Praise the Orc!

Chapter 20 - Humans and Shaman (1)

Chapter 20 - Humans and Shaman (1)

Ian followed Hoyt’s advice and ventured alone out of Orcrox Fortress.

Orc warriors weren’t the only types of orcs present in Orcrox Fortress, so Hoyt advised Ian to look outside to find the answer. Heeding his advice, Ian decided to explore the wider world of Elder Lord, and find out what it was like to be a warrior.

Ian headed west, since he had never been there before.

The land of the farmers was to the south of Orcrox Fortress, while the free city of Anail was to the east. The west held Basque Village, where the shamans trained. Ian decided to visit Basque Village because he wanted to see the wise shaman Tashaquil.

Ian moved without any difficulty, killing the occasional monster. Now none of the monsters around Orcrox Fortress were his opponents.

[Status Window]

'Person Pursuing the Pinnacle’ Ian, Orc Apprentice Warrior

Level: 10

Achievement Points: 610

Assimilation: 63%


Orc's Superhuman Strength (Uncommon)

Orc's Vitality (Uncommon)

Orc’s Greatsword Technique (Uncommon)

Indomitable Will (Special)

Mind's Eye (Special)

In the meantime, both his level and achievement points increased. After fighting Derek, Warrior's Fighting Spirit was upgraded to the special ranked skill, Indomitable Will. The proficiency of Orc's Greatsword Technique also increased.

[Mind’s Eye has opened. Identifying the goblin.]

[Target is weak. The poor goblin is afraid of you.]

Mind's Eye showed information about the target. With it, he could grasp the target’s emotions and strength, making the ability very useful. The goblin was overwhelmed by the atmosphere around Ian and abandoned his weapon. He then fell facedown in the dirt.

"Kyaak...! Kyak...!”

It was a gesture asking for forgiveness. Ian hesitated as he lifted his greatsword. He heard Lenox’s solemn voice.

‘A warrior doesn’t attack unarmed people.’

He probably meant a situation like this. The goblin was begging Ian for mercy. If he struck the neck of the goblin, it would be a one-sided murder, not a battle. Ian didn’t think that was the path of a warrior.

As Ian hesitated, the goblin kept bowing.


The goblin tried to provoke extreme compassion in the other person. Its gestures and eyes were pitiful. In the end, Ian lowered his greatsword.


"Kyak kyak!"


The goblin bowed deeper.

“Raise your head! Don’t bow down on your knees.”


"If you attack an orc again, then I won’t forgive you.”

"Kiek! Kiek!”

"Be an honorable goblin. Bul’tar!”

Ian turned around. It was a dignified rear view.

The goblin’s eyes became wet. He was a goblin, a nasty monster who attacked the other person! He was a species that was always cursed and insulted. But the orc had told him to be an honorable goblin. The goblin felt an unknown emotion.

Then the goblin rushed after Ian.


"Kyak kyak!"

The goblin pulled Ian’s sleeve. Ian cocked his head. It seemed like the goblin was trying to say something. The goblin pointed to him with his fingertips, then pointed to another place and made a walking motion. It was a gesture to follow him.

[The goblin feels favorable towards you.]

Mind's Eye’s gave him a positive answer. Ian nodded and followed the goblin. He didn’t know what was going on, but he thought it would be interesting.

He had previously heard from Grom that goblins were really nasty monsters. They attacked or mocked their opponent, provoking them and eventually leading them towards a large group armed with weapons. However, this goblin didn’t seem like that.

Ian walked along with the goblin. A little further ahead, a small group of approximately 10 goblins appeared. The goblins were sitting down and chewing on something. However, they became startled when they saw Ian.

"Kyaak?” Kyak! Kyak!”


The small goblins jumped up and grabbed their weapons. Ian raised the palm of his hands to show he wasn’t an enemy, but they didn’t calm down.


The goblin who led Ian to the goblins yelled at them. They seemed to talk about something, and then the weapons were put down. Ian walked into the group of goblins, who looked at him with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

Among the crowd was a bearded goblin.

“Orc. Kyak! It is nice to meet you kyak!”

Ian’s eyes widened. The goblin used the official language.

