Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 2777

2777 Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (295)

Feng Yunan ignored Ling Xuan and walked straight past her. He only greeted his grandfather, “Grandpa, why did you call me back?”

When Gu Yunjin saw that her son had returned, she hurriedly advised him. “Yunan, don’t continue fighting with the Mu Corporation. Otherwise, both sides will suffer.”

Feng Yunan snorted. “Mrs. Gu, are you worried that without the Fengtian Group, you won’t be able to become a rich lady? Or are you really doing this for my own good?”

“Of course it’s for your own good.”


“I don’t think so! You’re thinking about yourself and your own daughter!” Feng Yunan sneered.

Gu Yunjin was speechless and could only look at Feng Yuanshan for help.

Feng Yuanshan was concerned about his grandson and asked, “Yunan, how is it now? Is there still no news of Little Xi?”

“No.” Feng Yunan shook his head, looking lonely.

“Sigh, the Feng family owes her too much.”

Feng Yuanshan did not say anything else because he knew that there would always be a cause and effect. The reason why they were able to reach their current state was all because of the bad karma they had previously committed.

After returning to Fengtian Mansion, Feng Yunan went to see the two dogs.

Fu Bao and Princess were now on very good terms. Furthermore, he heard that Princess was pregnant and Fu Bao would be a father soon.

Perhaps Princess’ pregnancy had triggered him and reminded him of Qiao Ruoxi. If her child was still around and nothing had happened, he might be able to be a father soon.

After seeing the two dogs, Feng Yunan was about to leave the Feng family when a rare guest arrived.

Someone came to report that Mrs. Mu of the Mu Group wanted to visit them.

Feng Yuanshan looked at Feng Yunan in confusion. “Is that Mrs. Mu Mu Yunli’s mother?”

“Yes, Grandpa.” Feng Yunan nodded.

“Why is she here?” Feng Yuanshan asked.

Gu Yunjin was also curious. She and Ling Xuan looked at each other, not knowing why Mu Yunli’s mother was here.

Soon, a woman wearing a black dress and a veil hat came to the living room of the Fengtian Mansion under the guidance of a servant.

“Auntie!” Feng Yunan took the initiative and greeted her.

Feng Yuanshan also welcomed her to her seat politely. Gu Yunjin, who was standing at the side, kept sizing her up, wanting to see the face under the veil.

“May I know why Mrs. Mu is here?” Feng Yuanshan asked.

Mrs. Mu took off her veil and said politely, “One never visits unless they need something. I’m here today because I have something to ask of you.”

The moment Mrs. Mu took off her hat and revealed her face, Feng Yuanshan was shocked. Gu Yunjin was also shocked. Ling Xuan even screamed, “Ah, her face is so disgusting…”

“Don’t be rude!” Feng Yunan glared at Ling Xuan in time.

Mrs. Mu was indifferent. She didn’t care either and just continued chatting. “I’m here to beg Yunan. I hope he can shake hands with Yunli and make peace. Don’t continue fighting!”

It turned out that she was here for this matter. Gu Yunjin interrupted, “Mrs. Mu, it’s not my son who’s fighting, but your son! If you want to persuade my son, you should persuade Mu Yunli first!”

Mrs. Mu turned to look at Gu Yunjin and said coldly, “When I was talking to Mr. Feng, how could you interrupt?”

“What kind of attitude is that? This is the Feng family. How dare you act so impudently?!”

Gu Yunjin was acting like the mistress of the house. She could not stand Mrs. Mu’s arrogant manner.

“Cut it out, Yunan’s mother. Mrs. Mu is an honored guest,” said Feng Yuanshan.

Feng Yunnan glanced at Gu Yunjin and apologized to Mrs. Mu. “I’m sorry, Auntie. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Mrs. Mu had only come to persuade Feng Yunan, but now that Gu Yunjin was being disrespectful to her, it was time to talk about some things.

She stood up and questioned Gu Yunjin, “Mrs. Gu, I want to ask you, how can you still have the face to stay in the Feng family? Don’t you feel guilty staying here? Aren’t you afraid of being haunted by nightmares when you go back to sleep at night?”

Gu Yunjin also stood up and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Why didn’t you tell Mr. Feng and Yunan about the real cause of Feng Sheng’s death?”

Mrs. Mu’s aura was oppressive. Everyone looked at Gu Yunjin, who felt guilty. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My husband died in a car accident. Everyone knows that. What nonsense are you talking about here?”

“Huh? He died in a car accident? Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say that?” Mrs. Mu sneered.

Feng Yunan and Grandpa Feng were both surprised by Mrs. Mu’s words. Feng Yunan asked, “Auntie, what’s going on? Do you know another reason for my father’s death? What is it?”

Mrs. Mu looked at Gu Yunjin. “Then you’ll have to ask her.”

At this moment, Gu Yunjin was flustered. “I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I only know that my husband was in a car accident and died in that accident.”

“Since Mrs. Gu is not willing to admit it, then let me tell you. Feng Sheng did not die from an accident. He died from a murder. Gu Yunjin, you were together with Ling Tao behind Feng Sheng’s back. Because Feng Sheng saw your scandal, you were worried that he would spread it, so you created that accident.”

“Father, Yunan, don’t listen to an outsider’s nonsense!” Gu Yunjin was confused and shouted at Madam Mu. “You’re slandering me! Who… who are you? Why are you treating me unjustly?”

“Of course I’m not treating you unjustly! You’re my biological sister!”

The corner of Mrs. Mu’s mouth was filled with a mocking smile. Her gaze was like a sharp blade piercing through Gu Yunjin’s heart.

“You… you… You’re Gu Yunxi?”

Gu Yunjin stared at the disfigured woman in front of her in shock. She could not believe that the ugly woman was her.

She had clearly sent someone to take care of her back then, but why was she still alive?

“That’s right! I’m Gu Yunxi!”

Mrs. Mu admitted her identity.

Feng Yuanshan was shocked because he knew that Gu Yunxi should have been the one to marry into the Feng family back then. However, later on, there was news that Gu Yunxi had unfortunately passed away, so the marriage was changed to a marriage between Feng Sheng and Gu Yunjin.

However, Gu Yunxi was actually alive and became Mrs. Mu. What was going on?

At this moment, the scene was a little chaotic. Except for Gu Yunjin and Gu Yunxi, who understood the situation, no one else understood the grudge between them.

“You’re not… You’re a ghost… You’re not Gu Yunxi… I can’t fall into your trap!” Gu Yunjin spoke maniacally.

Gu Yunxi pressed on. “Gu Yunjin, do you think you can get everything you want just because you’ve calculated everything? You know that Feng Cheng likes Su Hui, so you joined hands with Han Manyi and tried to burn her to death so that Feng Cheng would stop thinking about Su Hui. I was supposed to marry Feng Cheng, but in order to marry him, you didn’t hesitate to take my life. Not only did you take my life, but you also took my child!”

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