Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented! MC Novel

Volume 5 Chapter 11

Qi Nuo pursed his lips and calmly said, “What are you all looking at me for. It’s just a suggestion. It doesn’t depend on me whether to adopt it or not.

Then Qi Nuo lowered his head to see the yellow earth surface. Recently, he lowered his head a little bit frequently. Two outsiders naturally didn't think much about it. Tang Yu thought it was good behavior. Bai Lier didn't want to intervene even though she felt weird—It was enough that Xi Wei could help her to get the stone of luck. As for whether she was hurt during the period or not, she didn’t care, and she was optimistic.

Because of what happened that night, Xi Wei couldn’t let go. He felt that he was not able to face Qi Nuo, so he didn’t find his abnormality, and it was not difficult and dangerous for him to let the taken regard him as owner. He bit his index finger just after a little hesitation. The blood was coated on the blue bead, and a trace of red-colored awns overflowed. At first, there was only a little bit, and the light gradually became bright.

In front of everyone’s eyes, the president’s token changed into a red-blue staggered appearance. After a while, it split into two beads that one was blue and another was red.

The blue one turned around Xi Wei twice before disappearing into his chest and disappeared, and the red one floated quietly in front of Xi Wei, occasionally swayed in the southwest direction—seemed to point the way.

The Mangyu wasteland was in great danger. Now that he had received the president’s token, Xi Wei certainly would not take risks. Therefore, he ignored the red bead’s gesture without pressure and planned to put the outer one back and returned from the same way.

However, the treasure had spirits, and it was unwilling to be ignored. For a time, the red bead became more brilliant, pierced everyone’s eyes narrowed. Then it swung left and right as if it was accumulating power, and then went away to the southwest without hesitation.

Xi Wei showed a cold face, did not want to pay attention to this unreasonable bead. so he turned around and walked in the opposite direction while instructing Qi Nuo to follow.

Qi Nuo winked at Tang Yu and chased red bead without looking back. Tang Yu followed without hesitation. In a moment, they became black spots.

Xi Wei’s face was more than half black. He still didn’t doubt Qi Nuo. He only felt that Qi Nuo became more reckless without mind after a few years apart. He would never let Qi Nuo go, so he had to raise his heel and followed Qi Nuo.

The red bead galloped all the way and finally stopped over a cliff. It seemed confused, and could not find the next direction and dangled in place.

Qi Nuo ran all the way, relying on the help of spiritual power to keep up with the speed of Red Beads. Fortunately, the red bead only flew for one day and one night, and Qi Nuo was barely able to retain most of his strength to cope with the unexpected situation.

During the period, Xi Wei and Bai Lier were also behind Qi Nuo, but they were not forcibly stopped Qi Nuo. As long as Qi Nuo did not touch the danger line, Xi Wei was always tolerant. Considering this, Qi Nuo’s face was white again, but there was no turning back after opening the bow. Since he decided, he could not regret.

After the red bead stopped, the four people also stood by the cliff and watched. Xi Wei felt the blue bead on her chest echoed the red bead in the sky. Xi Wei could feel a strong confusion and seduce him near the red beads. Red bead and his chest produced red and blue light twisted together, through this thread, the attraction was getting stronger.

Xi Wei was unmoved. He had a firm mind. It was delusional that this level of confusion wanted to manipulate him. So he just frowned, and then began to think about how to solve the problem at hand, and whether it was feasible to forcibly take away the red bead.

But Xi Wei hadn’t been able to figure it out yet. Qi Nuo took a deep breath and slowly took a step towards the cliff. In fact, he had serious acrophobia. At this height, the bottom of the cliff was bottomless. People with acrophobia, even ordinary people, would feel soft legs, but he took this step without hesitation.

Once the spirit strength was out of control, it was light that the body smashed into pieces.

Xi Wei’s face was extremely ugly. He leaned cautiously in the direction of Qi Nuo and tried to reach out and pull him. At this moment, “Sha Sha” suddenly became angry, and a thunderstorm broke out on the ground. “She” fluttered her hair, and her appearance gradually changed back to Tang Yu, he smiled sweetly, “Senior, how have you been since I saw you last?”

With a gentle smile on his face, Xi Wei's hands were particularly vicious. The sensing lines of the two beads were cut off, and Xi Wei spits his blood. , The plan designated by Qi Nuo who knew Xi Wei’s weaknesses well, naturally had great odds of success.

The sensing line was cut off, and the red bead became more anxious and trembling. Qi Nuo paled his face, overcame his inner fear, swept a few steps, and held the red bead in his palm.

Xi Wei quickly retreated, but actually retreated to the cliff and headed for Qi Nuo.

Xi Wei's strength was not as bad as before, and he could rely on the physical body to stay in the air. Qi Nuo looked in the eyes and felt honored. He held the red bead and did not move. He did not stretch out his arms to fudged until Xi Wei came to the front. He stopped Xi Wei’s move.

Xi Wei backhand grabbed Qi Nuo’s arm and dragged him across the cliff, but Qi Nuo was motionless.

He used mental magic.

There was a faint shadow in Xi Wei’s heart.

