Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

Chapter 458

Chapter 458

Listening to Hu Jing’s story, Father Hu’s face turns serious. This is matter could be big or small. It’s all depend on whether Dou family want to investigate it or not.

“You should keep this matter by yourself first. If no one says anything, then don’t say it. Now you should go over there and keep vigil beside the coffin. This morning I went there and explained. I said that you were sick for two days. Yesterday you came back home in the morning. You had cold. If you go there now, you should be quiet. Don’t talk too much. If you talk too much, then you would make a mistake later on. Understand?”

“But Pa, I’m… I’m afraid….. I don’t want to you…..” She is anxious. Except being terrified to be caught by the police. She is afraid to face Old Madame Dou as she had dream about Old Madame Dou.

She shakes her head: “Papa, I don’t want to go….”

“You should go!” Father Hu is rational. “You are part of Dou family, the Old lady is dead. How could you not appear? Do you know how would the people think about you? How would everyone think about you? You would make all of them be suspicious. You should maintain your manner and image.”

Father Hu says to Mother Hu: “Go and prepare food for her. Later on I will send her over there.”


Last night He Ji Fan didn’t have any sleep. At night Dou Weir let him sleep, he doesn’t refuse but he doesn’t sleep for long. He wakes up before 11:00 a.m.

The time he goes to the mourning hall, he sees that Father Hu is taking Hu Jing over. They are talking with both Father and Mother Dou.

He Ji Fan gets inside and sees Hu Jing, who is lowering her head and looks so gloomy.

“Last night Xiao Jing was sick, she isn’t better yet. At first I wanted to send her over tomorrow. But she keeps on nagging to come here now. She feels a bit guilty to not be able to be here sooner. She always be so stubborn.”

Father Hu’s words sound like he is blaming her but actually he is saying good words for helping her.

Mother Dou is a bit prejudice to Father Hu because what he did for Father Dou’s job. She says busily: “It’s okay, Miao Miao is inside. You should go over and accompany Miao Miao. You are not well. It’s cold here at night. Let Jin Wen and his father stay here later. We will sleep later.”

She means ‘we’ as she, Hu Jing and Dou Weir.

Dou Weir is sitting on the chair, she looks at Nai Nai’s photo. She notices that He Ji Fan is coming over. She asks him with a hoarse voice: “Why are you here?”

Father Hu just notices He Ji Fan. This afternoon, he heard that Dou Weir brings her boyfriend over. He heard that this boyfriend is very rich and has a great business. Father Hu doesn’t really understand about business but he could see that He Ji Fan is a great man.

“I’m awake.” He answers Dou Weir. He glances at both Father Hu and Hu Jing quickly.

Dou Weir doesn’t say anything. He Ji Fan stands beside Dou Weir.

Father Hu says to Mother Dou: “It’s late. Then I’ll go home first.” He pats Hu Jing’s shoulder and leaves.

Hu Jing stands there and feels her whole body is cold. She is so nervous.

Mother Dou thinks she acts that way because she is ill. She asks her to go to the room and sleeps. Hu Jing nods and says nothing. She exits the mourning hal.

“Weir, you also should go sleep. Let Jin Wen and his Pa stay here.” Mother Dou is polite toward He Ji Fan: “Ji Fan, you also should go back and rest. Our house is simple and crude. I don’t know whether you would find it okay?”

He Ji Fan nods: “It’s okay.”

Mother Dou is happy: “If you find it okay, in the future, you could come over and visit. Shen Shen welcomes you anytime.”

He Ji Fan just smiles, yet his gaze shows estrangement.

He knows Mother Dou’s intention.

Dou Weir suddenly speaks up: “Shen Shen, you should rest first. I’ll stay here and accompany Nai Nai. Nai Nai loves calm situation. It’s late, Nai Nai will want to sleep too.”

It’s clear that she means that Mother Dou is too noisy. Mother Dou could listen to it. But she doesn’t make a fuss with Dou Weir. She talks with He Ji Fan for a while then she just goes to sleep.

“You should go back and have a rest.” She glances at He Ji Fan, who sits down beside her. She thinks at how last night he took care of her for a whole night.

“I already had a rest. I have a great energy.”

Dou Weir notices that he is persistent so she says nothing.

Father Dou is sleeping in the mourning hall, he has his blanket. He snores. Dou Jin Wen also comes over late night. He stays for the night too.

That night is quite long, but also short. The time Dou Weir wakes up, she notices that her body is leaning on He Ji Fan’s body. She has dozes off. She has a blanket on her body. She feels her body stiff so she stretches lightly.

“Thank you.” Dou Weir’s eyes are red.

He Ji Fan maintains his position. His body is a bit numb ye he doesn’t want to move as he is afraid that he will wake her up.

“Don’t treat me as an outsider.” He smiles. “Are you okay?”

Dou Weir shakes her head: “I’m good.” Noticing He Ji Fan’s gesture is a bit weird. She looks at him. “What happened to you?”

He Ji Fan smiles: “I’m okay. My arm is a bit numb. But it’s better now.” For proving his words, he moves his arm.

“Your body is numb, why didn’t you wake me up?” Dou Weir looks at him. Her gaze looks different from the past.

“It’s hard for you to fall asleep.” How could he have heart to wake her up.

Dou Weir understands his words and looks away. “Go freshen up and eat your breakfast.”

Hu Jing doesn’t sleep for a whole night. She looks tired and thin. Dou Weir feels something wrong with Hu Jing but she has no heart to mind ehr.

Mother Dou is washing Miao Miao’s face. Miao Miao is less than a year. She looks pure and ignorant. The time she sees Dou Weir, her eyes turn bright. She extends her arms and wants Dou Weir to hold her.

