President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 30

Cheng Liyue had been waiting for her to say these words. She walked over and gathered her draft. Her cold gaze swept over Shen Junyao. “There’s nothing that I can do about it if you don’t like my design. You can spend your millions on other designers!”

“What do you mean by this? You don’t want to accept my commission?” Shen Junyao’s expression changed. She had, in fact, looked over her design carefully and thought that it was meticulous with its own distinct flair.

“Since you don’t like it, I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done to meet your standards. So please be understanding!” When Cheng Liyue was finished with her words, she made to leave with her draft in her hands.

“Stop right there. I want you to design for me. I was just pointing out your flaws. Put it back down.” Shen Junyao reined in her animosity. She couldn’t let Cheng Liyue off just like that, how would she be able to continue making things difficult for Cheng Liyue in the future?

Cheng Liyue sat down. Spreading out the design draft in front of her, she asked, “What are the adjustments that are needed to be made, please point them out.”

Shen Junyao gazed at the flawless design. For a minute, she couldn’t think of any part that necessitate an adjustment. But she smiled and then pointed to the location of the gemstone in the middle. “Here. I see that you’ve designed this part too small. You know Junxuan is willing to go all out for me. Even if I wanted the largest and shiniest diamond in this world, he will give it to me. You probably don’t know the status that Junxuan has now! He is now ranked twenty one on the list of the world’s richest men. That is a wealth that you could never comprehend.”

Cheng Liyue inwardly sneered. Only a moment ago, she had just seen the person who ranked first. However, how much money they both have, had absolutely nothing to do with her.

It was clear that Shen Junyao was someone who did not understand the intricacies of her design. With a mocking tone, Cheng Liyue said, “If it gets any bigger, wearing it would be too burdensome. After all, it doesn’t mean that the bigger a gemstone is, the better it would look.”

“You… I want it to be that big. I want it enlarged at least twice the size of what you’ve designed it to be. And at this corner, I want some more diamonds to be added here. I want my diamond ring to be peerless.”

“Are you really sure you want to have them added?” Fixing her a stare, Cheng Liyue asked.

Shen Junyao arched her delicate brows. “Yes, I want them added. What’s the matter?”

Cheng Liyue lightly shook her head. “Nothing. If this is the style that you prefer, then I will add some more diamonds according to your specifications. And the center stone will be doubled its current size. Are you satisfied?”

“Cheng Liyue, don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m the customer and you’re just a small designer.” Shen Junyao was somewhat displeased.

“Yes, Mrs. Lu. I’ll comply with your request. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave first so that I can rectify the design.” Cheng Liyue then gathered her design draft and made to leave. Her son was still with Gong Yexiao which caused her to worry.

Shen Junyao’s face darkened in anger. She still had yet to ruffle Cheng Liyue’s feathers. Cheng Liyue was like a soft flowering shrub. No matter how much she try to pierce it, she couldn’t reach her weak spot.

She stood up and thought of her new sports car. She wanted to show it off to Cheng Liyue. She let out a laugh. “Liyue, do you want me to drop you off? It just so happens that the route I use will be passing by your company.”

“No, I have a car.”

As soon as Shen Junyao heard that she had a car, she could not help but give a derisive snort. It would certainly be a low end car that her company had provided her with. This made Shen Junyao eager to flaunt her new car even more.

She went downstairs with Cheng Liyue. Shen Junyao’s car was parked right outside the entrance to the cafe. She just had to press her car remote key and Cheng Liyue’s attention would be drawn to it.

They both stepped outside the cafe. Sure enough Shen Junyao took out her remote key with a pretentious flourish and unlocked the doors to her five-million-dollar red sports car. She turned to look at Cheng Liyue haughtily but found her striding towards a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. It was said that this car was one of the best sedan car in the world. Her eyes widened as she saw Cheng Liyue casually opened the door to the back seat of the car. Her slender figure entered and the door was closed.

A moment later, the car pulled out of the curb – the car that cost tens of millions.

Until the car merged into traffic, only then did Shen Junyao snap out of her daze. Heavens! How did Cheng Liyue manage to ride in such a luxurious car? In the past few years, she came to know a lot about cars and the price of that car was absolutely uncommon.

Shen Junyao, for no reason, experienced a rage after having been face-slapped. Flushing in anger, she sat in her sports car. She hadn’t expected that her smug display would be smashed into bits by Cheng Liyue just like that.

What sort of rich people did she climb up to in the past few years?

Shen Junyao sneered. No matter who she climbed up to, her past will always be an indelible shadow in her life. So long as she looked into it, she would surely be able to find and let the man behind Cheng Liyue know how sordid her past was.

Chapter 30: Face-Slapping Mode

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