President Wife is A Man

Chapter 91

Chapter 91 - Feeding

Recently Yang Shao Yu runs to the hospital every day. At noon and even in the evening because he didn’t know Lin Zi Rui’s timetable shift. Sometimes when he came in the evening

Lin Zi Rui has returned home and no longer in the hospital. Even though there were times when he came for nothing, he still perseveres because all he wanted was to get a glimpse of Lin Zi Rui.

Today, Yang Shao Yu went to the hospital to find Lin Zi Rui as usual after working hours. He looked for Lin Zi Rui in his office but he was nowhere to be seen.

At first, Yang Shao Yu thought that Lin Zi Rui was inspecting the wards under his charge. But after he went looking for him in those several wards, he still couldn’t find him in any.

What about people ah? Usually at this time of the day, Lin Zi Rui should still be working. So, Yang Shao Yu went to the nurse's station and asked.

"Oh, you're coming to see Dr. Lin again ah. Dr. Lin in surgery right now and it's going to take around two hours to get it done." Most orthopedic nurses still recognize Yang Shao Yu. Everyone knows that Yang Shao Yu comes to Dr. Lin every day for a meal. Although most of the time, Dr. Lin will eat the meal alone and ignored this person.

"Then, how long has he been inside."

"It should be almost an hour now." The nurse estimated as she looks at the time.

"Then he should have not eaten yet?" Yang Shao Yu looked at his watch. When Lin Zi Rui comes out later, it should be time for dinner and his stomach must be hungry.

Yang Shao Yu returned to Lin Zi Rui's office. He decided to wait for a while before going out to buy food for Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui's office is very simple. Except for things related to the hospital, there are few personal belongings inside.

There wasn't even a photo, and there weren't many personal items on the table.

Yang Shao Yu opened Lin Zi Rui's drawer and wanted to see what was inside.

In the left drawer, the first thing he saw was an ordinary glass jar. The last time he took the chocolate from inside the drawer, he did not look carefully. This time, Yang Shao Yu took a closer look and it turned out that this thing made of glass, not crystal. The jar seems very delicate.

There are only two or three chocolates left in the jar. Lin Zi Rui should have forgotten to replenish the supply. In addition to the chocolates, there are some miscellaneous items, a mobile phone, and a wallet. The miscellaneous should be his surgical tools since they are all well placed in the drawer.

Apart from these things, there is nothing else inside the drawer. Yang Shao Yu gently closed the drawer and opened the other drawer on the right. Yang Shao Yu pulled the drawer but it only opens slightly and seems to be stuck. So he pulled it again a little roughly, and then it opened. Yang Shao Yu looked at the drawer full of papers and he finally found out why it was hard to open the drawer just now. There’s just too many papers and the drawer stuck because of it. Yang Shao Yu’s mind couldn't help thinking of the empty and neat drawer on the left. It turns out Lin Zi Rui has such a cute little habit.

Finished peeking at the drawer, Yang Shao Yu looked at the time and it was already at an appropriate time to go out and buy dinner for Lin Zi Rui.

Before he goes to buy dinner, Yang Shao Yu went to the supermarket to buy chocolates for Lin Zi Rui. Lin Zi Rui eats a variety of chocolates. This thing he discovered when he observed the wrapper, every time Lin Zi Rui eat chocolate.

So he wants to find a few types and buy a little of each.

After taking several things Lin Zi Rui likes most, Yang Shao Yu dressed in a suit pushed a shopping cart, looking for the last item in the supermarket.

His outfits made a lot of people took another peek because it was so formal and few people would wear this kind of thing when they go to the supermarket because it will feel strange.

In fact, it’s not only Yang Shao Yu who wear these strange outfits today to the supermarket. There’s also another person. Yang Shao Yu finally found the last type of chocolate on the shelf and reached out for it.

Suddenly there’s another hand grabbing the same chocolate box from Yang Shao Yu.

Yang Shao Yu stared at the man and the man stared back at Yang Shao Yu. Neither plan to surrender to the other side.

