Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 30 - The Face of a Hypocrite

Chapter 30: The Face of a Hypocrite

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Xu Xiyan thought she was late when she arrived at the Oriental Mansion Hotel, but the mass-audition was far more crowded than she had imagined. Many were still lined up, awaiting their turn.

After locating the crew, Xu Xiyan obtained her audition number. No. 222. Ha! What luck!

Young men and women were waiting in the hallway, like thousands of soldiers and horses trying to cross a wooden bridge.

All the people at the hotel had registered online, and passed through the first elimination round. They were all at the same level as Xu Xiyan.

The good thing about this audition was that it was entirely open and fair. The lead actress, and the supporting actresses, would all be chosen from this audition. That was the reason that Xu Xiyan wasn’t worried that someone would get a free pass.

Just when she was about to look for a seat, a group of people emerged from the hallway. They were led by a woman in stylish clothes and sunglasses. Every step she took was graceful and elegant.

By her side was her assistant, her manager, and a few bodyguards. It wasn’t hard to guess from the line-up that she was famous.

As expected, a few people recognized her and the hall was suddenly filled with chattering and hushed conversation.

“That’s Xu Xinrou! It really is Xu Xinrou!”

“Even Xu Xinrou came to the audition?”

“I heard that she came for the leading role.”

“Wow! What a shock! Maybe we ought to give up on auditioning for the lead, altogether. It will definitely be hers. I’ve seen all her shows, her acting is top-notch! I’m a huge fan!”

“Yeah, me too! Let’s go and ask for an autograph!”

“Let’s go!”

Most of the people seeking an autograph were greenhorns. It was normal to see them drooling over their favorite celebrities.

Xu Xiyan cursed under her breath. She realized that the one in the spotlight was her half-sister, Xu Xinrou.

After five years, Xu Xinrou had changed drastically.

People from everywhere now cheered her on, and her fans worshipped her. She had all the glamour, all the fame. She had most definitely attained the rank of a star celebrity.

Xu Xiyan had no intention of talking with Xu Xinrou. She spotted an empty chair, but as she began walking toward it, Xu Xinrou noticed Xu Xiyan moving through the crowd.

Xu Xinrou took off her sunglasses and stared at Xu Xiyan curiously, as if she thought she had mistaken a stranger for someone she knew.

It’s impossible, Xu Xiyan would never come to a mass-audition like this.

But after a few moments of staring, she finally confirmed that the elegant woman in the crowd, whose beauty had no need for makeup, was really Xu Xiyan.

After signing a few autographs, Xu Xinrou began moving toward where Xu Xiyan was sitting, in a corner that was quite far from the main audition hall. She was alone.

As Xu Xiyan noticed the approaching shadow, she lifted her head and saw that it was Xu Xinrou, her face hidden hypocritically beneath heavy makeup.

Huh. Even though she’s prettier, everything about her still feels so fake.

“It’s Yanyan, right? Is it really you? I’m not mistaken, right?”

Xu Xinrou still had no idea that Xu Xiyan knew of her relationship with Chu Yuhe, and so she maintained the act of a kind-hearted sister.

“Yanyan, when did you come back? Why didn’t you come home?”

Blocked by the bodyguards, the crowd was unable to hear what they were talking about. Everyone must have thought that Xu Xiyan was asking for Xu Xinrou’s autograph, that she was just another huge fan.

Xu Xiyan returned a cool smile. “And here I thought you’d all forgotten about me! Is there even a place left for me in that house?”

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