing Shi Hao’s true body. It surged with power, trying to crush him here.

Shi Hao’s expression was fierce. He raised the sword core, hacking out fiercely. His body shook. That black figure wasn’t that far away, holding Origin Ancient Artifact with its hands, smashing it over just like that.

Chi chi chi!

Streak after streak of undying radiance appeared, these coming from the weapons of kings. They all slaughtered their way over. There was a golden spear that stretched millions and millions of li, a violet-gold hammer that was as massive as the starry sky….


The great dao laws were boundless. These kings attacked together, all of them wishing to kill him, cut off his path of retreat.

“You all are courting death!”

Shi Hao released a cold snort. Who in this world dared to do this, face all kings alone, moreover still act this powerfully, berate these kings?!

He naturally knew that these people were stalling for time, trying to make him stay behind, destroy him with the Origin Ancient Artifact!


Ear-splitting keng qiang noises sounded. There were weapons all around him. Shi Hao faced all of them alone, now increasing speed, at the same time facing that shadow, resisting that type of corrosion.


In the end, his body shone. These were time fragments. He used the reincarnation profound mysteries from his previous supreme being bone, pushing time natural laws to the extreme.

He was wrapped within radiance, as if impervious to all techniques, just a hurried traveler through the great river of time, quickly rushing past.



The undying kings roared. There was someone who rushed out while holding a war spear, wishing to make Huang stay behind. He felt like the threat this person posed was too great.

Of course, they were also cautious, the main reason because they were supporting that shadow, making it hold Origin Ancient Artifact and rush at the very front.

Even though they were kings, they still didn’t dare come into contact with Origin Ancient Artifact. This object was just too terrifying.

“Seal the heavenly gate!”

Someone roared out, not wishing to let Shi Hao get away.

Up ahead, there was a city that was tall and imposing, guarding a passage, closing off that area right there.

Shi Hao didn’t even give that place a look. Even if there was a giant city towering before him, the opening closed, he still didn’t feel fear. He grabbed the primordial spirit of an undying king from within his lightning pool.


Shi Hao roared out, doing his best to tear at this primordial spirit. Then, his six great secret realms shone at the same time, igniting this boundless primordial spirit force, and then he threw it out.


This type of power was too shocking!

After tempering himself in Realm Sea during that period of time, Shi Hao’s dao skills advanced, his strength also increasing again. When he displayed this type of method, he became even more skilled at it than before.


This time, that undying king’s primordial spirit radiance directly surged, unable to recombine. It turned into the most foundational power, smashing into the giant city.

That primordial spirit radiance gathered all of the essence of an undying king. It erupted, the power boundless.


The pass that blocked the road split apart just like that, and then it collapsed. Shi Hao rushed past, charging into the city, making his way through the passage just like that.

He slaughtered his way out of the foreign realm!

In the back, the eyes of this group of undying kings turned red from this scene. They shouted angrily, quickly chasing after him.

Of course, the shadow rushed at the very front, carrying Origin Ancient Artifact, leaving the foreign realm. It slaughtered its way over just like that, truly leaving all sides shaken.


Even Kun Di released a low roar, his expression gloomy, body overflowing with killing intent.

He had never seen a city blasted apart like this, randomly throwing a king! It was too extravagant, too terrifying. An undying king’s destruction was used to open up the path.

He arrived at the outer realm, able to see the Realm Sea, also able to sense the distant Immortal Domain. Shi Hao released a slight breath of relief. After leaving the foreign realm, he was like a dragon that returned to the sea.

After all, there were too many mysteries in that ancient land. The slightest bit of inattentiveness would result in being stopped by the other side.

Time fragments danced about, wrapping around him. He moved quickly, leaving this place, directly heading towards Immortal Domain.

“Open up the path!”

He saw a city made of natural laws. It was hazy and indistinct, great dao power pervading it, extremely terrifying. This was a spatial node that allowed one to enter Immortal Domain.

“He is… Huang!”

The immortal general defending this place was alarmed. When he saw Shi Hao, he revealed a shocked expression.

Someone wanted to open the city gate, but he was stopped by an elder. “Do not act rashly. Someone has released a decree that once Huang returns to Immortal Domain, a report must immediately be made.”

“However, Immortal King Great One is being pursued, we cannot wait!” A commander spoke up, wishing to open up the city gate. He could tell that Shi Hao was in danger.

There were many undying kings slaughtering their way over from millions and millions of li away. They still hadn’t arrived, but their weapons already flew across the air, erupting with blazing radiance, invading over.

Moreover, what was that shadow? It carried a blazing chest that was too ferocious.

Fortunately, Immortal Domain released great dao rumbling noises. This place was created from natural laws, stopping the invasion of the chest’s radiance. Otherwise, everyone would be in danger.

“Sir has said to not act rashly. Did you all not hear me?” The elder’s expression was serious.

The group of people all became silent, not saying anything else.

