Poisoning the World The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 2 – The young and cute girl is a good-for-nothing

Chapter 2 – The young and cute girl is a good-for-nothing

This was absolutely not her hand!

Although her hands were also very small and exquisite, but it didn’t had the same appearance. This was the hands of a eleven years old child! It was absolutely not on par with her 22-years-old beautiful, glossy and lily-white hands!

Was she still dreaming?

Wrong! In a dream, it was impossible for injuries to hurt and, at this moment, her whole body was hurting like it would in reality.

‘Is it reality?’

‘It certainly is a very strange situation.’

Could it be that she easily died, but didn’t die, but had transmigrate instead?

It looked like she transmigrated by reincarnating in someone else’s body.

This was also extremely melodramatic! The most dramatic was she unexpectedly transmigrated into the body of a child!

Ning Xuemo was after all from the secret service, to come across such a weird situation, she was merely startled for an instant. The corner of her mouth almost twitched down.

She very quickly felt the burning pain on her forehead. Moreover, her entire person was also somewhat dizzy and, before her eyes, there were black spots.

These were symptoms of excessive blood loss!

She turned over to sit. Her left and right hand barely had any flesh hanging.

Malnutrition, blood loss and a mild cerebral concussion…

Chila! She teared a strip of cloth out of her skirt and wrapped it around her forehead in a direct and efficient way. She tightly wrapped it around the wound.

Everyone, who was standing around and watching, was dumbstruck. They were looking at their target of scorn, a timid and trembling girl. She didn’t even hit her head, but, at this moment, she acted as though there were nobody present, calm and collectedly wrapping her wound. She showed some reactions, but it only came to this. The surroundings was once again quiet and calm.

The girl forehead and cheeks still had blood on it. The plain clothes on her were dirty rags. At the lowest point of someone’s life, it seemed like people would consciously step more mud on them.

However, at this moment, she was sitting there with her wound wrapped and was combing her hair… the movements were like moving clouds and flowing water, unhurried and leisure. Unexpectedly, it possessed an extremely unusual grace. There was a certain elegance within that grandeur, similar to the scene of a girl grooming herself in front of a mirror during spring. In what way did it look like the execution ground for an unrestrained daughter?

These spectators, most of them are commoners from the lowest echelon of societies. Generally, they had the mentality of hate the rich. To see a formerly aloof and remote person in some dire straits as being smear in mud, in their heart, they would be oddly satisfied. As if, they were higher than that person.

At this moment, Ning Xuemo’s unperturbed grace was naturally exceptionally dazzling in their eyes!

“Shameless! Still combing what hair?! Being unrestrained like this for who to see?”

“As expected from an unrestrained wench, even at this time, she doesn’t forget to seduce man…”

“That’s right…”

The crowd cursed once again. Ning Xuemo raised her eyes which slightly narrowed. Her bright eyes, like moving water, turned towards the people opening their mouth cursing her and then, moved past them.

Her eyes were extremely black and deep. Those people who were cursing and the first to clamor were swept by her gaze. Unexpectedly, they quivered with their spirit beaten from shivers! It was like their mind was poured with iced water. Unconsciously, they shut their mouth right away.

Ning Xuemo took no other actions, except she returned to comb her long hair as unhurriedly as before.

While she combed her hair, in her brain there was a large portion of the memories that didn’t belong to her and was flashing through her mind. She clearly understood that those memories were from the previous owner.

Coincidentally, the previous owner of this body was also called Ning Xuemo. She was Chang Kong Country’s Marquis Jing Yuan’s beloved daughter. Marquis Jing Yuan was once the Grand Marshal in the military forces. He was the pioneer and made heroic contributions for the development of Chang Kong’s territories. In order to reward and to rope him in, the Imperial Monarch arranged for the six years old Ning Xuemo to be the sixth prince’s fiancée.

On this continent, people cultivated some kind of internal power similar to psychokinesis. Almost everyone more or less had psychokinesis. Even the most average commoners usually had a low-level psychokinesis.

That was to say, that no Tiger General will have a dog for a daughter. Marquis Jing Yuan innate psychokinesis was astonishing. His wife was also a psychokinesis genius, but to one’s surprise, she gave birth to a daughter who was crippled with absolutely no trace of psychokinesis. She turned into Chang Kong Country’s joke and became the disgrace of the house of Marquis Jing Yuan.

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