Praise the Orc!

Chapter 18 - Warriors Qualifications (2)

Chapter 18 - Warrior’s Qualifications (2)

A goblin stood in front of Grom. It had a small body, and a grumpy face that displayed an angry expression as it threw a stone at Grom.


The rock hit his shin and Grom jumped, grabbing his leg in pain. The goblin started throwing stones even harder.

"This bastard!”

Grom raised his axe and ran towards the goblin. The goblin rushed away quickly. In the meantime, he kept throwing dirt and rocks back at Grom.

“Wait there!”

The goblin hid behind some thick bushes. Grom jumped over the bushes.

“Got you...!”

As Grom landed on the ground, goblins surrounded him.

“Kyahahak! Kyak!”

“Kyah! Kyak!”

The goblins no longer held rocks. They held things like blunt axes, rusty swords, spears, and other weapons that seemed to have been stolen.

The goblin who lured Grom into the crowd shot a nasty smile at him and threw a rock again. Grom was hit in the head and fell over. Detestable. Really detestable. He wanted to rush over and give it a good thrashing, but he was outnumbered. It was a group of goblins with over a dozen people.

Grom fell back.

Thud, thud.

Someone touched Grom’s back. He turned around to see a goblin holding a handaxe. He laughed. His rear was also dominated by goblins.

Grom laughed awkwardly, “...Kulkul.”

Grom was now able to laugh like an orc. However, he looked a bit subservient.

The goblin raised his axe and started a slicing motion towards Grom’s neck. His head would be cut off now if he didn’t run away. As the goblin smiled mockingly, Grom felt a sense of déjà vu.

Something boiled up inside him. He was angry. It was really detestable. Yes, this emotion, it was like when someone told him off for being too loud in an Internet cafe. It felt like that time, when he hit the reset button and ran away.

Grom's axe flashed.


The goblin’s head was split apart.

"These kids──────!”

The goblins were astonished and simultaneously rushed towards Grom. Grom wielded his axe. There were goblins everywhere. He spun the axe around and around in order to survive. The goblins didn’t dare approach the wildly spinning axe and retreated.

It was his last hurrah, but it worked!

Grom shouted as old memories flashed through his head.


Then messages popped up.


[You struggled to survive and have learned an hidden axe technique!]

[You are like a terrible trolley car that spins round and round, destroying everything around you in its wake, no matter what!]

[This is an attack that enemies can’t deal with!]

[All enemies will be unconditionally killed!]

[A terrible massacre, a feast of blood is anticipated!]

[The wild attack that will decimate everything!]

Oh my god! Grom’s expression brightened.

It was clear. A hidden piece. This was a hidden piece of Elder Lord, a hidden skill!

[Overwhelming Assault (Common) has been acquired!]

Grom wobbled.

The name was cool, but it was just an ordinary Common grade skill. As soon as he lost balance, the goblins charged towards Grom.


He rolled and avoided their attacks, but his skull was soon smashed by a goblin’s stone hammer. His head started spinning. He could see goblins raising their weapons out of the corner of his eye.

This would be his first death since becoming an orc. Grom closed his eyes.

At that moment, the earth started to shake.

The goblins flinched. A thunderous sound hit their ears.



Grom opened his eyes. 10 orc warriors came rushing like crazy. Their broad shoulders made it seem like they numbered in the dozens, or in the hundreds. They were like a runaway train as they swept through the goblins. The goblins’ bodies flew through the air.




The goblins started screaming and crying. With one assault, dozens of goblins were torn into rags.


Grom shrieked.

The orc warriors didn’t care as Grom fell down.

[You are in critical condition!]


Grom slumped down.

The fight was over in a flash. The goblins were twitching on the ground. The orc warriors killed those goblins without mercy.

“Apprentice! Where are you? Are you alive?”


Grom got up. The faces of the warriors were visible. All of them looked fearsome. Their faces and bodies were full of tattoos, and they were covered with blood. They had relaxed gestures and an imposing walk!

The real warriors recognized by Lenox! The warriors who found Grom laughed out loud, “Kulkulkulkul! You’re alive, Apprentice! Wonderful!”

"You lured the goblins very well! Great talent!”

“Pushovers who see other pushovers would want to catch them!”

"The goblins truly have discerning eyes! They judged perfectly! They are perfect at judging pushovers! Kuhahahah!”

That’s right. Grom had been acting as the pushover, or bait, all day.

The goblins were very wary of orcs, but once they saw Grom, they would provoke him and pull him into a large crowd. Then the orc warriors would rush in to slaughter the group.

As the bait, Grom had suffered and almost died many times. The goblins were too much, and he could barely resist for a minute every time. Then, once Grom was surrounded, the orc warriors would charge in and sweep up the goblins.

This had happened several times already. The goblins would wither away due to the orc warriors from Orcrox Fortress.

The warriors urged Grom to hurry.

"Then, I’ll ask you to prepare new goblins again, Apprentice!”

Grom shook his head.

"Warriors, I think it will be hard now.”

“What do you mean?”

"Goblins are also intelligent monsters! At this point, they might’ve noticed your strategy.”


"Besides, I have grown in the battles. I am different from before, I have become stronger. The goblins won’t be able to easily mess with me. They have eyes!”

That’s right. Grom had fought with the warriors. Although he almost died several times, he was able to accumulate skill proficiency and achievement points. Furthermore, he had gained the Overwhelming Assault (Common) skill. The goblins wouldn’t be able to defeat Grom, who was more powerful.

“That makes sense.”

“Yes! That's right.”

"But we don’t know if we don’t try one more time.”

“I understand. However, it is a waste of time.”

