Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 23 - The Demonic Wolf Enters The Village

023- The Demonic Wolf Enters the Village

Once she ended the private chat with Brother six, Lu Mingshu did not feel very well.

She had to gather mystic force if she wanted to return to her world. In order to gather mystic force, she had to either find a heaven and earth treasure, or kill a person or a beast that possessed mystic force.

Where was she going to find a heaven-and-earth treasure in such a small village? As for killing a person or a beast that possessed Mystic force...obviously, she could only find that demonic wolf.

It had not even been ten days since Lu Mingshu awakened her Meridians. In other words, she was still an ordinary child ten days ago. Yet now, she needed to kill a demonic wolf.

Even if the energy level of this demonic wolf wasn’t high, it was after all still a demonic beast that a whole village could do nothing about.

Moreover, she did not bring her sword here. Although that sword was only a standard weapon allocated by the Nine Jade Palace, it was still not ordinary steel. Without a sword, was she to use a hoe to kill the demonic wolf?

In her dilemma, a shout sounded outside, “The wolf is here, the wolf is here!”

Lu Mingshu quickly left the Heavenly Wheel, and got up.

Elder Tian, the two sons and daughters-in-law from the Tian family, as well as the grandchildren were all gathered in the main hall.

The two men stood guard by the door, while the women guarded the children.

When they saw her, Elder Tian asked, “Little maiden, when will your Master be able to come?”

A wave of guilt washed over Lu Mingshu. “Master did not say…”

A m.u.f.fled roar sounded outside, as a fishy smell travelled in, and then screams and crying followed.

A woman cried out, “Help, Help me!”

“It’s Third Lady Zhao,” the color drained from Elder Tian’s face.

Elder Tian leaned on the windowsill and looked out. “Not good! The kid from the Zhao family has been bitten by the demonic wolf!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Father!” Elder Tian’s second son looked towards his father with a questioning gaze.

Elder Tian’s facial expression changed. He clenched his jaws. “Big brother, go and help out! We cannot sit here and do nothing while the kid from the Zhao family gets bitten to pieces.” The boy would lose his life the moment the demonic wolf abducts him. Third Lady Zhao was a widow; she only had this lifeblood.

Tian’s eldest son was very nervous, and his face had even turned pale. However, his final decision was still to take up the hoe and open the door. “Younger brother, you have to guard this place well.”

The second son swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Brother, rest a.s.sured.”

The eldest son rushed out, carrying the hoe. The second son hurriedly shut the door tightly and placed the bolt on it.

Lu Mingshu leaned on the windowsill for a look.

This village was quite united. Once they heard Third Lady Zhao’s cry for help, many men rushed out. Some held fire torches, while others carried farming tools, blocking the demonic wolf’s way.

Looking at that demonic wolf, Lu Mingshu was greatly alarmed.

The demonic wolf had a huge physique, strong as a maverick. Its bloodshot eyes braved an ominous glint, and a child that looked to be about ten years old hung from its mouth like a piece of bleeding meat.

The villagers began yelling, encircling the demonic wolf, but no one dared to step out, only staying in the encirclement.

This was not their first time going against the demonic wolf. The villagers brought out a fire basin and ignited the torches, throwing them at the demonic wolf once an order was issued.

The demonic wolf avoided them left and right, making it obvious that it held some fear for the fire. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept by them as it swung a claw and someone let out a blood-curdling scream.

A large hole was ripped open in a man’s thigh, in which the bone could almost be seen, and his wound was a mess of blood and torn flesh.

Lu Mingshu was greatly alarmed. Whenever the demonic wolf raised its claws, that strong wind clearly contained mystic force.

She felt both joy and worry. Joy, as her target was right before her and she had confirmed it possessed mystic force and she only had to kill it to gather it. Worried, as the demonic wolf looked tough to deal with. Will I be able to kill it?

“Quickly, stop it! Fire! Fire!” the villagers shouted out when the demonic wolf wanted to run. They wouldn’t be able to save the child if the demonic wolf took him away.

They threw more fire torches, leaving the demonic wolf with no choice but to retreat. It dumped the child and jumped out of the encirclement, and then, sending a villager flying with its claw, it disappeared into the darkness without looking back.

“Little Stone, Little Stone!” Third Lady Zhao rushed to her son and hugged him.

Someone went up to inspect the child’s injuries and said, “Quick, get the doctor! His injuries aren’t light!”

Almost no one could sleep on that noisy night.

In the morning of the next day, Lu Mingshu followed Elder Tian to Third Lady Zhao’s house.

The demonic wolf had bitten a hole into Little Stone’s waist, but fortunately it had not harmed his internal organs. To a child, such heavy injuries were considered dangerous.

Third Lady Zhao’s eyes were as swollen as peaches from excessive crying. The doctor said that it was still not certain if Little Stone could keep his life.

When she saw Lu Mingshu, she threw herself on her knees. “Little Mystic Master, I beg of you to save my son. He is my lifeblood. If he dies, I don’t want to live either!”

Elder Tian berated her, “What nonsense are you spouting? Little Stone will definitely be able to pull through this! The Mystic Master will come, don’t make things difficult for the little maiden.”

Third Lady Zhao was helped up to her feet, hiccupping from all the crying.

Lu Mingshu hesitated for a moment and took out a bottle. “This is a bottle of medicine given to me by my Master for injuries. I haven't used it before…”

Third Lady Zhao was overjoyed. “Thank you, little Mystic Master! I will definitely do anything for little Mystic Master once Little Stone lives!”

Lu Mingshu repeatedly waved her hand. “I don’t know how good its effects are, there’s no need…” The Nine Jade Palace distributed this medicine for injuries to every disciple; as she conveniently had it on hand, it carried over when she unintentionally crossed worlds.

Another farmer also came over and requested for said medicine when he overheard them talking. Fortunately, there was enough for the two of them in the bottle.

At the look of their bad condition, Lu Mingshu made up her mind that the demonic wolf must be gotten rid of!

When she went back, she told Elder Tian, “I don’t know when my Master will come. Each day the demonic wolf is left alive will be another day of unrest for the village. We can’t wait anymore!”

Elder Tian sighed shortly. “Little maiden, you have seen how incredible that demonic wolf is yourself. How are we to fight it without a Mystic Master!?”

Lu Mingshu said, “Why not let me try?”

Elder Tian looked at her with suspicion. “You?” It was not that he underestimated her, but with how young she was, how capable could she be? She might not be even stronger than an adult!

“Obviously fighting head-on won’t be realistic,” Lu Mingshu began. “However, us humans are smarter than a wolf!”

Having made up her mind, Lu Mingshu looked for the villagers to ask about the habits of the demonic wolf.

The villagers could not help but be skeptical when they heard that Lu Mingshu intended to fight the demonic wolf. However, they were very cooperative as Lu Mingshu was doing this for their village.

After asking around, she got the gist of the demonic wolf’s habits.

This demonic wolf would only appear at night, and it would only descend down the mountain every three to five days to hunt for food.

Also, it had almost never fought the villagers face-to-face; similar to yesterday’s situation. When it was enraged, it could just leave altogether after taking two lives.

Another villager mentioned that its hind legs did not seem to be in a good state; it leaned to the side whenever it ran.

“This wolf might be injured,” Lu Mingshu guessed. “It could have come here to recuperate from its injuries.”

Elder Tian said, “Even if it’s injured, we are still no match for it!”

Lu Mingshu was deep in thought, “Perhaps we should take the initiative to attack.”


“That’s right! Being injured, it must be desperate for energy. We will dig a trap when the time comes…”

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