Praise the Orc!

Chapter 5 - Instructor Lenox (2)

Chapter 5 - Instructor Lenox (2)

Tips for surviving on the battlefield.


All skills must be engraved into the subconscious and used according to one’s instincts.

It would be too late if one thought through an action in their head. A decision can’t be made in that short moment, so one’s actions should be automatic. Only training and constant practice can make this possible.

Some lazy recruits just trained until they fell over in exhaustion. It was in order to survive. Of course, most of those recruits were killed or wounded in the first battle. After falling, they realized the sweat was actually blood and felt regret.

Ian was well aware of this, so he never put down the greatsword.

"Newbie, how do you feel?”

“Is he the apprentice? Kulkulkul.”

Ian didn’t rest even when the sun set. If other users saw it, then they would just consider it repeating the same action; however, for Ian, this was real life training.

He was a warrior. He would soon meet monsters and swing the sword at the enemy. He knew there was no luck on the battlefield, just his own skills and abilities. He stretched his body. He wanted to fall down. However, he kept on wielding his greatsword.


A clean cut.


Ian repeated his actions of cutting and stabbing.

“Are you still continuing?”


After a while, Lenox came up to him. Ian jumped up and took an alert posture, causing Lenox to shake his head.

"There is no need for that.”


"Try it again."

Ian breathed in and grasped the greatsword again. All of the muscles in his body screamed. His waist was bowed.

"Waist up!”

Lenox shouted. Ian fixed his posture and wielded the greatsword.

"Don’t drop your head! Look ahead! Look at the enemy!”


"The enemy won’t care for your circumstances! It is hard! So what? Nobody cares! Get rid of your weaknesses!”


“It is hard! Don’t relax! Swing the sword! Bigger!”


"Repeat it! Continue! Until you forget how to breathe!”

Ian repeated his actions. Under Lenox’s teaching, he polished the basics of swordsmanship he learned from Baek Hanho, such as stabbing and slashing. Lenox further enhanced this.

“Continue! Squeeze! Of course it will be difficult!”


"If it weren’t so hard, then everyone would be a warrior!”


"Not everyone can be a warrior!”

Lenox and Ian yelled passionately. This passion was passed onto the other orc warriors.

"You there! Are you going to fall down when that newbie over there hasn’t?”


“I think not! No! Then why are you still down there!”

"I will stand up!”

"If you are going to fall, then crawl out of the training grounds!”

“I won’t!”

"You can enjoy the rest of your life! Now swing it!”


The orcs started to wield their weapons while shouting. Those who collapsed during the sparring got back up and rushed at each other.

Lenox’s yells and the orc warriors’ cries rang out through Orcrox Fortress. Those who passed by the training grounds turned their heads with surprise.

Ian forcibly raised his body after he fell.

A smile emerged on his face. He hadn’t felt this feeling in a long timethe pain caused by fighting to the limits—that feeling when the pain was transformed into pleasure, and sharing this feeling with his colleagues!

[Amazing! The orc warriors have recognized the fighting spirit of the orc apprentice warrior.]

[The strength to fight without giving up, the indomitable spirit is the best virtue for orc warriors.]

[Warrior’s Spirit (Common) has been acquired.]

[Your willpower is more than just mere fighting spirit. Warrior's Spirit (Common) has been upgraded to Warrior’s Fighting Spirit (Uncommon)!]

[One achievement point has been acquired!]

[Your level has risen.]

The message windows popped up but Ian shook his head and didn’t even read them. This moment was more important than that.

“Newbie! What is your name?”

“I am Ian!”

"Become a warrior! Then you will receive a new name!” Lenox shouted.

The ugly visage of the orc seemed to be smiling.

"So I won’t remember your name!”


"Become a warrior!”

“I will!”

"Swing it properly!"

[The proficiency of the skill Greatsword Technique (Common) has risen.]

[If you continue building up proficiency, you can upgrade Greatsword Technique (Common) to the Uncommon rank.]

Ian wielded his greatsword like crazy. If this was reality, then it would be harsh training. However, it was a game, and he felt like he was gaining the nature of the orc species. His limits were constantly being renewed and developing.

There was no gain without suffering.

He understood why people avoided orcs. They were a truly hardcore species.

In the distance, he saw someone’s wrist being cut off in a spar. They paused for a moment before sprinkling a potion on the stump and reattaching their arms. Then they once again picked up the halberd.

“I'm alive! Bul’tarrrr!”

The spar resumed.

Ian couldn’t help but laugh. The training of real men that was hard to believe!

Once Grom returned to the training camp, he discovered orcs collapsed on the ground.

“...What is going on?”

Grom asked Ian who was lying on the ground.

"Grom is right.”


"Orc, it is hard.”

Ian chuckled slightly. As the ugly orc’s face twisted, Grom nodded shakily.


"Oppa, did you start the game?”

Yiyu asked him. Her brother Ian was stretching his shoulders like they were stiff.


"What? More information! Where?”

"It is a secret.”

"Ah, why is it a secret?”

"It is only for my heart.”

"Okay, I don’t need to know right now. A noob, noob. You are just a complete novice.”

Ian laughed,

"Then what level are you?”


Her voice trailed off before she blurted out,

“I am a pretty and cute elf mystic.”

"I asked for your level, not your species and profession...”

“A wonderful elf mystic.”


"So you know."

Yiyu raised a finger to her mouth like she wouldn’t answer any more questions. Then a voice interrupted them.

"Boss-nim. It is done. Here.”

“Thank you. Now, your sweet potato latte.”

Ian’s shop, Cafe Reason, had a student working part time. Her name was Yeori, and she was charming with a pretty appearance. It was the reason why Yiyu took the cup with narrowed eyes.