"I am the elder of this group, Kyawak.”

"My name is Ian."

"Ian kyak.”

Kyawak stroked the head of the goblin that led Ian here. It seemed like the whole story had been described. Kyawak beckoned.

The goblins brought something to Ian. It was a huge chunk of beef.

"Thank you for showing mercy to my grandson kyak. This is a sign of our appreciation kyak. The goblins will treat you to a meal kyak!”

Ian nodded. He wouldn’t reject their hearts. In fact, the meat was well cooked so he started to salivate.

"Thank you."

Ian sat down. The moment that he was about to take a bite from the beef,


The goblins around Ian were staring at the beef with longing eyes. Ian stopped moving. The goblins were holding tree roots and grass, like they were poor. Ian was the only one holding well cooked beef. Even Kyawak was just holding a big leaf. They looked like poor people starving due to a lack of food!

Ian put down the beef that he was about to bite into. Then he drew his greatsword. The goblins were startled by the sudden movement of the blade.

Ian’s greatsword cut apart the beef, splitting it into exactly 11 pieces. It was the perfect distribution for Ian and the goblins. Ian gave it to the goblins without saying a word. The goblins accepted the beef with moist eyes. Kyawak seemed especially impressed as he shouted exuberantly.



Ian raised the beef. The goblins next to him also raised their meat. Ian placed the beef in his mouth and ate it all at once. The goblins also ate the beef with him. 10 goblins and one orc swallowed the beef.


The goblins’ eyes filled with tears as they ate the delicious beef. Ian admired how well it was cooked. It was a match for any restaurant’s steak. However, one piece of beef wasn’t enough for an orc. The goblins handed out some grass and Ian filled his stomach with the vegetation.

The goblins were hungry but they didn’t eat that much because their bodies were small. Ian ate all of the grass that they left behind.

"Thank you for the meal.”

“No kyak. We should thank you kieek. It is the first time that we’ve had an orc as a guest kyaak.”

He shared a conversation with Kyawak.

The goblins originally dwelled to the north of Orcrox Fortress, but there was a problem and the goblins recently started to head south. Not long ago, Grom had been given a goblin subjugation mission.

The monsters in the north were rough and there were powerful mutants. Direwolves became bigger and trolls became more oppressive. Ogres also popped up and attacked other monsters indiscriminately.

"We were forced to come down here kyaak. Then it overlapped with the orc territory kyaack. So we are moving further south kyak.”

The goblins were forced to go south.

"Something scary has obviously appeared in the north kyaak. The orcs should pay attention kieek!”


The mutant werewolf popped into his head. The wolves had also come down from the north. Was there really something unusual happening in the north? The moment that Ian was about to ask Kyawak something...

There was a sound.


Ian reflexively lifted his greatsword and covered Kyawak.


An arrow hit Ian’s sword and fell down.


The goblins stared blankly. Then they raised their weapons in the direction that the arrow flew from. Ian turned his head.

“Oh, what is this? It was blocked.”

"Did you feel guilty?”

"What are you talking about?”

They were humans. Two men and one woman. The man aimed the arrow again. This time, the bow was aimed towards Ian. As soon as Ian raised his sword, the woman chanted a spell.

"Red flames that consume the world, rest on this arrow according to my will. Enchant Fire!”

The arrow lit up and the man let go of the bowstring. The fire arrow flew towards Ian. Ian reflexively wielded his greatsword. It hit the arrow but the fire broke out and hit Ian.


The fire was stuck to his body. Ian gritted his teeth and endured the burning pain. His status window sounded an alarm. At that moment, Kyawak extended both hands.

"Kyawah - ak! Kyawah - ak!”

Then an unknown force wrapped around Ian. The fire disappeared. The pain also went away and strength rose inside his body.

"What, a goblin mage? That incantation?”

"Even dogs and cats are using magic these days.”

Ian raised his gaze.

The three humans were having a leisurely conversation in front of the goblins and orcs. White stars shone on their forehead. They were users.

"Wait a minute!"

They stopped as the orc spoke, "What is it?"

“I am a user.”

Ian took off the Blacksmith Company’s bandana that he was still wearing. A white star shone on Ian’s forehead. Their eyes widened.

