Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Finally Know How I Died Yesterday

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Fu Shuya looked at their interaction and smiled. “You two are really close.”

Seeing this, she felt assured.

Lu Ze cut the cake with his head looking down. He felt his mother seemed to have some misunderstanding about being close.

The cake was made with spirit fruits. It was beneficial to cultivation. After eating the cake, Lu Ze and Lu Li were sent back to their room for cultivation.

Lu Ze especially, his graduation trial was almost here. Lu Wen and Fu Shuya hoped he would get a good result.

The graduation trial concerned the resource allocation for one month before the final exam. You might even get a guaranteed spot. It should be taken seriously.

Going back to this room, Lu Ze sat on his bed and started to digest the spirit power brought by the spirit fruit and refined his body. There was no faint red orb so his skin refinement stopped. He could only continue refining his bones.

Soon, the sky dimmed and insect chirping interrupted the silent night sky. Lu Ze’s room was pitch black. His eyes were tightly shut as he was immersed in cultivation.

Suddenly, Lu Ze felt a shock in his brain, and his consciousness sunk into darkness.

When he recovered consciousness again, the insect chirping was gone. What came instead was the fresh smell of grass brushing into his face.

Lu Ze’s heart beat fast, and he opened his eyes.

When he saw the familiar grass plain he almost jumped in excitement.

He could come back in again, indeed!!

Since he could come back in, then the small orbs, hehe~

Lu Ze’s lips raised up. The green light flashed across his eyes as he searched the surrounding.

Little rabbit, where are you guys at?

But Lu Ze didn’t let his guard down. After all, there were unknown dangers here. He still didn’t know how he died last night.

Soon, Lu Ze saw a huge grey rabbit eating grass ahead.

It was a bit smaller than the huge white rabbit yesterday but was still nearly 80 cm tall.

Lu Ze came to a 30-meter range of the rabbit, and the rabbit raised its ears in vigilance.

When its red eyes saw Lu Ze, it bared its sharp teeth from its triangular mouth.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Every time he saw a cute rabbit bare its sharp fangs, it felt unnatural.

But he wasn’t the same person yesterday. He looked calmly as the rabbit charged over. Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. When the grey rabbit reached him, he shifted and at the same time, struck a heavy punch on the rabbit’s neck.


There was a crisp sound and the grey rabbit kept falling forward a few meters and kicked its legs a few times before becoming still.

One second kill!

Lu Ze raised his lips. He was much stronger than yesterday.

Soon, the grey rabbit’s body turned to dust and left behind a faint red orb.

Lu Ze was surprised. There were two yesterday. Today, there was only one?

He compared the mass of the two rabbits. Do the stronger ones have more light orbs upon dying?

He would just need to kill a few more to know.

Lu Ze didn’t think about it anymore and picked up the light orb. The light orb disappeared in his hand, probably going to that small dimension again.

Then, Lu Ze started searching again. Soon, he found two more rabbits.

The black one was about the same size as the huge white one yesterday. There was another grey one who looked liked a twin of the one he just killed.

Seeing Lu Ze, the two rabbits charged over with red eyes as though they saw beautiful female rabbits.

Lu Ze dashed and charged up with red eyes too.

They were little orbs!

He dodged the claws of the two rabbits. Lu Ze punched the grey rabbit to death and then focused on the black rabbit.

The black rabbit had a stronger defense than the grey one and was also faster. However, Lu Ze was not the same as yesterday. He struck five punches on the neck and the black rabbit spasmed as it fell to the ground.

Three red orbs harvested!

An hour later, Lu Ze sat panting in the grass. He was an experienced rabbit hunter now.

In that hour, he killed two super huge white rabbits that were larger than yesterday’s. He then killed 6 huge rabbits and 13 small rabbits. He was cruel and merciless!

Too cruel!

Including the 3 orbs he got from the start, he collected 35 orbs in total.

This was amazing!

Lu Ze never stopped smiling. The laborer was the most honorable indeed!

Seeing all these little orbs, it should be enough to bring his skin, flesh, tendon and bone refinement to perfection right?

At that time, Lu Li, hehe~ naughty little sister. Big brother will teach you a lesson.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s smile froze. His eyes were wide open as he stared into the grass ten meters ahead in disbelief. Sweat was coming down his forehead.

The height of the grass was different. Some were just at his knees; some were more than two meters high. Lu Ze would disappear if he went in.

In the bush around 1.6m tall, there was a pair of eyes inside the grass??

Lu Ze felt his eyes were blurry. He blinked but found that the eyes disappeared. Then, the grass seemed to be moving slowly.

When it moved out of that patch of grass, Lu Ze finally saw what it was.

It was a huge green wolf that was 1.5m tall. Its fur was a pure green color that was very similar to the grass. It looked smooth and thin. It was definitely a top-level fur. There was clearly no wind blowing but it was still wobbling.

Its eyes were green too. Only the white ring of his eyes was of a different color.

Lu Ze sat on the ground and looked at the huge wolf. The wolf also looked at Lu Ze.

Their eyes met and they were both dazed.

This wasn’t scientific. This was a tiger right? How could there be such a huge wolf?!

But its color was really good.

The wolf’s green eyes shot out a frosty light. It also seemed a little careful as if he had never seen such a living being before.

Moments later, it opened its mouth showing its frosty fangs and roared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze: ???

There was a 1.5m tall huge wolf roaring at him. It looked super ferocious. What should I do?

Should I bark back?

Should I act dead?

Just when Lu Ze was thinking about this, the huge wolf seemed to be getting impatient. It shot out a half-transparent chi blade thing that sliced across the air making screeching sounds. Before Lu Ze could react, it sliced mercilessly on his chest.

His entire chest seemed to have been cut open like paper.

Huge amounts of blood came out that he seemed like a human fountain.

Ah~ I finally know how I died yesterday…

These were his final thoughts before his consciousness sank into darkness.

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