Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 456

Chapter 456

Hu Jing’s words attract He Yi Yi’s attention.

He Yi Yi points her finger to Hu Jing. “Yan Xi Ge Ge, who is she?”

Hearing this, Hu Jing laughs. “Dou Jin Wen, I thought that you have skill. But you turn out to be a substitute of someone, Yan Xi Ge Ge? Little girl, he is not your Yan Xi Ge Ge, he is my husband.”

He Yi Yi lifts up her head and looks at Dou Jin Wen, she is confused.

This Yan Xi Ge Ge doesn’t look like Yan Xi Ge Ge, she shakes her head.

Dou JIn Wen doesn’t want to be exposed so he just says: “Hu Jing are you done?”

“Not done, now let her go. Let’s go home with me. As long as you promise to meet her again in the future. I’ll let this go. If not, I’ll tell Nai Nai about it. Nai Nai cannot get any provocation right now. There’s nothing good will happen if she is angry. If you offend Weir, it means that you offend He Ji Fan. You will not have good days!”

He thinks it’ll be easy to get rid of her.

Hu Jing is unhappy.

“If you want to tell her, then go tell her. No one will stop you!” Dou Jin Wen is tired of being threaten.

Dou Jin Wen holds He Yi Yi and leaves.

“Dou Jin Wen!” Hu Jing stands there and looks at him. “You’ll regret this!”

“This lifetime the most regretting thing for me is marry you! Tomorrow let’s just get a divorce.” He says, he stuffs He Yi Yi inside the car. He doesn’t care about anything else right now. He drinks but he drives the car by his own.

Hu Jing clutches her hands tightly.

Dou Jin Wen seems to not hiding his intention of seeking connection.

If he acts nicely and tries to persuade Hu Jing, based on Hu Jing’s vain temper, she might agree to his absurd thought.

But it’s too pity that he is not that kind of man.

Dou Jin Wen takes He Yi Yi to the hospital to treat her hand. Then he sends her off.

This time he is smart, he doesn’t go directly to the front entrance of the complex. He stops the car nearby and calls He family’s house. He gets the number from He Yi Yi’s phone.

Both He Zhang Ju and Chen Meng pick up He Yi Yi. When they see Dou Jin Wen, He Zhang Ju’s eyes turn narrow. First time, it might be coincidence that they meet. But they meet for second time, they might be premeditated.

“Yi Yi is in a bad mood so she asked you out for a drink?” He Zhang Ju interrogates him.

With last time experience, Dou Jin Wen is calm. “Yes, she fell down and hurt her arm. Please uncle and auntie take a good care of her.”

He Zhang Ju is unhappy to hear that Dou Jin Wen seems to place himself as He Yi Yi’s someone special.

“It’s our business on how we take care of our daughter.” He Zhang Ju is an experienced man, he knows clearly about the world. How there are lots of people want to get their favor.

“It’s a good thing for young people to have wild thought, but you need to think about your plan. If not, your plan will fail. Right?”

Dou Jin Wen knows that He Zhang Ju is warning him.

Last time, Chen Meng and the maids take out He Yi Yi out of the car.

He Zhang Ju pats Dou Jin Wen’s arm and says: “Our He family knows to be thankful. I am very thankful that you could send Yi Yi home safely. If you have trouble, please tell me. I will help you. It’s late, you could go home now.”

He just warns Dou Jin Wen to not have bad intention toward his daughter.

Dou Jin Wen doesn’t care about it. He recalls the time he just started to be with Hu Jing. Hu Jing’s father also said the same thing.

He touches his lips, he licks his lips evilly.


Hu Jing arrives at the hospital. The sky is bright right now.

The weather is cold. Her feet are cold yet she doesn’t care about it.

A broken marriage is a great attack for a woman.

Her tears are dry right now, her eyes are red.

“Xiao Jing, what happened to you?” Old Madame Dou looks at her, she is so shocked. “Are you fighting with Dou Jin Wen again?”

Hu Jing lets the nurse goes outside to buy breakfast. The time the nurse is gone, she just says hostilely: “Fighting? Your grandson just dumps me, your grandson wants to make connection with someone of a higher social position. He has found of a woman with rich family. He would be great soon. You are happy right?”

Old Madame Dou frowns; “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Don’t you understand?” Hu Jing turns emotional. “Your granddaughter is together with He Ji Fan right. Your grandson is with He Ji Fan’s Mei Mei. Don’t you know who is He Ji Fan? He is the rich boss of He corporation. He is a rich one, in the future all of you will be rich too!”

