Praise the Orc!

Chapter 1 - Prologue


Chapter 1 - Prologue

The big screen that was installed on the building shone. Those who were walking on the street or driving couldn’t keep their eyes from the screen.

There was an orc on the screen. A single orc. He was facing thousands of troops alone.

-He showed up again.

-He is blocking the allied forces alone.

-Nobody knows who he is.

-It is unknown if he is a user, an NPC, or a named boss NPC that the game manufacturers have created.

-Everything is unknown.

The commander who led the army approached the orc. The screen zoomed in on the commander’s handsome face as he said,

"Do you think you can stop it alone?”

The orc didn't answer, the steel helmet casting a shadow over his expressionless face.

“Why are you blocking us?”

The narrator explained who the man was.

-An elf, he has the War Maestro class, lauded as a hidden piece, and is the top ranking master of the Heaven and Earth Clan.He is a genius at large-scale tactical command.

-He is Choi Hansung, a popular user called ‘Rommel.’

The orc then opened his mouth.

"Why are you attacking them?”

The orc spoke in a distinctively thick and low voice.


Choi Hansung hesitated to speak. The answer was obvious. Due to the ‘large-scale quest’, he wanted to receive ‘items’ and to gain ‘levels’. He would then obtain ‘wealth’ and ‘power’. However, he couldn’t give that answer.

"They are our enemies."


"If you block us any further, then you will also become our enemy.”

"Didn’t you come to this place to betray their faith, and slaughter the innocents, just to gain money and equipment?”

The orc laughed,

"Human who does not know honor.”

“I am an elf. Are you perhaps a user?”

“Listen carefully.”

The orc raised his gaze. Inside his helmet, a formidable light shone. His appearance on the screen was zoomed in, making him seem like he was looking at everyone.

The orc declared loudly. His voice rang throughout the plains and out of the screen, into the ears of everyone listening.

“I am an orc, a warrior.”

"A warrior doesn’t forsake faith.”

"A warrior doesn’t persecute the weak.”

"A warrior doesn’t attack unarmed people.”

"A warrior doesn’t yield to injustice.”

"A warrior doesn’t shame the gods.”

"A warrior pays back any favors or vengeance.”

"A warrior protects the powerless.”

"I swear to the gods, I will abide by these laws as a warrior.”

The orc lifted his enormous greatsword.

"Prove your honor.”

The body of the orc appeared on the screen.

The earth shook and the entire army, including the commander, took one step back.

The orc laughed, “Come, Human.”

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