President Wife is A Man

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Office

Yang Shao Yu walked over to Jiang Qi and and Xiao an, unleashing his charming smile to greet both of them: “Hi, Good Morning ah . ” Then he waves causally to Xiao an : “Hello, beautiful . ”

Yang Shao Yu in the Company is a well known playboy, to change a girlfriend as fast as changing clothes . Looks outstandingly handsome especially those pair of his phoenix’s eyes, always discharging electricity .

“Good Morning, assistant Yang . ”Xiao an looking at Yang Shao Yu cannot help but to feel dizzy with his electrical discharge, subconsciously returned his greetings . Jiang Qi standing aside, seeing this spectacle cannot help but to let out a coughing sound, reminding Yang Shao Yu to rein his charm .

Yang Shao Yu naturally take note, turn towards Jiang Qi and sighed while saying: “Ai, really this group of people ah, why cannot early in the morning come, always everyday at this moment let them squeeze into the elevator near exploding de . Ah, don’t mind them . . both of you follow me together to take the VIP elevator ba . ” Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan’s face standing near the lobby . At this time Ke Yan standing with his hands inside his trouser’s pockets with his back leaning against the wall, also looking at him . His action looks graceful yet domineering at the same time . All the surrounding employees cannot divert their attention from him . Even Xiao an cannot help but to be spellbound, seems like just now situation of being caught in Yang Shao Yu electricity discharge but right now she got caught in President Ke electricity instead . The intensity level can be compared as charred on the outside but tender on the inside .

Jiang Qi: “Ke . . hmm, President . . . . ”but Yang Shao Yu interrupted Jiang Qi’s next word: “Let’s go . ”Casually he took their lead to walk towards the elevator . Meanwhile Xiao an intense gaze falls onto Ke Yan and at this moment Ke Yan coldly turns his face watching her . Scared her silly and she quickly retraced back her eyes, with her head bowed, no longer dare to look at him .

Yang Shao Yu looking at this situation, squint and squint his eyes while in his mind loudly shouted: “Got a good show to see ah!” Four peoples in one elevator slowly rise floor by floor . Ke Yan and Jiang Qi standing in front of Yang Shao Yu and Xiao an . Two person side by side, standing so close together . Their shoulder gently touch each other . Standing behind this two person, Xiao an, looking at them full of suspicion . The space around is so big ah, why are you two people standing so close one?

At this moment, Jiang Qi slightly raises his head, cautiously looking at the person by his side, Ke Yan . Trying to discern… . Is he still angry?

Ke Yan anger already gone and looking at Jiang Qi secretly observing him, he feel that his action is extremely cute . So, he casually looks at him as well . Jiang Qi looking at Ke Yan’s eyes knew his anger already gone and secretly felt relieved .

Seeing Jiang Qi transparent emotions, Ke Yan’s mouth cannot help but raising up to create a beautiful smile . Behind, the two peoples can see Ke Yan’s smile through the mirror .

In Yang Shao Yu mind: Only Jiang Qi can make this ten thousand years iceberg’s face to smile happily like this . But this sentence absolutely Yang Shao Yu did not dare to say directly to Ke Yan’s face, to say openly isn’t it same as courting his own death . Xiao an also in shock . Into the company so long, never seen President smile so happy . But also because of her ‘rotten girl’ intuition and experience for many years, in her mind: These two people got something fishy going on ah!

Elevator finally arrived at Jiang Qi’s 17th floor so he and Xiao an step out and nodded to Ke Yan: “Then, we go to work first . ” Xiao an also nodded her head and followed Jiang Qi’s footsteps . The elevator door closes, slowly rise again . Yang Shao Yu looking at Ke Yan, teasingly said: “Ei this Jiang Qi, really popular with women ah? But sadly, Ke Yan has no plan to pay any attention to Yang Shao Yu’s direct provocation . Yang Shao Yu strokes his nose, feeling bored .

Xiao an walked closely behind, feeling curious: “I didn’t know you knew assistant Yang ah, some more looking unusually familiar oh . ”

“En, we all knew each other in college . ” Jiang Qi answered . Two people entered the department and all eyes fasten on them . Jiang Qi turns around directly went into his office and shut the door to keep all the eyes and their sound from disrupting him . When Jiang Qi shut the door, all the employees outside in tacit agreement and lay down their works on hand . All the female staff rushing towards Xiao an desk and surround it, like a tiger eyeing its prey looking at her . Within them she resembles a criminal and one of them even pounds her hand on her table right in front of her eyes: “Xiao an quickly confess to us the truth . ” Xiao an jumped a little in shock for being ambushed by these women . To see them fixed their gaze on her body, in her mind cannot help but think: What is this ah? Why looking at me like that, scared me and still want me to confess what ah? But, Xiao an is not a fool, think a bit knew already what they want to ask her, so she quickly offers some explanation: “You all have to trust me ah . ” Xiao an again and again telling them the reason why they came up together with Ke Yan and Yang Shao Yu to everyone . But they repeatedly force her to confess: “True or not?” Xiao an now looks like a chicken pecking on the grains, nodded and nodded all the way . After a while everyone let go of her and continue back their works . Meanwhile, Xiao an at this moment are stroking her chin in a state of contemplation . Jiang Qi inside his office completely disregards the noise outside, in the process of putting together relevant information because in a moment he still need to go up for an internal meeting . The so-call internal meeting are Ke Group each two months held one time to summarize their work progress . This tradition hasn’t changed from the time of Ke Yan’s grandfather managing this Company until now also still existed . At this time Li Jing came in with a coffee . Li Jing is Jiang Qi’s secretary . “Manager Jiang, your coffee . ” Li Jing put the coffee and several files on the desk and went out . Jiang Qi drinks the coffee and looks at his watch and realizes it is almost the time to go up to 39th floor for the meeting .

All the female employees see Jiang Q’s back walking out, speak with envy: “Manager Jiang is so lucky, can see President Ke!”

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