Praise the Orc!

Chapter 13 - User Hunters (2)

Chapter 13 - User Hunters (2)

A cross-section of the woman’s body was revealed as her parts fell to either side. The man screamed at the gory sight.

"Eri! Eri...!”

Anybody who fought in Elder Lord would have a brutal battle. There was a reason why Elder Lord was an adult game.

However, Ian wasn’t concerned, despite being the person involved. He just admired the realistic representation of the human body. He looked at the sword that was stuck in his abdomen. He would leave it alone and get rid of the other guy first. Ian lifted his bloody greatsword, it's shadow covering the face of the spear user.

The man lost his strength and flopped down. Then he whispered.

“As much as pain...”

Ian nodded and swung his sword straight downwards. His first PK experience in Elder Lord had ended with his victory.

[You have gotten rid of all the assailants.]

[200 achievement points have been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Orc’s Recovery (Common) has been used.]

[You have recovered from countless wounds suffered in many battles.

[Orc’s Recovery (Common) has been promoted to Orc’s Vitality (Uncommon)].

[There is a short sword stuck in your abdomen. It will be dangerous if left untreated.]

[Status Window]

‘Friend of Farmers’ Ian, Orc Apprentice Warrior

Level: 6

Achievement Points: 330

Assimilation: 57%


Orc's Superhuman Strength (Uncommon)

Orc's Vitality (Uncommon)

Orc’s Greatsword Technique (Uncommon)

Warrior's Fighting Spirit (Uncommon)

Two of his skills had been upgraded after taking care of the users. It made sense why these guys hunted users. The bodies of the dead users turned into white particles, drifting like dandelion seeds in the wind, until they couldn’t be seen anymore.

The three bodies of the men and woman disappeared, leaving only their equipment behind.

“...Are these mine now?”

This was another reason to hunt other users.

Ian pulled out the sword stuck in his abdomen. He swallowed back the pain and bandaged the wounds with the clothes of the user hunters. He scanned the equipment and found nothing special. They were the ordinary clothes and weapons sold at the blacksmiths. All of them had the Common rating.

He grabbed the spear, the swords, and the staff, since they could be sold. Ian and raised his head and saw an empty, vacant lot. There was no one here.

The battle was over. Ian felt something unfamiliar swelling up inside him. He had defeated criminals in Elder Lord.

Ian murmured to himself, "Today, I met three wicked people and killed them, implementing justice.”

An orc who knew honor!

“Where are the people who know honor?”

The orc who fought against injustice!

Great. It was like a scene from a movie. However, he felt strangely ashamed. Ian's face turned red, moving quickly in case someone had heard him. Soon after Ian’s figure disappeared. Only the clothing of the assailants remained in the back alley of Anail.


Then a woman walked out from the shadows. She was a woman wearing all black, with a mask covering her face. The tight clothes revealed her alluring body.

"I came to cover the user hunters, only to hit a jackpot.”

She looked at the place where the assailants were.

Jackson. Brown. Eri. They were user hunters active in the Anail area, and were known to attack anyone, regardless of whether they were beginners or not. They used a friendly approach to get close to the user, only to stab them in the back and gain their items and achievement points. They aimed solely at users that weren’t familiar with combat. Therefore, there were complaints about the trio of killers.

However, they hit an orc NPC by accident and suffered.

The battle scene was amazing. A boldness that the users couldn’t follow! A cruelty that wasn’t afraid of blood! The decisiveness of his attacks! A soliloquy after the battle ended!

She came up with a title for her video.

"The mannerless user hunters, justice is implemented!”

Their bad behavior had already been uploaded. The scenes of them ambushing a user, only to be killed, would be an explosive hit. She didn’t know why, but it seemed like they had mistaken the NPC for a user.

She nodded as she checked the video that she recorded. People would go crazy over it. The sight of wicked people forgetting themselves and falling into the pit of hell. There was even a nice soliloquy of justice!

She glanced around as she ended the connection.


Park Jungtae smiled as he heard Yiyu’s voice next to him.

“Hey, Park Jungtae. What level are you?”

"I don’t have a capsule.”

"Then go to a capsule room.

"Stop playing the game and focus on your life. Didn’t you do badly on the exam?”

"Wow, how cowardly to attack with that fact.”

The two were sitting in a cafe on campus. After their economics lecture ended, they decided to spend some time together. As the two of them were talking, someone called out Yiyu’s name.

“Ah, Yiyu! Jung Yiyu!”

"Park Jungtae as well?”

A group of girls rushed over and sat at their table.

"What are the two of you doing?”

“Isn’t this strange? Perhaps? Jungtae, wow~ Park Jungtae, not bad~.”

Yiyu laughed, "If you are just here to talk nonsense, then leave.”

"Isn’t that too harsh? Do you want me to keep calling you Rabbit? Didn’t a rabbit give you a hard time?”

“Ah, noisy.”

After Yiyu died from a rabbit in Elder Lord, her friends kept on calling her Rabbit.

“By the way, have you seen it?” Her friend asked.


"Youvidser Laney’s video.”

Youvidser. Youvids was the world’s largest video upload site, and its content creators were called Youvidsers. Of course, even in Youvids, most of the mainstream content was related to Elder Lord.

Laney was a star who emerged after reporting on various types of wicked players, filming their wickedness in gruesome detail. Rumor has it that the users captured on video weren’t even aware of Laney’s existence because she was such a high level assassin.

“Seen what?” Yiyu asked.