The man was wearing the same outfits as Yang Shao Yu said:

"My brother likes this chocolate the most. You buy another brand ba."

"My lover likes to eat this brand, I can't let you have it."

"You, you... wait a minute." The man was about to argue when his phone suddenly rang.

When the man answered the phone, Yang Shao Yu looked at the time and it was almost time for Lin Zi Rui to leave the operating room and he has to go back before he’s out.

Taking the chocolate, Yang Shao Yu immediately walks away. The man watched as Yang Shao Yu took the chocolate, but when he was going to stop him, the person on the phone made him unable to open his mouth towards Yang Shao Yu. When he finally hung up, Yang Shao Yu already long gone from his sight.

"Smelly boy." This man, dressed like Yang Shao Yu is Lin Zi Rui's second brother. He wanted to buy some chocolates for Lin Zi Rui, but he didn't expect the chocolate will be left the last box and even the last one flew out of his hand as well.

After Yang Shao Yu bought the chocolate, he went to buy noodles for Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui likes to eat noodles. Originally Yang Shao Yu didn't like to eat noodles, but these days when he followed Lin Zi Rui for lunch or dinner, he found out that he often likes to eat noodles.

Yang Shao Yu drove to the noodle shop near the hospital and packed two similar noodles for Lin Zi Rui and him.

When he returned, Lin Zi Rui still inside the operating room.

Yang Shao Yu first put the chocolate and noodles in Lin Zi Rui’s office and then waited in front of the operating room for Lin Zi Rui.

Yang Shao Yu was not alone waiting outside the operating room. There was also the patient's family. Yang Shao Yu calmly sat right in front of the patient's family and the patient's family looked at Yang Shao Yu strangely, wondering who this person was?

Yang Shao Yu sat and waited for ten minutes before Lin Zi Rui finally came out. Lin Zi Rui looks pale as he told the patient's family the surgery was very successful.

After talking to the patient's family, he was going back to the office for a break and then go to dinner.

After walking two steps, he suddenly felt a little soft on the leg. He thought he was going to fall, but he didn't expect to be held by someone.

He looked at Yang Shao Yu who hugged him in surprise, but then quickly pushed him away.

He hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Although he has no appetite, he still feels hungry and lethargic.

Yang Shao Yu stuffed a piece of chocolate into Lin Zi Rui's mouth. Lin Zi Rui ate it but he still ignored Yang Shao Yu, and walk back to the office.

When he walked into the office, he smelled a tomato and egg flavor. He looked at the noodles on the table and looked back at Yang Shao Yu who followed him from behind.

Yang Shao Yu pulled Lin Zi Rui and urged him to sit down and told him to eat quickly.

Lin Zi Rui looked at the noodles, and it had become a little lump. Yang Shao Yu was distressed. "You eat first, I'll go out and buy another bowl."

"No need." Lin Zi Rui picked up the chopsticks and ate. Probably he was too hungry, after a while, he ate everything. After he was full, he opened the drawer.

He wanted to take his wallet, but then he saw the jar was full of chocolates. He couldn't help but look at Yang Shao Yu one more time. Then he no longer hesitate and took out two hundred from his wallet and gave it to Yang Shao Yu.

Yang Shao Yu took the money with a bitter smile. But he did not refuse him, because he had refused before and Lin Zi Rui force him to accept.

After eating noodles, Lin Zi Rui stayed at the office for a while. And then because he was on a night shift, Yang Shao Yu was driven back by him.

Yang Shao Yu was distressed by him. Why he always on the night shift duty ah? He was already thin, and now he was even thinner.

Yang Shao Yu went back for a while, the second brother Lin came over with the food. When he took out the food, he chatted, "I could have come earlier, but something happened just now. And I didn't get to buy your favorite chocolate this time because it was bought by a stinky kid." Brother Lin gave a pack of chocolate to Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui took the chocolate and looked at the food on the table. He already had a full meal before and cannot eat anymore.

In the end, the food was brought back by the second brother Lin. The second brother thought that his younger brother’s appetite was so bad. Little that he knows, his younger brother had already been fed by the stinky boy he just complained previously.


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