Old Madame Dou thinks that her guess indeed is right so she doesn’t feel surprised about it. Looking at her response, Hu Jing laughs insanely: “I think you’ve known about it. Huh! Dou Weir hid this from me, you also hid this for me. All of you are making fun of me. Let’s talk about your granddaughter right now.”

Hu Jing is so furious, she couldn’t think clearly. She doesn’t want them to live well if she also cannot live well.

“Do you know what your granddaughter works as this years? Ah? You think that she has a normal job at a great company? She is a model. She is a lingerie model, do you know it? She wears lingerie and let the world sees her. If not, how do you think she could provide for you? How could she have money to let you stay here?”

From Hu Jing’s perspective, Dou Weir could be famous because of the lingerie fashion show.

“You…” Old Madame Dou’s face changes: “You are talking nonsense.”

“I’m talking nonsense? Your family knows about this. Just you don’t know about it. I’ll show it to you.”

Hu Jing takes out her phone and shows the video of Dou Weir. She is showing Dou Weir’s first fashion show.

“Look at this, how your granddaughter did all of this for you!” Hu Jing says ruthlessly and loudly. She notices that Old Madame Dou’s face changes and covers her chest. She feels happy.

Isn’t Dou Weir cared so much about Nai Nai? She will let Dou Weir knows that Nai Nai falls in again for Dou Jin Wen. It’s all Dou Jin Wen’s mistakes. Dou Weir hates Dou Jin Wen. Dou Weir would hate him. He Ji Fan will try to accommodate Dou Weir. He will not let his sister to marry Dou Jin Wen.

“You, you are talking nonsense, I don’t believe….” Old Madame Dou says. Her granddaughter always be so good and kind, how could she walk in this path? She couldn’t believe it.

Hu JIng laughs: “Also He Ji Fan, don’t you know that he has a son? Because of your granddaughter, she makes the son’s mother gone. She doesn’t let the mother meets the son. Your granddaughter is really great!”

This news makes Old Madame Dou turns sour, her lips trembles: “You don’t know about anything. Don’t talk nonsense. Zhou Zhou’s parents are dead. He is He Ji Fan’s foster son….”

“Dou Weir told you about it? How could you believe it? They are a happy family, but your granddaughter want to interpose and be mistress. She breaks the family. You are a teacher for so many long, how could you teach your granddaughter to act that way!”

“PFFF—-“ Old Madame Dou vomits a blood and it splashes to Hu Jing’s face. She opens her mouth and takes a deep breath. Her eyes are opened big. It’s too terrifying.

Then she just realizes what she has done, she looks at Old Madame Dou and be terrified. She responds by running outside.

The nurse is asked out to buy breakfast but because it’s still early, she needs to wait for the store to open. Because Dou Weir has told her to not buy breakfast carelessly so she always buys breakfast from the best one.

The nurse waits for thirty minutes and returns to the hospital with a delicious breakfast.

The time she is back, she opens the door. She notices the Old Madame Dou is laying unconsciously on the bed. She is so surprised. She comes over and takes a look at her mouth. There’s blood. The breakfast falls to the ground.


It’s the second day rehearsal for the fashion show. Dou Weir feels happy for this fashion show.

Last night she was on call with Old Madame Dou, she informed her that her business is going gwell.

The third day of the rehearsal, she just put on the clothes and she is about to start her practice. She gets a call from Dou Jin Wen. After that, her face just turns pale, her eyes are red.

Noticing her expression, the manager comes over: “What is it?”

Dou Weir’s eyes turn even redder, her tears fall down.

“What happened?” The manager is curious what happened to her. It’s been years they know each other and it’s first time Dou Weir cries in front of her.

The rehearsal is about to start, the person-in-charge comes over and asks.

After a while, Dou Weir regains herself, she quickly changes her clothes. She chokes with sobs and says: “I’m sorry, something bad happens to my Nai Nai. I should go back. If you trust me, you could ask Mo Wen to replace me, she and I have the same size. I’m really sorry.” She says to the person-in-charge.

Mo Wen and Dou Weir are in the same modeling agency. If Mo Wen replaces her, the company will only compensate little sum.

“Book me the fastest flight back to Jing City. I want to be quick.” Dou Weir says to the manager.

“Weir, I don’t know what happened to Nai Nai, but this time it’s your chance. If you miss this, perhaps you will regret it.” The manager feels that she is obligated to remind her.