“Open up the path!” Shi Hao roared out.

He could tell that something wasn’t right, the creatures in that place remained silent. His face produced killing intent. If not for the reservations he felt regarding his grandfather, A’man and everyone in Imperial Court being in Immortal Domain, he really wanted to bring out Scarlet King, Aocheng and the others’ primordial spirits, send them smashing over to open up the path.

He coldly swept out a look, turning around to leave, slaughtering his way towards Realm Sea.

On the city wall, a group of people saw the undying kings’ encirclement and attack, seeing magical projections appear one after another. All of them were stunned, inwardly shocked.

This was precisely Huang! He was facing the kings with his own power again!

What kind of huge thing did he start now? He provoked the pursuit of several undying kings, all of them surrounding and attacking him.

Even though the passage still wasn’t opened, the group of people were horrified. They all felt extreme respect for Shi Hao. Huang could fight a group of kings alone.

What was a matchless immortal king? This was precisely it!

Huang could slaughter his way into Realm Sea alone. A group of experts were chasing behind him, even bringing their Origin Ancient Artifact with them, not scared of losing it. It truly was mustering large forces, leaving everyone shaken.

The disturbance this created was just too great. After all kings received reports, they were all stunned. Was Huang going to defy the heavens?

He was just one person, yet he challenged all of the kings in the foreign realm, fighting against them, traveling through the heavens unhindered.

A great battle erupted in Realm Sea. All of the creatures withdrew, no one daring to approach this place. Forget about the foreign realm’s kings going crazy, there was even an Origin Ancient Artifact that released radiance, so who dared rashly get close?

Together with the fact that Huang already slaughtered his way over until he went crazy, it was even more terrifying.

Just now, there was an expert in Realm Sea who tried to stop him, wishing to help the foreign realm, but in the end, he attacked with full force, killing him here.

Shi Hao slaughtered until his eyes turned red, killing all in his way. He was like a trapped beast, in this final moment, all who plotted against him would receive the most ferocious retaliation.

After slaughtering his way over, Shi Hao slowly calmed down. His six dao secret realms shone at the same time, forcing out all of the mysterious substance that invaded into his body.

This made him shiver inwardly. Was this ‘sacred darkness matter’? It really was terrifying, almost making him fall into an abyss of slaughter, leaving even his will shaken.

If others knew that he could force out the corrosion force of darkness, they would definitely be shocked. This stuff was extremely hard to remove, destroying who knew how many experts from past until now.

Now, the most effective method was precisely defense, to not let it corrode him. Once it entered the body, few could force it out completely.

The foreign realm’s kings chased relentlessly. All of them began to think the same thing, now sure that Shi Hao was like their realm’s first ancestor, not dying even after being shone on by the divine radiance, able to evolve into a king.

However, Huang was already a king!

Did this mean that his primordial spirit could still be reborn again?

They were hoping for Shi Hao to fall into darkness!

After Shi Hao gradually expelled the darkness’ corrosion, his mind calmed down, looking into Immortal Domain’s direction.


At this time, there were intense fluctuations that erupted. A group of kings slaughtered their way over, over ten immortal kings in total. They carried boundless power, rushing over murderously.

The ones in the lead were precisely Pan King, Hunyuan Immortal King and others, behind them were Number Two Under Heaven, Immortal Gold Daoist and some others.

Immortal Domain’s kings arrived, slaughtering their way into Realm Sea to receive Shi Hao.

“Do not come close to that chest, return to Immortal Domain!”

Shi Hao transmitted sound. He could resist this type of corrosion, but others might not be able to. That thing was too terrifying, even undying kings had to stay away.

When he quickly transmitted sound, this was already enough to explain things.

“Origin Ancient Artifact!” Pan King and the other sucked in cold breaths of air.

In the end, Shi Hao brought up the rear, their whole group slaughtering their way back, returning to Immortal Domain. Shi Hao was the last one to enter the city.

“Immortal Domain’s kings!”

Shutuo roared, carrying biting cold killing intent. He looked at the kings in the city, full of unwillingness. He especially wanted to make Shi Hao stay behind, but he knew that this time was a failure.

Kun Di watched coldly, not saying anything.

On the city wall, the people were shocked. They recognized Kun Di, it was actually this person who appeared, personally leading the attack on Shi Hao. This really was an extremely terrifying matter.

“Everyone, please withdraw. Do not believe that just because you brought Origin Ancient Artifact with you, you can do as you wish. Immortal Domain’s kings have long prepared a World Eradication Great Formation.” Pan King said.

In the end, the foreign realm’s kings all withdrew.

“Who was it that blocked the way, not allowing Immortal Domain to open their gates?” After Shi Hao returned, the first thing he did was start interrogating people. His expression was cold, wishing to get to the bottom of this.

“That old senior who Taishi and Yuanchu invited back returned two years ago.” Pan King told him.

“Is he tired of living?!” This was the first thing Shi Hao said.

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