The situation in front of her was very bad. Xi Wei’s spirit was very badly wounded. So he couldn’t maintain the state of staying in the air for too long. He would fall at any time, and finally, he could only stay in the air relying on the strength of Qi Nuo.

The opposite Tang Yu and Bai Lier looked at each other. Although they were also dread of each other, after all, Xi Wei was the flesh on the chopping board.

Tang Yu nodded at Bai Lier. “Not yet?”

Bai Lier began to chant a spell. She did not use the spell when dealing with the Fire-Earth Dragon, which showed how terrible the magic power was this time.

Under normal circumstances, of course, she couldn't use it, but now that Xi Wei was seriously injured, he couldn't interrupt her, and others also would not interrupt her.

Xi Wei realized something and turned his head to look at Qi Nuo inconceivably. The kind of beast-injured eyes made Qi Nuo’s heart bleed constantly as if his heart was sifted by that gaze. His hand was shaking, but he firmly and slowly opened Xi Wei's fingers. Bai Lier blasted on Xi Wei with great purification magic.

Feeling the deadly crisis of the host, the ring finally broke away from the invisible state and emerged from Xi Wei’s finger.

Qi Nuo was pale and cut off his wrist. Tang Yu told him that only the blood of the demon seed could cut off the connection between the ring and the host and separate them.

The blood blew from the wrist was slowly sucked by the ring, and finally got out of Xi Wei’s body. Qi Nuo pulled it off and held it in his hand, just like holding a bloody heart of Xi Wei.

Xi Wei’s eyes were almost bloodthirsty, and the dark pupils appeared with dark red blood. He asked word by word, “You betray me?”

Qi Nuo’s face that white like paper showed an ugly smile, “It’s me.”

Xi Wei didn’t ask why it didn’t make sense. Betrayal was betrayal, even if there were more reasons.

Qi Nuo opened his mouth and closed it. At this time, any explanation that could be said was pale and weak, and the real reason couldn't be told.

He said only one sentence, “I’m waiting for you to find me back, baba.”

The last “Baba” was extremely light, as light as a sigh. He didn't know if Xi Wei heard it. As soon as the voice fell, he released Xi Wei's last finger. Xi Wei, who had lost support, fell into the cliff on his back. His last look, Qi Nuo would never forget.

It was anger, despair, and heartbreak.

The most thing Xi Wei hated was betrayal and predation. He preyed when he was a kid and betrayed when he grew up. Xi Wei would never forgive him, even if he knew it, as long as there was a 1 in 10,000 chance, he still had to bet.

As if the temperature of Xi Wei was still on his fingertips, Qi Nuo only felt that the strength of his whole body was pulled away as Xi Wei fell.

Tang Yu was very pleased, his eyes looking at Kino had an appreciation, but more like looking at a delicious big cake.

Bai Lier and Tang Yu watched this anti-objective show, Bai Lier said, “I have helped you solve the people, can you tell me where the seal abyss is now?”

Qi Nuo smiled again, this smile was very strange, “Seal Abyss? Isn’t it just under my feet?”

Bai Lier whispered coldly, “Don’t think that you know Asir and has his protection so that I can’t hurt you. If you cheat me, I will make you 10,000 times more painful than death.”

Qi Nuo shook his head, “I don’t need to lie to you,” he said while spreading his left hand to Bai Lier to see the red bead. “This is the induction bead of inducting the stone of luck. Didn’t you notice that there is something different here? “

Bai Lier took two steps back, a little farther away from Tang Yu. She looked around, only to find out that here was really different from Mangyu Wasteland, instead of desolate simplicity and lifelessness, it was full of vitality. Even many rare potion plants could be seen here. What was hard to find outside could be seen everywhere.

Qi Nuo hit the iron while it was hot. “Under normal conditions, if the plants could able to grow so well after finding? The reason why they are safe is that they all grow in the magical enchantment of the Seal Abyss. We can find the door to enter thanks to the induction beads. Or you will never find it even another million years. “

Bai Lier believed three more points and decided to try, “Are you familiar with this place?”

Qi Nuo nodded for granted, “You helped me, I will take you to find the stone of luck.”

Although Bai Lier was doubtful, according to her identity of a superior demon, she was not afraid of such a half-devil. She couldn’t beat Xi Wei, why couldn’t she beat Qi Nuo?

The art master was bold. Qi Nuo let the red bead go away. The red bead changed the confusion it had and rushed towards the bottom of the abyss.

Tang Yu did not know what the stone of luck was and heeded Qi Nuo’s suggestion before. So he did not keep up and chose to wait on the abyss.

Tang Yu waited for half a month. After half a month, Qi Nuo flew out of the abyss in blood, lying on the edge of the cliff and vomiting blood. Tang Yu was afraid of what was wrong with the demon seed and the ring, so he quickly checked over.

Qi Nuo was very hurt. Running out with the last bit of consciousness was already his limit. After a while, he fell into a coma and left hanging.

Bai Lier was gone.

The only informed person was seriously injured and could not ask anything. Tang Yu had no choice but to leave with Qi Nuo first.

Anyway, his goals had been achieved, how others were had nothing to do with him and the Yi Ying clan.

Qi Nuo’s last thought before coma was how would Xi Wei deal with his betrayer when he returns?

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