Grom walked through the forest with the warriors behind him. He was different from before. He puffed out his chest and showed the attitude of a warrior. Now, Grom was a warrior who stood among the orcs! He was still an apprentice, but the goblins couldn’t come near him...

“Keek! Keek!”

A goblin appeared before his thought finished!

“Keek! Keeek!”

Grom felt resigned. The two goblins circled around Grom. They exchanged glances. Grom was able to guess their meaning.

Pushover! A pushover!

Resignation became anger. Grom cried out as anger rose in his body. His temper blazed fiercely towards the goblins.

“These guys──────!”

It was the skill Overwhelming Assault!

“Kyakak, kyaack?”

“Kek? Keehek?”

Why did a pushover suddenly become like this? Let's see? Was it money?

The goblins stepped back with surprise. Dozens of suddenly goblins emerged from the rocks! But Grom, who had become crazy, charged towards them without stopping his assault. He was like a runaway train!

"Buuuuuuuuul────── taaaaaaaaar──────!”


-Then this corner!

-A video is the topic!Video of a video!A distilled version is given!

-It is like red ginseng extract!

-Oh, Jaehan-ssi.Don’t you think red ginseng is too much?

-Hahaha.I’m sorry.I don’t know because I have been taking red ginseng medicine lately.

-Distilled?Ohoho, who told you that it was good for you?

-It is a secret.Ahahahaha. (TL Note: red ginseng can be taken as an aphrodisiac and used to help with male erectile dysfunction)

"They are playing around.”

Yiyu shook her head.

“The atmosphere around the two of them is what wins viewers.”

"What are they going to discuss?”

Yiyu was at Café Reason with her friend, Yoon Bora. They were meeting for a group assignment. But as always, various accidents and illnesses occurred, meaning that only the two of them attended. The two of them quickly quit the task.

They watched as the two hosts of [Elder Road Times], Yoojung and Jaehan, introduced the topic.

-The fourth video is a comedy in Elder Lord and will make your stomach hurt just watching it!It is a behind the scenes video of the militia leader, Kim Dalkwang.

-Isn’t another name for Kim Dalkwang ‘Capitalist Monster’, a monster born from capitalism?

-Yes!He boasts exceptional role-playing skills.Of course, he isn’t just funny but also has great abilities.Now, then please watch!

The door of Café Reason opened. It was Ian. He entered and discovered that Yiyu was here.

“You came?”

"Yes, Oppa.”

“Oppa, hello!”

Ian smiled at Yoon Bora’s greeting.

“Hello. Bora-ssi right?”

“Yes, you remembered. It’s been a while.”

"That's right. You must be busy. You should come here more often.”


Yiyu elbowed Yoon Bora.

"Why, what is it?"

"Look at this.”

Ian also eyed the tablet. He was now an Elder Lord player. It was necessary to know the hot topics.

-Hahahaha.That is really funny.

-Yes.Kukuk.My belly button has fallen off.Jaehan-ssi, please find my belly button.It is gone.

-Hahaha.Belly button?

-Yes, belly button.Find it!

I’ll find it after the recording.Please believe in me.

-Oh, impressive!


Ian shook his head.

-I’m sorry.Hahaha!This time, Youvidser Laney filmed a video that is very hot!

-Orc users, wake up!The force of an orc warrior!Let’s feel it altogether!

Ian focused on the orc. What orc had done a wonderful job of spreading the taste of orcs to the ignorant humans?


However, the scene was familiar. An orc quickly slaughtered three users. The face that looked into the air as he held his weapon was familiar. That was obviously...

-Today, I met three wicked people and killed them, implementing justice.


-Where are the people who know honor?

"C-Cough! Cough!”

"Oppa, what is it?”

"No, that, cough! Cough!”

"Did you swallow something the wrong way?”

He had choked with dismay. Yiyu gave some water to Ian. Ian sipped the water while calming his surprise. Ian was confused by the complicated emotions he felt as he listened to Yiyu and Yoon Bora talk about how cool and manly the orc was.

'Who filmed that?’

At that moment, the notification bell rang as the door to Café Reason opened.

A woman entered.

She was a considerable beauty. She walked in gracefully with expensive clothes that seemed to shine. Her hair was wavy, as if it was copper wire, and each sweep of her head was a seductive gesture that made the people who saw it tremble.

Had a real celebrity appeared for a photo shoot? People who looked like bodyguards waited outside the door. No, they were bodyguards.

“Pretty…” Yiyu admired.

The woman headed to the counter.

"Yes, what would you like to order?” The part time worker, Han Yeori, asked.

"The boss, is he here?”

"Eh? The boss?”

"Yes, Jung Ian-ssi.”

"That...Boss, over there...”

Han Yeori pointed to Ian. The woman turned slowly. She smiled as she found Ian. That face was familiar.

On the other side, Ian recalled the name of the woman who cried out to him.

“Ji Hayeon-ssi?”

The beautiful woman, Ji Hayeon, grinned. It was a bright smile, like a flower blooming in the spring. She walked over and held out a hand to Ian.

“It’s been a while.”

"I didn't know you would come find me like this.”

"I thought I should go see my saviour.”

Ian and Ji Hayeon shook hands.

"Raven, no, is it Jung Ian-ssi?”

Ian smiled a the old name that reminded him of the past. “Just call me Ian-ssi.”

"Yes, I will. No. I actually know a little bit about Ian-ssi. Ah, don’t worry. I found out after that incident.”

That incident. Ian smiled wryly. "Yes.”

She said, “Jung Ian-ssi is a little older than me.”

Ian cocked his head. "Indeed."

“So it makes sense.” Ji Hayeon smiled brightly again. “Is it okay if I call you Oppa?”

On Yiyu’s side, there was a frozen silence.

In this short meeting, Ian smiled again for a third time.

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