“What, an orc user? Orc? Really?”

“Are you one of those orc users?”

"That story was true?’

The man lowered his bow and said, "Come out from there.”


"Orc, get away from there. Let’s get rid of those beggars.”

Ian turned his head. The goblins were trembling while holding their weapons. The tree roots and grass that they had been eating a moment ago were on the floor. Kyawak had a very determined expression on his face.

Ian shook his head.

"Let the goblins go.”

“Huh?” They looked at each other. "Why? Is it a quest?”

"I know these goblins.”


Their expressions showed that they didn’t understand. Ian spoke again. "They are friends."



He raised his greatsword as an answer. It was a statement that he would attack if they didn’t agree. The goblins watched Ian with impressed eyes. The users whispered among themselves.

"Doesn’t he sound like a role-player?”


“I'd rather...”

They came to a conclusion and nodded. The female magician smiled and said, “Orc! Then if we don’t attack, can you tell us the way?”

“The way?”

“Yes. We have a quest but we don’t know the orc territory.”

“Where are you going?”

"What was it, Basque? Basque Village? We have to go that way.”

Ian was also heading there. He nodded. “Yes.”

“Yah! Thank you.”

The users withdrew.

Ian looked at Kyawak. It was earlier than he expected, but it was time to part.

"Ian kyak, thank you kyak.”

"Thank you for the nice meal.”

“It is nothing kieek. I hope we meet again someday keek. Beware of the north kyaak.”

Ian extended his fist. Kyawak seemed to know the orc greeting as he bumped it with his small fist. The orc and goblin’s fists hit.

“Stay alive.”

“Alive kyak!”

The goblins all waved. Ian parted with the goblins.

A user asked, “It looks like you really are friends with the goblins. When did you meet?”


"You are really sociable, to be befriending a goblin in one day. Why did you pick an orc? Just because?”

The magician had a lot to say. The men were an archer and a warrior holding a sword and shield. They looked like moderately high level users. They originally lived in the city of humans, but they received a quest and came here.

"These big brothers came to help me. In order to acquire a magician skill, I need to get something from an orc shaman.”


"I don't know right now. It’s a power that an orc shaman has and will fuse together to make a new skill. Isn’t it amazing?”

“That's right.”

"If I get this skill, then I will have 10 skills. Huhu. Orc, do you have a lot of skills? Isn’t the orc a hard species to play as?”

As the female magician continued to chatter on, the archer asked from behind, "Why are you talking so much?”

"Jeez, what’s wrong with it? This is the first time I’ve seen an orc. Isn’t it also your first time?’

"That’s correct.”

“How long have you been an orc? What’s your level?”

Ian answered honestly. "Level 10.”

"10? You’re still a beginner.”

"I see, then it isn’t too late. You can still reset.”

The tense men relaxed as Ian’s level was revealed.

Ian looked at the map that he obtained from Orcrox Fortress and guided them. The closer they got to Basque Village, the more the surroundings started to change. There were occasional animal skulls hanging from the lush trees and strange altars for magic rituals were everywhere. Crows cried out over their heads.

“It is vaguely eerie.”

The temperature in the forest was cool. The dense foliage didn’t allow a lot of light to leak through. The sun soon started sinking. It became even darker. Something seemed to appear beyond the darkness of the dense forest.

The female magician stopped talking. They walked quietly. After walking a while, a light could be seen. There was a log house with light coming from the windows. A strange black smoke rose from the chimney. They looked at each other.


"It is dark and the path is hard to see. It would be good to rest here.”


"Let’s try it once.”

The house resembled Grant’s log cabin. It was an orc home. Ian took the lead with the three human users following behind him. Ian knocked on the door.

“Please wait.”

A voice was heard from inside. The door opened and an orc appeared. He was wearing a necklace made of animal bones and animal skins, looking exactly like the shamans that Ian had seen in Orcrox Fortress.

The orc said with a soft expression, "You are alive, young warrior.”

He also greeted the three users behind Ian. “You are alive, humans.”

He opened the door wide. It was as if he knew they were coming.

“I am the shaman Antuak. Guests are always welcome.”

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