"You should go to school.”

"There is still plenty of time.”

“I don’t have time.”

Ian gestured with his chin. Yiyu looked back and saw that a group of female university students were entering the cafe. She looked at Ian and whispered,


Yiyu’s eyes narrowed again.

"Boss-nim. Should I get the order? Do you want to take a break with your sister?”

“No, it’s okay.”


Yiyu pulled out a 500 won coin and put it on the counter.

"Calculate it.”

"500 won is just for standing in the line...”

“You sell a lot,” Yiyu said before leaving the cafe.

Ian looked at her back and laughed.

The group of female students approached. Ian stood at the counter. In the meantime, they were talking among themselves.

"I was lucky to meet a party yesterday in Elder Lord. The party leader was a high level person. His female companion was also a high level, but they were lacking people.”

“How good.”

“It was the first time I actually saw a high level. They were also hunting orcs.”

“Wow, orcs?”

"The orcs charged with axes and bloodthirsty eyes. However, the party leader cut the orcs, leaving only the remains behind. It was completely amazing, I was enlightened yesterday.”

“I’m envious. When will I be able to do something like that? They aren’t rankers?”

“This is a chance, a chance.”

Ian's eyebrows twitched.

"Uh, Boss-nim! Hello! We came again.”

"Boss-nim, our exams are over.”

Two of the females talked to Ian in a friendly manner,


"We’ll have a warm Americano, cappuccino...ah, two cappuccinos. And...”

Ian nodded.


“...Boss-nim, is something wrong?”

Ian was famous as a warm-hearted cafe boss who always smiled gently, but a cold wind was blowing today.



"I’ll let you know when it is ready with the bell.”


Ian muttered as they turned around,


Ian tilted his head.

After the drinks were served to the customers, Ian opened his phone. He needed to become as strong as possible to defend his sister. However, he couldn’t find any tips on playing as an orc. Rather, there was only talk about how they quit being an orc.

[Author: From Orc to Elf

Title: I quit being an orc.

I tried it because I thought that other people just didn’t play it well.

The conclusion is: never play as one.

Aren’t things like production, administrative work, and farmer available for females with weak hearts or those who don’t like combat? They can work under NPCs. This is why it is said that Elder Lord has implemented a true fantasy life.

However, there is no such thing for orcs. You can only be a warrior or a shaman, almost unconditionally.

In addition, users pounce when they see orcs... The funny thing is that the high level users of other races and the orc beginners areas overlap. Aren’t high level users killing orcs to gain levels and get items? NPCs are okay, since they can fight the high level users. But users?

We are treated as mobs from the start. If the NPCs can barely manage to win...we can’t handle them. Although it is realistic for people to die, it is too much when they treat us orcs as mobs instead of people.

I’m exhausted.

The conclusion is that orcs can be raised as a character in other games, but Elder Lord is different. It is hard, there are no users, and it isn’t fun.

Choose a human or an elf, and then your eyes can look at something better. Isn’t love also possible? Why else is Elder Lord 19+? Huhuhuhu.]

└ Experienced an Orc: ㄹㅇThey are a trash species

└ I am a Legend: In the first place, they were just a mob that was mistakenly opened up as a species. The system is too complicated, so the game makers couldn’t fix it.

└ Jarapapa: Orcs are a mob ^^ They’re honey for the high level users. They give decent achievement points.

Ian confirmed the content and comments.

“These bastards...”

He had felt the passion of Lenox and the orc warriors, so calling them mobs was just nonsense. At that moment, another orc related post appeared. The title, ‘I am an Orc.’made Ian click it right away.

[Author: Anonymous Orc.

Title: I am an Orc.

I am an orc. From the start, I wanted to be an orc warrior or orc shaman.

Actually, I was a human, but then I encountered a NPC and reset. I was a high level user. I was dirty and dishonorable.

An orc is much better than a lousy human. It is hard, but...being an orc is much better than being a human. They have an ignorant side, but they never stab anyone in the back.

Well, I’m not going to be a ranker, but I can get rid of my everyday stress. Just think about it if you are considering starting.

Actually, I am an orc, but this isn’t something that ordinary people can do. It is hard. It isn’t a game, but hard work. Training is a basic part of the action. But whether it is fighting or working hard, their fighting spirits explode.

Only a true man can challenge it.

I hope that someday, users will come to see the orc area. You will see an orc player carrying twin axes. Let’s share a greeting if we ever meet (bump fists).

Of course, if you are a human, then you will die.]

└ Our Local Human Leader: This cocky mob shouldn’t mess with me.

└ Peanuts are Amazing: It is great ㅎㄷㄷ. Masculinity ㅇㅈㅇㅈ. Of course, if humans or elves use the same amount of effort ㅋㅋㅋ. What a vain effort.

└ Anonymous Orc (Author): You are truly dirty humans.

└ Don’t be an Orc: I saw your post and tried being an orc ;;; I quit.

Ian nodded. That man was an orc.

However, he couldn’t find any knowledge on orcs. There were no tips and it could be called a species filled with NPCs.

When Ian looked at other species, he found all types of tricks, scams, and introductions to NPCs.

Some NPCs couldn’t be tricked, due to their high artificial intelligence, and some discriminated against those who were ‘cursed by the stars.’ As a result, a keyboard battle often occurred on the forums. The discrimination against users by NPCs despite it being a game caused chaos. There were many philosophical debates on morality and ethics.

There were even situations where users were deceived and cheated.

Ian shook his head.

“Humans are dirty too...”

One of the female students watching him shook her head.

“Boss-nim is weird today...”

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