"Look look, it is a bit hit. The three user hunters humiliation video.”

She pulled out her tablet. Yiyu, Park Jungtae and her friends focused on the tablet.

[Laney’s ‘Justice is implemented on the user hunters.’]

The opening scene was of three users chuckling with one orc standing in front of them. Laney edited the caption.

[The mannerless user hunters, they’ve found an orc user!]

“Orc? An orc user?”

"Keep watching."

[As usual, they are trying to ambush the user....]

They laughed as the orc hesitated. But after a short moment, the orc rushed and instantly cut off the magician’s head.


"Isn’t that crazy?”

The dismay on the user hunters’ faces was caught on the screen.

[But ding! That is incorrect! An NPC!]

It became a 2 vs 1 fight. The user hunters were familiar with fighting, so they attacked the orc pretty well. The orc went on the defensive.

"Isn’t the orc losing?”

"It is coming soon.”

At that time, the woman stabbed the orc with a short sword. The orc was waiting for that moment and cut the female hunter’s torso. The user hunter’s body was split in half.

Yiyu flinched as she watched the brutal scene.

“I can see the flesh and bones.”

Park Jungtae admired the sight. The woman’s body was broken and the lone spearman soon fell down. He whispered something to the orc and the orc nodded. Then he beheaded the user.

3 vs 1! Their power didn’t differ much. Rather, the user hunters were superior in power. However, the skill and the boldness of the orc overwhelmed them. It was truly a fierce battle!

"This is why you shouldn’t touch NPCs.”

The corpses of the users turned white and disappeared. The orc grabbed their weapons and stood still. The video didn’t end there.

"...There’s more?”

"Listen carefully.”

The orc stood there, looking into the air. Then the orc opened his mouth.

-Today, I met three wicked people and killed them, implementing justice.

The orc formed a fist.

-Where are the people who know honor?

It was a loud voice. The orc disappeared into the darkness of the city after speaking.

Park Jungtae and Yiyu’s mouths dropped open.


"...Really cool.”

An unknown spirit was blazing from him! There was an explosion of comments.

└ Elder Lord’s Path: I’m going to become an orc.

└ Arigato: 222222.

└ I am the Best: 222222.

└ Cooking Fondant: 222222.

└Woo In-sung’s Secret: 2222ㅠㅜ

└ (View more)

└ My name is Yoda: We are going crazy;;;; Protect honor;;

└ Assassination King: I have to reevaluate hunting orc users.

└ Dragon Bra: It’s just a staged scene ㄹㅇ

└ Ninano: He really seems like a NPC ;;; An orc who clears houses.

└ Orc Hunter: An orc is a mob.

└ Number 1 Orc User Maguchwi: Dirty humans!! Death!! Shout Bul’tar!!!!!

└ Camper: The real one has appeared!!!!!

└ Oscar Hazard: (Explanation) Maguchwi quit being an orc shaman ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋTruly an orc user.

└ I am the Upright Beta: I am still an orc. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└ Jungle King Wenger: Weren’t you whining that you should reset? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└ (View more)

└ Normal Person: I am someone who hasn’t been an orc...

└ Americano: The orc’s tears ㅜ ㅜ

└ Slow Angel: ㅜ ㅜ Tears of an orc user...

└ Number 2 Orc User Kuwakta: Shout!!!!!! Bul’tar!!!!!!!

└ Oscar hazard: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋA festival for orc users

└ Delicious Omurice: Orc users are going crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└ Psychedelia: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋKeep quiet orc users

└ Orc Never Die: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is Bul’tar?

└ (View more)

(View more)

The general users and orc users who believed in orcs were all enthusiastic. Yiyu’s eyes shone as she saw the comments under the videos, then she asked, "Should I go be an orc?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Is that so?”

"Don’t be an orc.”

Park Jungtae also thought about trying out an orc in Elder Lord, but he soon gave up. The character that he had been playing for a while was human. He was a blacksmith but he was busy with his part time job and school. It was tough to enjoy the game.

Soon, it was time for his next lecture. Park Jungtae got up.

"I have to go.”

“Uh. Bye. See you tomorrow.”

"Jungtae, bai!”


Park Jungtae separated from the group and walked through the university.

“Hey, Park Jungtae!


A foreign car stopped on the side of the campus. The car door opened and someone run towards him. Park Jungtae’s face distorted. It was the senior he got into a fight with over Yiyu.

The senior cried out, "You, fuck, what did you do? Eh? What’s going on?”


"I'll apologize, yes? Cancel everything, I’ll pay for all your medical expenses.”


"My father’s company will be ruined!”

"Why are you telling me...”

"Using common sense, you’re the only one! Why did the customers suddenly cancel their accounts! They have all abandoned our company! After we fought...”

His face was like he lost his soul. The senior didn’t pay any attention to the gazes around him as he clung onto Jungtae.

Somebody popped into Park Jungtae’s head at the words. It was Yiyu’s brother and the owner of Café Reason, Jung Ian.

The senior cried out, "I am acting like this, eh? I didn’t know you were so strong. Really...”

"No, Senior. I really don’t know. Would I have a part time job if I could do that? I’m trying to make a living.”


"I don't understand, but I hope it will be resolved. Now I have to go to a lecture.”

"Hey, agreement! Let’s come to an agreement! Eh? I can write a memorandum. Write it now!”


"Yes, now.”

Park Jungtae nodded.

‘Jungtae, I'll resolve it so don't worry.’

As Ian said, Jungtae didn’t know what happened, but everything was resolved.

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