Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: This Person Is Definitely Black When Cut Open

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At that moment, Lu Ze smelt something strange. He looked down and black dirt seemed to be seeping out of his skin and emitting a putrid smell.

His mouth spasmed. The fabled marrow cleansing was real.

Not good… It smelt so bad that he wanted to puke.

He quickly got up, charged out of the room, ran to the bathroom and began taking a shower.

When the stream of warm water flushed down his head, Lu Ze breathed comfortably. Transmigrating twice in a single night was quite a bit for him to handle. His tense mind had finally begun to relax.

After washing, Lu Ze started to dry himself off while looking at the mirror. After removing the impurities, his skin had become white and smoother. It was probably better than his sister’s skin… Would she be jealous if she saw this?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and a figure dashed in.

Lu Ze instinctively looked around. Long black hair that reached the hip, an exquisite white face, long curly eyes and cherry lips, a tall figure, a skinny waist, busty booty, big chest, and long legs. She seemed to be an anime girl.

It was his sister, Lu Li.

At this moment, her eyes were still half-closed and her hair was a little messy from just waking up. However, when she saw the completely naked Lu Ze, she suddenly stopped.

She clearly didn’t expect Lu Ze to be in the bathroom, let alone looking at his completely naked self in the mirror. Her eyes looked dazedly at Lu Ze’s body before she reacted. Her white face appeared a little ruddy as she ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door.

“Lu Ze, let’s compete again later!”

Lu Li’s cold voice came from outside the door with slivers of killing intent. This made Lu Ze come back to his senses.

He clearly didn’t expect Lu Li to enter the bathroom at such a time. He was in such a rush to wash himself that he forgot to lock the door, therefore causing that scene.

However, Lu Ze didn’t care; it was only his little sister. Lu Li was pretty but he wouldn’t harbor any crazy thoughts. Perhaps only cavemen would have those crazy ideas. Only in ancient times would humans perform incest to pass down their bloodline.

So what if he looked? They used to take showers together when they were young. What was there to worry about.

Different from Lu Ze, Lu Li’s talent was much better than his. She was one year younger than Lu Ze but was currently a level seven martial artist. She’s already begun to refine the six bowels.

Part of the reason Lu Ze cultivated so arduously was due to this. The little sister was too much of a genius, therefore, the big brother had a lot of pressure.

“No, you saw me naked. I’m the one at loss. Why should I let you beat me up?”

Lu Ze shook his head.

Although he was now a bit stronger, he was still weaker than the level seven Lu Li.

“You!” Lu Li felt annoyed when she heard this. Her chest palpitated rapidly.

But soon her gaze became confused. She knew her martial arts maniac brother all too well. How could he say something this angering?

Most importantly, he had rejected Lu Li’s request to battle. This was completely illogical!

Although Lu Ze didn’t go out to cause trouble, he always liked to challenge his little sister. Although he could never win, he still enjoyed it. If Lu Li had time, she would be patient and go along with it.

“Lu Ze, you changed! You actually rejected my request to battle… Did your brain get eaten by a brain devouring bug?” Lu Li said with annoyance.

When Lu Ze heard this, he began to sweat. His brain didn’t get devoured, but the reality was worse.

He touched his nose awkwardly and smiled, “You don’t understand. I’m developing my mental state, peace like water. Perhaps I will surpass you soon.”

Lu Li felt dazed and raised her lip. Her tone became dangerous, “You’re saying that I would lose to you?”

“You don’t believe me? Just you watch. I’ll tell you this for your own good; don’t look down on someone when they’re young!” Lu Ze said pridefully.

Out of a hundred sentences he wanted to say when he was immature, this was the fourth one. Now, he finally had the chance to say it.

Then, he also said the third sentence in a shocked tone, “This kid is this terrifying!”

There was no way he would agree to fight today. Even if he was jumped, even if he was eaten by cosmic beasts, he still wouldn’t agree. If he agreed, he would be a dog!

Lu Ze wiped his body happily and threw the towel and pajamas into the washing machine.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s face darkened. He discovered a serious problem. He didn’t bring a change of clothes.

Now, he didn’t even have a way out.

He awkwardly looked at Lu Li who was at the door waiting for him to leave. He forced out a smile and said, “Cough, um, Li, help me out, yea…”

Just when Lu Li was about to rebuke, she heard Lu Ze’s pleading tone. Her eyes flickered as she showed a cute smile and asked softly, “Brother, what do you want Li to help you with?”

Hearing Lu Li’s soft tone, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He was touched. His sister was really understanding.

He quickly said, “I forgot to bring a change of clothes. Can you go to my room and get me some?”

“Okay, just wait a moment brother,” Lu Li replied softly.

Then, she went to Lu Ze’s room and took out a set of clothes. She thought about underwear but was too embarrassed.

Returning to the bathroom, Lu Li smiled. “Brother, your clothes are here.”

When Lu Ze heard this, his eyes lit up. He opened the door a little and reached out his hands. “Li, pass the clothes to me… thank you.”

Lu Li was indeed the best and most caring.

Just when Lu Ze felt touched, Lu Li’s soft voice sounded out, “Brother, if you want the clothes, you need to promise Li one thing.”

Lu Ze, “!?”

He had a bad feeling, but he had no choice so he asked, “Li, what is it?”

“Of course it is to,” Lu Li’s face went even softer, “agree to fight with Li!”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed…

Please allow me to take back my positive opinion of her. This person is definitely black when cut open!

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