Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 10 – The young and cute girl wants to annul the marriage

Chapter 10 – The young and cute girl wants to annul the marriage

Being given the title of a prince’s cè f?i was the greatest honor. Ji Yunhao felt this compensation would certainly make Ning Xuemo agreed with great joy.

After all, before all that happen, this little girl used every possible means, even suffering in silence, in order to pass through his, the Sixth Prince, doors… [1]

However, to the words that he just spoke out, Ning Xuemo sneered at it from inside the iron cage. “This compensation is just too light and easy! I don’t want it!”

Ji Yunhao’s complexion was unsightly. “Then, what do you want as compensation? Don’t tell me you still want to be my first wife?!” ‘Give that girl an inch, and she wants a mile!’

The corner of Ning Xuemo’s mouth hooked up. “Your Royal Highness is thinking too much. Xuemo doesn’t care much about being your first wife!”

“Then, what do you want?”

“If, Xuemo is accused wrongly, I request from Immortal Child to allow Xuemo to withdraw from the marriage with the Sixth Prince! The first thing to agree on is that I, Xuemo, is the one who wants to withdraw from this marriage. I am the one who doesn’t want him! And the Sixth Prince must shout three times in front of everyone : Miss Xuemo refuses to marry me!”

These conditions were simply outrageous. Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at that extremely daring girl inside the iron cage.

Everyone’s view were different. Some had admiration and others felt she was a lunatic…

However, the boy felt she was interesting. “Sixth Prince, do you agree on the conditions Miss Ning proposed?”

Although Ji Yunhao didn’t expect this, since his face was dark like the bottom of a pot, he had no other choice, but to reply, “I can agree to it.”

Ning Xuemo still wasn’t finish. “This humble girl’s withdraw from this marriage is probably something that Sixth Prince wanted inside his heart. Regardless of the feelings and following logic and reason, Sixth Prince should gives this humble girl some compensation. Such as, giving me a 1 000 taels of gold. Those 1 000 taels of gold will be the monetary equivalent for the cè f?i’s position. In fact, Sixth Prince still profits from this trade, so I’m sure you can agree to that.”

Ji Yunhao stayed silent. “…” In the capital, how many young girls from noble family split their hair in four just to be his cè f?i, but this girl who didn’t know what death is wanted to sell that position for a 1 000 taels of gold?!

Although on the boy’s face, he seemed deadpan, but there was a glint of interest sparkling inside his eyes. “Miss Ning, you might be aware that the position of Sixth Prince’s cè f?i even with 10 000 gold it’s difficult to be substitute? Why don’t you wish to be the Sixth Prince’s cè f?i?”

Ning Xuemo sat down in the cage and bluntly said, “It is so difficult to understand? The reason is actually quite simple. I, Ning Xuemo, don’t wish to marry a heartless, unfair, good-for-nothing and treacherous dregs. I would rather have a 1 000 taels of gold!”

If Ji Yunhao didn’t have self-restraint as a prince, he would be unable to conceal his expression from falling. “Heartless and unfair? Good-for-nothing and treacherous? This is the first time someone dare to evaluate me this way! May I asked Miss Ning to explain how did you end up giving me such evaluation?!”

Ning Xuemo glanced at him. “You really want to hear? I feel that in front of all these people I must still give you some face. So, some things are better left unsaid.”

In Ji Yunhao’s heart, his flames of fury were already rising to ten meters high. He clenched his teeth and said, “You think you can refuse to explain?! I don’t need you to preserve my own prestige!”

Ning Xuemo sighed, “Alright… However, you are the one who said it. Then, you better listen well. You own my daddy, Marquis Jing Yuan, the kindness of saving your life, but you allowed his daughter to be treat like this. This is call heartless! You are such a great man to coerce a lone girl with no one to rely on. This is call unfair! As my future husband, you didn’t have the ability to protect your own cè f?i and let someone framed and set her up. Isn’t that call good-for-nothing? For this matter, regardless of who is playing tricks behind your back, you won’t be able to escape from the involvements. You know perfectly well that I was set up by someone, but you still want to throw stones at me who is already down and keep thinking of sending me to my death. If you aren’t treacherous, then who is? You are the type of person that to keep you, is lose out. Since it’s so, I don’t want you! That’s why I want to annul this marriage!”

[1] In traditional Chinese wedding, the bride needs to pass through the door of the groom house to be consider his wife and part of his family. It’s a symbolic meaning since before marriage, the girl is not suppose to go visit her fiancé at his home. The man can visit his fiancée at her home, but not the contrary in ancient times.You can read a short summary about chinese weddings here.

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