Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 22 - That Was Surprisingly Touching

Chapter 22: That Was Surprisingly Touching

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Xu Xiyan looked down at the western-style breakfast on her plate. The food’s appearance, itself, was enough to make her drool.

Looking at the nutritious breakfast that had been prepared, Xu Xiyan was surprisingly touched. It had been a long time since anyone had made her breakfast.

She peeked at the guy standing in front of her even though she had been trying hard not to. The more she looked at him, the more handsome he became. Good-looking, well-built…and a talented chef, too. Even though he was disabled, he remained confident and completely independent.

These were traits that she believed all men should possess.

Xu Xiyan used to work as a counselor at a welfare institution for the disabled when she was in a different country. She had met with many people, each dealing with a different kind of disability.

Yet, in each of them, Xu Xiyan found a thirst for life, and vibrant souls that stood against fate. She respected them. Even though they were disabled, their souls were still incredibly strong.

These people’s spirits influenced her greatly, encouraging her to always search for the good. They helped her to realize that she had every reason to value her own life and everything that she had been given.

There was a friend that she met online a few years ago, Wing, who was also disabled. When she had met him, his mind was flooded with dark thoughts, and he saw everything around him as almost hellish.

After asking him about his mental conditions, Xu Xiyan shared her experiences with him, telling him about the time she spent working at the wellness institution, sending him pictures and encouraging him not to give up.

She succeeded in the end. Wing finally accepted her advice and started to challenge his fate. Even though she later quit being a counselor, and had her account hacked, Wing’s story would forever be engraved in her heart.

Two years have passed since then. I wonder if Wing is doing okay…

“What’s wrong? Not fancying the breakfast?” The low-pitched voice pulled Xu Xiyan from her memories.

“No, it’s nothing. The breakfast is great, thank you.” Xu Xiyan smiled apologetically when she’d ceased her daydreaming. She picked up her fork and quickly began eating.

But after a few bites, she looked up.

“I’m actually quite curious,” she began. “Why would an award-winning actor like you, who had a good future ahead, suddenly quit?”

She wanted to recover from the way she’d spaced out. She didn’t even really expect Huo Yunshen to answer. Yet to her surprise, he responded.

“To be honest…being an award-winning actor is pretty lame.”

But the fact was that he had no choice but to give up on his acting dream and return to take over his family business.

Upon hearing his answer, Xu Xiyan nearly choked on her food. She thought she might even slap him.

Does he even realize that most people are only ever able to land second-rate roles for their whole career?

“Being an award-winning actor isn’t as glamorous as you’d think,” Huo Yun continued half-heartedly. “To this day, the memory that really sticks out is when I was forced to have sex with a woman five years ago. She thought I was some male escort and paid me a mere 500 Yuan. I never met her again after that. I wonder if I was actually scammed by her that night…”

After saying that, Huo Yunshen stared at Xu Xiyan, his dark, cold eyes never leaving hers.

Five years ago…

500 Yuan…

With their gazes still locked, something flickered deep within Xu Xiyan’s memory. Something from the past was surfacing.

The sweaty scene from five years ago, the breath and the warmth of a man gone wild. Two strangers, entangled in the dark…

Oh my god… Don’t tell me, that the award-winning actor in front of me is the stranger I had sex with? The dimples…of course, the dimples!

Are you serious?! Xu Xiyan began to consider just how powerful human genes can be; even dimples could be passed down from generation to generation.

She thought about Ying Bao, then looked at the man in front of her. Oh my god, those are probably the same deep, charming dimples!

“That….that was you?”

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