Dou Weir feels a bit better to see her.

In the past Hu Jing didn’t like her son likes Dou Weir so much. He likes her more than his own mother. But today she has no heart to mind it. She just finishes her breakfast and hides inside the room.

Last night Dou Jin Wen came over and asked her whether Old Madame Dou’s death is related to her. She just denied.

Dou Jin Wen didn’t say anything much, he just left. Hu Jing couldn’t make out what he was thinking. He should know if Old Madame Dou’s death is related to her, then it also should be related to him and He Yi Yi’s matter.

So basically Dou Jin Wen also takes part in Old Madame Dou’s death. If it’s not his fault, she wouldn’t go to Old Madame Dou.

Hu Jing is worried that the nurse would tell everyone about her. Hu Jing wasn’t a caring one so she doesn’t have the number of the nurse.

Hu Jing is getting nervous, she calls Father Hu and tells him about it.

Father Hu is an experienced one, he says: “So what if she knows that you were there before the accident? As long as you didn’t admit it. Who knows you were the one that irritated her? Remember you said no bad things to Old Madame. That time you went back home, Old Madame Dou was in a godo condition. Understand?”

“Pa….. I, I’m afraid……”

“Don’t be afraid. Just follow my order. You would be okay. I’ve burnt your clothes. There’s no evidence that it’s related to you. Though there’s CCTV around the hospital but there’s none inside the room.

“Will it be okay?” Hu Jing is worried.

“Papa promises you. I will not anything happens to you.” Father Hu says seriously.

Hu Jing feels at ease. “I get it. Thank you Pa, I’m sorry Pa. I should listen to you. I shouldn’t fight with you for Dou Jin Wen. I hurt your heart…”

“Stupid kid, it’s all in the past. You are always my beloved daughter.”

Hu Jing cries for a while.

Mother Dou comes inside with Miao Miao. Looking at crying Hu Jing, she thinks that she is crying for Old Madame Dou. She comforts her and just lets her be.

The time Mother Dou is out, she says to everyone how filial her daughter-in-law is. How her daughter-in-law feels so sad for Old Madame Dou’s death?

He Ji Fan not only be there for accompanying Dou Weir, he also prepares the funeral arrangement. He acts like her grandson-in-law. After the funeral process, everyone knows him.

Dou Weir kneels in front of the Old Madame’s tombstone.

It’s at night, it’s a bit cold. He Ji Fan is beside her. She looks at him.

“Let’s go home.”

Dou Weir covers up He Ji Fan’s hand with her hand. She just asks: “Are your words real?”


“You said that in the future you would always be my side.”

“It’s real, as long you are willing.”

“So in the future would you act like in the past, would you have so many girlfriends?”


“What about Zhou Zhou’s mama?”

“In the future we will have no relation with each other.”

How could he say that. Zhou Zhou is a link between He Ji Fan and Shi Ying. Dou Weir thinks about it and says nothing.

“Then I’ll be willing for you to stay beside me.” These days she watched how busy He Ji Fan is. She always thinks that before her Nai Nai passed away, she was worried about.

Would she be sad because she hasn’t let her granddaughter marry?

He Ji Fan asks: “Are you serious?”

Dou Weir says: “If you are unwilling, just forget it.”

“No, No, I am.” He Ji Fan hugs Dou Weir tightly. “Thank you, Wei Weir. I’m very honored to have a chance to accompany you.”

Dou Weir’s tears fall down, she smiles. “You sound so pathetic. You have so many women want to be by your side.”

“I just want you, I want to marry you. In the future, I’ll only have you. Trutme.”

“Em I trust you. I’ll just trust you once.” Dou Weir buries her face on He Ji Fan’s embrace. These days he doesn’t wear his perfume. But he has his male scent on his body.

“I’ll not let you down.”

“But…..” Dou Weir says.

He Ji Fan is nervous, he is afraid that she is going to back out. “What?”

Dou Weir knows that he is a bit nervous, she laughs. “Don’t worry. I just want to say, because He… your mother. Nai Nai doesn’t really approve our relationship. Now I should be running against her wish. Shouldn’t you say something to my Nai Nai?”

He Ji Fan releases his breath and says: “I should.”

He kneels down in front of Old Madame Dou’s tombstone, “Nai Nai, don’t worry about us. Don’t worry to give Weir to me. No matter what my mother Dou, I wouldn’t let her suffer.”


“In the future for the small matters in our house, I’ll listen to Dou Weir. For the big matter, we will discuss to decide. I’ll pass my earning to her.”

Dou Weir finds he is funny.

She looks at the tombstone and says inside her heart to her grandma. “I definitely will try hard to be happy. Nai Nai, don’t worry”

Even if the future proves that He Ji Fan isn’t good for her, she will also try hard to let herself be happy.

Old Madame Dou’s tombstone is at the north of the village. It’s in the same area as Old Mister Dou’s tombstone.

He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir.

The time she has regained herself, she just notices the surrounding is a bit scary. She couldn’t help but to curl up to He Ji Fan.

The time they are back home, everyone is gone. They hear from the room, Mother Dou is counting the bills.

“After we count all of this, we make a net profit of 100,000!” Mother Dou is excited. She turns her head and looks at Dou Weir and He Ji Fan. “Though all costs are paid by Ji Fan, but Ji Fan is rich. He shouldn’t want to get the money right?”

“Moreover, you guys will not be here. If something bad happens to Old Madame Dou’s tombstone, we could use this money to repair it. We will keep this money for Old Madame, right?” Mother Dou sounds filial.

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