Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Was He That Sort of Person?!

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Seeing that both of them agreed to spar, the principal smiled and said, “In that case, then begin sparring.”

Since the principal agreed, the rest of the teachers wouldn’t disagree. The two went into virtual reality.

The students discussed amongst themselves.

“Hey, who do you think will win?”

“… Do I even need to say it?”

“… True.”

The students, who came out of the pods last, listened on dazedly. There seemed to be something they didn’t know.

Were they isolated?

In the virtual reality, Ren Zhan raised his lips and said pridefully, “Lu Ze, although I’m a Level 9 and you’re a Level 5, a lion still uses full power catching a rabbit. I won’t hold back!”

Lu Ze nodded, “Try your best! I believe in you!”

Ren Zhan’s mouth spasmed…

Then, his face sunk down. “Do you really think you’re stronger than me because you finished a Level 6?”

Then, his legs dashed and used a movement technique. His figure went left and right as he dashed up toward Lu Ze with extreme speed.

When he dashed before Lu Ze, he suddenly dashed again and appeared on Lu Ze’s left-hand side before yelling, “Mountain crushing fist!”

The instant Ren Zhan punched, Lu Ze slowly stepped back and just dodged Ren Zhan’s punch. He raised his left hand and tapped on Ren Zhan’s arm.

Immediately, Ren Zhan’s arm fell down powerlessly.

Then, Lu Ze punched with his right fist onto Ren Zhan’s chest. The huge power brought Ren Zhan’s body into the air and spun him three times before his face planted heavily into the ground.

Then, Ren Zhan’s body slowly disappeared.

He died on the spot.

Facing Lu Ze, whose foundational fist technique and movement technique were in perfection, such fancy attacks were useless, and instead, just opened up weak spots.

Ren Zhan could have fought a few bouts, but he used a martial technique that he wasn’t familiar with for more power resulting in many openings. Lu Ze even felt embarrassed.

The principal nodded and showed a satisfied smile. Besides Chris, the teachers also gave him praise. “This Lu Ze is quite strong. He can bring the name of our school in the trial.”

The students glanced at each other. They felt that Lu Ze would be a bit stronger than Ren Zhan, but they didn’t expect it would be an instant kill.

Ren Zhan’s number one spot had changed.

When Ren Zhan left the pod, his face was pale. He completely didn’t even react to that last attack. He didn’t even know how he lost.

He just felt a huge sudden pain in his body. He kept spinning in the air, and then he knew nothing.

At this moment, Lu Ze walked over and smiled at the pale-faced Ren Zhan. “I won.”

Ren Zhan’s body stiffened up before he gritted his teeth and bowed to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze said with a smile, “Nevermind, you don’t need to anymore. This one time is fine. We’re about to graduate anyways.”

Ren Zhan’s eyes flashed and he stared coldly at Lu Ze. “A martial artist will do as he says. At the graduation trial, I will surpass you!”

Lu Ze got dazed and nodded. “Then, good luck! I believe in you!”


So angry!

Seeing how Lu Ze didn’t care at all, Ren Zhan’s mouth spasmed. This guy didn’t think of him as an opponent at all.

After this was over, the principal smiled. “Okay, Ren Zhan keep working hard. Lu Ze don’t get too prideful too. Now, we will begin giving out prizes.”

Then, he took out cultivation serums from his storage ring and gave it to the top twenty students.

Li Liang’s face was big from smiling. Other than Leo who was unlucky, there were three from his class that entered the top twenty.

And one of them got the first place.

“On top of that, each student can choose a martial warrior state movement technique and attack martial technique,” the principal said.

Then, he looked at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze doesn’t need it. The martial warrior state martial technique is no different from a perfect mastery foundational martial technique. I believe you understand.”

Lu Ze nodded.

The martial warrior state was all about how to use one’s body’s power. The start might be different, but it all ended the same.

“However, if you can reach spirit martial state before the graduation trial, I can give you spirit martial state martial technique.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. Spirit martial state martial technique also included the use of spirit power. This was what he needed.

He nodded and said, “I will try.”

The principal showed a mysterious smile. “Go for it. If you are really chosen by the Federal University, then marrying a white wealthy beauty and reaching the pinnacle of life is no longer a dream.”

Lu Ze was surprised. This principal was this terrifying!

He was using beauty to seduce him!

Was he that sort of person?!

Before seeing how beautiful the girl was, he wouldn’t be interested!

Plus, why did this principal show that mysterious smile when he said it?

He was getting goosebumps.

Lu Ze awkwardly smiled in a polite manner. “I know, I will try.”

The principal nodded. “Okay, the seed tournament ends here. Everyone, work hard now.”

Then, the principal left the virtual reality classroom. The students went back to their respective classrooms with their teachers.

The people in the class rose up joyfully.

“Welcome back, class hero!”

“Brother Ze!!”

“Brother Ze, can I hug your leg?”

As soon as Lu Ze and they entered, they were warmly welcomed by everyone. Especially Lu Ze, he was instantly flooded by people, mixed with the screams of girls.

By the way, which bastard tried to ambush his sacred body?!

His pants were almost pulled off!

Xu Yang was also circled by friends he was close to. Xufang had a guy try to jump her but was immediately beaten by the group of girls and ran over to Lu Ze’s side crying.

Lu Ze got dazed. He was disgusted by girls so he ran over to me? This was over the line!

Leo, who felt dejected not reaching the top 20, soon smiled again under everyone’s comfort.

The classroom was immersed in happiness.

Li Liang didn’t stop them from having fun. Instead, he smiled at the scene. Three seeds meant fame and rewards!

If he didn’t need to keep a good image as a teacher, he would start dancing around too.

This scene finally eased up when school was over.

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