Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 20 - Thank Him Wholeheartedly

Chapter 20: Thank Him Wholeheartedly

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She was really shocked by him. She had never thought that she would see the legendary movie king.

If he was Elvis, if he was Huo Yunshen, then he was the super boss behind Xu Jinshan and Chu Yuhe!

He… What does he want now?

They seemed to be two people who should never have anything to do with other, right?

Thinking of this, Xu Xiyan could not help but ask, “Why am I here?”

Huo Yunshen explained with an understatement, “You rushed into my RV. My men thought that you wanted to hijack the vehicle and knocked you out, so I brought you back.”

Xu Xiyan, “…”

What the f**k? How could this be?

She randomly entered a vehicle, and it belonged to him?

That chance must have beaten the probability of winning the jackpot?

Xu Xiyan really should thank him for not throwing her in the street. Thinking about her situation, she did not think she should stay here. “Where are my clothes… This shirt…”

“The shirt is mine. Your clothes were stained with blood, so I helped you change.”

It didn’t matter whom the shirt belonged to. The important thing was that he said that he helped her change. Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but ask in a rising tone, “You helped me change?”

“There was no one else at home. I didn’t peek when I helped you change.”

Huo Yunshen quickly explained, but when he said this, his cheeks were very slightly blushed.

He did not peek, he admired the view openly.

“Oh…” Hearing this explanation, Xu Xiyan was relieved.

She was wearing a men’s shirt for the first time. It felt weird, but she still wanted to thank him from the bottom of her heart.

He was not only incredibly handsome, but also an upstanding good man.

It was a pity that such a good man had been disabled for his life.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes naturally fell on her. The beautiful girl was covered in a large white shirt. With her black hair falling on her chest, she looked quiet and beautiful.

Really pleasing to the eye.

Under the unscrupulous gaze of the man, Xu Xiyan felt a little uneasy.

“Thank you anyway. Sorry for the trouble.”

Xu Xiyan politely thanked him.

“It doesn’t matter. I like the trouble.”

“What?” Xu Xiyan thought that she had problems with her hearing. Who would like trouble?

“I mean, my pleasure.”

Huo Yunshen explained with an evil smile, looking somewhat flirtatious.

His smile was so good looking, with a pair of dimples on his cheeks.


Why did she always feel that he was familiar?

Was it because she often saw the small dimples on the face of Ying Bao?

He noticed that she was a little shy. Huo Yunshen turned his wheelchair and told her before going out, “I prepared clothes for you. It’s in the bathroom. After washing, you can come out for breakfast.”

“…” The man only left her a manly back. Xu Xiyan felt a bit surprised: he also prepared clothes for her?

When the man left, Xu Xiyan then dared to get out of bed and look at the surroundings.

The decoration was low-key and simple, but with good taste, just like how the man felt to her.

He was an international star and sitting on an entertainment empire, but there was nothing extravagant and imposing about him.

The feeling he gave her was real, intimate, and down to earth.

So strange!

Why would she have this feeling?

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