Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2082 - This Life Is Too Painful

Chapter 2082: This Life Is Too Painful

“One million.” Guan Mei raised a finger.

Yi Xiao sneered. “You really dare to ask for too much! Do you believe that I can take your life right now?”

He grabbed Guan Mei’s neck and pressed her against the wall.

“Mr. Yi… Spare me… Let me go…”

Guan Mei could not breathe and kept begging.

He waited for her face to turn red and her face to become slightly ferocious before he stopped and said threateningly to her, “Have you gotten a taste of death? Remember it well!”

Yi Xiao took out a bank card with no password. “There’s no 1 million. Here’s 500,000! Take the money and get lost! Go as far as you can! I’ll take your life if there’s another time! Do you understand?”

“Ahem… I… I understand…”

Guan Mei could feel the danger that Yi Xiao was in. She had already decided in her heart that 500,000 was enough for her to live. This time, after getting the money, she would quickly escape.

After leaving Peijing, Li Song would never find her again.

She did not want Li Song to treat her like a money tree or a money maker anymore. This kind of life was too painful.

Yi Xiao glared at Guan Mei and then left without looking back. Guan Mei had escaped the disaster. She picked up the bank card on the table and prepared to hide the card away from Li Song.

Unfortunately, as Yi Xiao was walking ahead, Li Song, who was hiding nearby, rushed back.

“Did he pay? Where’s the money?”

Before Guan Mei could hide the card, Li Song came out and said evasively, “No money, he didn’t give me money!”

“Nonsense! I heard it from outside the window! He gave 500,000! Give me the money!”

“No! No!”

Guan Mei did not want to give it to him, but Li Song kicked her again. He kicked her to the ground and rushed over to snatch the bank card from her.

Guan Mei resisted. She grabbed a shoe on the ground and kept hitting Li Song. After Li Song was angered, he grabbed a bottle from the side and smashed it on Guan Mei’s head. He only stopped after Guan Mei fainted.

Guan Mei ceased struggling and lay on the ground with blood all over her head. Li Song threw the bottle away and immediately took the bank card from her and put it into his waist.

Just as he was about to escape, Li Song turned around and wiped the bottle clean with a cloth.

After Li Song escaped, a man wearing black sports shoes appeared at the door of the rental house. After this man entered the house, he tested Guan Mei’s breathing and found that she was still alive. He picked up the bottle on the ground with his gloved hand and violently bashed her head till she died.

Then, the bottle rolled on the floor and the black sports shoes disappeared from the door.

Guan Mei’s death was discovered by the neighbors. They called the police and the police immediately rushed to the crime scene to investigate.

The autopsy showed that Guan Mei’s neck was strangled before she died, and then her head was smashed by a wine bottle.

After a series of investigations, the police confirmed that the suspect was Yi Xiao, the president of Juxing Entertainment.

A day later, the police found Juxing Entertainment and showed them the arrest warrant. “Mr. Yi, we suspect that you are related to the murder case. Please follow us back to assist in the investigation.”

Yi Xiao did not understand. “What murder case? I’ve never killed anyone!”

“Do you know this woman?”


Yi Xiao looked at the photo. Wasn’t that Guan Mei? Why was it her again? She was dead? What was going on?

“Mr. Yi, please come with us.”

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