Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2080 - How Heavy Is It?

Chapter 2080: How Heavy Is It?

Fang Xiaocheng could only complain in her heart in front of Jing Xi. “But he has changed!”

“You’re talking about the scandal? I think it’s most likely fake. That kind of woman would do anything if she wanted to climb up the social ladder. Don’t malign a good person. At least you know what kind of person he is. Why don’t you try to believe him and instead believe the unrelated gossip?”

Jing Xi had already seen through the entertainment industry. Nothing could escape her eyes.

Fang Xiaocheng did not say anything and drove the car out of the airport. The bodyguard’s car followed behind.

At night, they booked a private room at the hotel to celebrate Fang Xiaocheng’s birthday and also to welcome Jing Xi.

Jing Xi had invited Yi Xiao without telling Fang Xiaocheng. When Yi Xiao saw Fang Xiaocheng, he smiled at her. Fang Xiaocheng turned away and did not look at him.

Yi Xiao sat down beside her and Beibei. Since his wife was ignoring him, he could only make out with his son.

“All right, everyone is here. Today is Orange’s birthday. Let’s toast to Orange together. Happy birthday!”

Jing Xi was originally a guest, but the couple in front of her had yet to resolve their conflict. They looked like enemies, and she could only host the meal.

They ate happily at the dining table. After dinner, the birthday cake was served and everyone celebrated Fang Xiaocheng’s birthday together.

After the birthday party ended, they left the hotel together. Yi Xiao wanted to drive them back, but Fang Xiaocheng did not give him a chance. Yi Xiao made gestures with his eyes at Jing Xi.

Jing Xi smiled and said, “President Yi, you should go back first. Leave Orange and Beibei to me.”

What she meant was that she could handle Fang Xiaocheng. She wanted him to go back and wait for the letter.

At night, Jing Xi did not stay in the hotel. Instead, she stayed in Fang Xiaocheng’s rented room and shared a bed with the mother and son.

After Beibei fell asleep, the two women began to talk to each other.

Jing Xi asked her to tell her everything that had happened recently. She would help her analyze and find the reason.

Jing Xi was Fang Xiaocheng’s best friend, and she didn’t want to hide the truth from her.

After learning the whole story, Jing Xi roughly understood the reason. It turned out that the Yi family knew about the child’s identity and accused Fang Xiaocheng of being unfaithful. They first chased her out of the main gate and hurt Orange’s pride.

After that, she proposed a divorce and Yi Xiao got into a fight with her. Later, Yi Xiao got drunk and stayed at a hotel with a woman named Guan Mei. She saw it with her own eyes.

It wasn’t easy to clear up this misunderstanding, but now the other party came to her door and claimed she had Yi Xiao’s child.

Any woman would not be able to tolerate this.

That was why Fang Xiaocheng was still not willing to forgive Yi Xiao. The problem was not with Fang Xiaocheng, but if Yi Xiao could not resolve the matter about Guan Mei, their marriage might really be in danger.

In the end, Jing Xi advised, “Give him some time to deal with the problem. After he is done settling the matter, give Yi Xiao another chance and try to live with him. If he’s not done well, then it’s a problem of his ability. It’s fine if you don’t choose him. I’ll help you find another good man!”

Jing Xi deliberately said this to see how important Yi Xiao was to Fang Xiaocheng.

“Forget it. I won’t look for another man. You’re right. If I give him another chance, it’s the same as giving me another chance. Moreover, if I leave him, it will hurt Beibei too much.”

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