Dou Weir changes her clothes and takes her phone and bag. She doesn’t even turn her head: “If I don’t go back now, I will be very regretful.”

She even hasn’t packed her suitcase, she just goes to the airport.

The time she reaches the airport, she has received the ticket via message.

Fifty minutes later, Dou Weir boards on the flight to Jing city.

Since she got the call, her tears haven’t stopped. She feels so heartbroken. The time she gets off the plane, the first person she sees is He Ji Fan.

Dou Weir looks at him through her teary eyes, her tears fall even more. He Ji Fan hugs her and says nothing. He knows that at this time nothing could comfort her.

She meets Old Madame Dou for the last time at the mortuary of the Jing He hospital.

Old Madame Dou’s eyes are closed, her lips are open lightly. Her faceis a bit grey. There’s a red mark on her face is cleaned.

Dou Weir didn’t expect that their last conversation turns out to be their last goodbye.

She stands there and looks at it. She feels like she loses everything.

He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir, who almost falls down. He Ji Fan is sad for her too.

Since he got a call from Cheng Ru Yu about Old Madame Dou’s condition. He has expected this result.

After he gets acquainted with Old Madam Dou, he slowly realizes that Old Madame Dou is so important to Dou Weir. She is her only relative.

“Is she okay?” Inside the room, Dou Weir is laying down on the bed. She seems to have a dream, she frowns.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Dou Weir worriedly.

“I’ve checked her, there’s no problem. She is just too heartbroken.” Cheng Ru Yu sits down on the bench and looks serious.

“Didn’t Old Madame Dou get better? How could she suddenly……” Ye Qing Xin had visited the Old Madame for several times, she saw that the Old Madame was getting better.

“I’d asked around. The nurse said that this morning she went to buy breakfast and then she noticed that Old Madame Dou fainted with blood around her mouth. The nurse also said that before she left, the granddaughter-in-law was here…..” Cheng Ru Yu guesses: “Old Madame Dou could vomit the blood maybe because she got any provocation. I don’t know what the granddaughter-in-law said to her.”

Ye Qing Xin seems lost in thought.

Cheng Ru Yu says: “I have seen the CCTV footage, the granddaughter-in-law looked panic. Moreover, she wasn’t here. It’s not normal.”

He continues: “I’ve asked the doctor-in-charge for Old Madame, if the Old Madame was rescued immediately after she vomiting, she should be alive now.”

It means if Hu Jing called the nurse over, maybe the Old Madame would still be alive.

Ye Qing Xin frowns. This matter is too thorny. She doesn’t know how would Dou Weir react to this matter. After all they are all her relatives.

This time He Ji Fan comes inside the room, he comes over to sit down beside Dou Weir’s bed. He looks at her and then holds her hand.

“Is it done?” Cheng Ru Yu asks. He Ji Fan is busy handling the funeral matter.

He Ji Fan nods.

Cheng Ru Yu tells He Ji Fan those things that he told Ye Qing Xin. He asks He Ji Fan: “What do you plan to do with this?”

He Ji Fan is silent for a while and says: “I’ll do what Dou Weir wants to do.” After all this Dou Weir’s matter, she should have authority to do.

The sick room turns silent.

Ye Qing Xin is seven-months pregnant, she is pregnant with the twins. Jing Bo Yuan wants to take her home but looking at her worried face, he knows that she would want to stay here to accompany Dou Weir. He just frowns and says nothing.

At last He Ji Fan speaks up: “You guys should go home and have a rest. I’ll stay here to accompany Dou Weir.”

Ye Qing Xin knows that He Ji Fan wants to be alone with Dou Weir.

Cheng Ru Yu also has matters to do so he leaves.

There’re only him and Dou Weir left there. He Ji Fan strokes her face. He feels sad for her. He silently swears at in the future he will treat her better.

Dou Weir wakes up when it’s night. The time she opens her eyes, she sees He Ji Fan’s gentle face.

“Are you hungry? I ordered a porridge for you. Eat a bit.”

Dou Weir’s gaze is empty, she shakes her head.

She has no parents since she was little girl, she was raised with her Nai Nai. For her, her Nai Nai is her parent, her father and mother. She could bear what her uncle and his family did to her because of her Nai Nai.

Her Nai Nai’s death is a great attack for her.

“The time I went away, Nai Nai is okay, how could this happen?” Dou Weir looks like she is asking He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan says: “Eat a bit then have a good rest. Let’s talk about other things tomorrow.”

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