Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 409

Ye Qing Xin appeared on that video without any makeup.

The video was taken at the dinning room of Nan Shan mansion. Ye Qing Xin and Ye Qing Guo were having dinner together. The video was recorded by Dou Weir. That day Jing Bo Yuan was having business dinner outside.

Ye Qing Guo was struggling with the carb. He ate everything till his hands and mouth were oily.

Ye Qing Xin was sitting on her side and helped her to wipe clean his mouth.

“Eat slowly.” Ye Qing Xin says gently.

“Em, Em.” Ye Qing Guo replies slowly. “Jie Jie, you also eat this, this is very delicious.”

That Ye Qing Xin starts to look at the camera, the camera also focuses on her.

“You guys should hear it, Xiao Guo calls me Jie Jie. Em, I am Ye Qing Xin. I record this video not only to tell you guys about my sister-brother relationship with Xiao Guo. I also want to discuss with you guys about my husband, who is also Xiao Guo’s Jie Fu (Brother-in-law).”

Ye Qing Xin is calm. “He is, a very responsible man, maybe this is because he is much older than me. He has a lot of experiences. A lot of time he acts like he is my senior, who keeps on guiding me. He will help and protect me the time I am helpless. With him by my side, no matter what I encounter, he will help me to face it.”

This time Ye Qing Xin’s eyes start to turn red. She pauses. Her face blushes. “He is a very charming man.”

Her face shows a self-evident happiness.

“He treats me well, he also treats Xiao Guo well. He cares about us. Xiao Guo’s flaw, I think you guys have known it. The time I and my husband are not married yet, he taught Xiao Guo how to write our home address. He taught him with a great patience. I asked him why should you teach him to write our home address? He said if Xiao Guo lost, he would remember it and let someone to send him back home.”

“The time Xiao Guo’s leg was injured, my husband personally carried him on his back, he personally wiped clean his injury. I know that all of my husband’s actions are related to me. But I believe a man that is so much caring to his loved ones, I believe that he is a very kind-hearted man.”

Ye Qing Xin doesn’t describe Jing Bo Yuan’s good action toward her, but using Jing Bo Yuan’s good actions toward Ye Qing Guo.

Someone that treats Ye Qing Guo well, definitely will be loved by Ye Qing Guo’s fans too.

“I first thought that my husband’s daily treatments toward me are very great, but one day a month ago, on October 6th, there’s a car accident. That makes me feel throughly how good he is toward me.”

Ye Qing Xin looks at the camera with intense gaze.

“That day in the morning around eight o’clock. I drove a car to get to Huai Ming town and my car bumped a woman. That woman was seriously injured and bled a lot. I was so afraid that I called my husband. He rushed over to my location before the police had arrived. The police might noticed my lack of confidence and just asked whether I was the one that drive the car. He asked me for my driving license.”

“That time I was at loss, I held my husband’s arm tightly.” Ye Qing Xin shows her complicated smile. She is thankful but also feels guilty. “That time I was so pale. I didn’t know how to answer it. But he was by my side and answered that he was the one that drive the car.”

Till this part everyone should able to connect that the accident is related with Bo Wei’s big boss’ accident.

“It’s too coincidental that the CCTV recording was gone. It’s because I was too lacking of courage and confidence that I didn’t say the truth. I harmed my husband to bear all the accusation for me. The time this matter is exposed, everyone starts to criticize my husband.”

“Bo Yuan, I’m sorry. Because of my weakness, I let you bare everything that I should bear.”

Ye Qing Xin apologizes sincerely.

“I think now everyone should know who is my husband. That’s right, he is Bo Wei’s group founder, Jing Bo Yuan, who everyone has condemned publicly.”

“Perhaps someone thinks that I am lying, I’m just making a sensational news with motive to clean up Jing Bo Yuan’s reputation. Perhaps someone might say that I want to be popular.” Ye Qing Xin smiles. “You guys have the keyboard, you can type everything you one. I can do anything, it’s up to you. But the fact of the accident, I think I should retell it.”

“Though Ma LI Li said that she had intended to commit suicide. I knocked her over with my car, it means that I also bear half of the responsibility. I will compensate her. I will let her live a better life.”

“Lastly I want to thank my husband. Thank you for appearing in my life. Thank you for giving me a chance to be your wife….”

“Em, I’m done with everything. So if you guys have something to talk to me, please talk about it now. Whether it’s good or bad, I will be waiting here.”

Ye Qing Xin is learning from Jing Bo Yuan to avoid what’s important and dwell on the trivial matter.

She mentions about Jing Bo Yuan’s good side, mentions about Ma Li Li’s tragic life, mentions about her and Jing Bo Yuan’s relationship. But she doesn’t mention anything about the ‘liver’ donation.

The video has lead several articles available online like:

[Thrilling news: Bo Wei’s group boss is protecting this woman!]

[Nation little Ge Ge and Bo Wei’s group boss are related!]

In just short two hours, the video has commented by more than five digit people, it will break into six digit netizens. The comments are going beyond expectations.

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