Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Chapter 4 - The Storyline Was Changed Too Fast

Chapter 4: The Storyline Was Changed Too Fast

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Huo Yunshen took back his arm and let go of her.

Xu Xiyan took the chance and fled.

Out of the hotel, the sun was shining. Xu Xiyan looked up at the blue sky and took a deep breath.

It’s fine now.

It was not too bad last night. She was accompanied by a handsome guy. She learned how terrible people could be and saw the ugly faces of the sinister man and woman around her.

From today, she would no longer accommodate anyone or live for anyone. She would just do her and live for herself.

Xu Xiyan braced herself to stride forward. Her back was straight, and her figure was indestructible. Next, there was a war of words waiting for her!

She would like to see how some people of the Xu family would gloat.

Only a few hours since the incident, a scandal titled “The Rich Girl and a Stranger Hooking up in Hotel, Caught by Her Father in Bed” was spread everywhere.

The Internet, Weibo, and netizens were all passing it on.

Although the news only had the phrase “rich girl,” her face was clearly in the photo of the story.

With this highly recognizable face, enthusiastic netizens speculated that she must be a certain director’s daughter.

“Director’s daughter and stranger hooking up” quickly became a hot topic. Xu Xiyan casually refreshed Weibo and saw she was criticized harshly by strangers.

[She looks pure but is in fact a bitch. Slut ID’d!]

[Such a chaotic circle. Even a director’s daughter needs to sell her body? No way, right?]

[Now the young girls would do anything to get famous?]

[Most likely, the director is creating a hot topic to promote his bad movie!]

[What a slut. Her looks are okay. I wonder how much it costs to sleep with her?]

The public opinion was one-sided, and it was hard to read. An insider would know at a glance that someone must be deliberately guiding and manipulating the public opinion.

Xu Xiyan sneered. Xu Xinrou’s means were indeed treacherous. What a white lotus with hard-core acting skills!

When people hit the rock bottom, it was easy for them to see who the real friends were. With everyone pointing their fingers, only her best friend, Fang Xiaocheng (translator’s note: “Xiaocheng” means little orange) was truly worried about her.

“Hey, hello, Yanyan, have you seen yourself on the news? You made headline! What happened last night? How come you…”

Xu Xiyan was not affected by the incident at all, and she felt she was somewhat fortunate. “Orange, thank you very much. If your actor friend did not go there and save the day, I might have been miserable.”

Fang Xiaocheng did not get why she was happy and said in an upset tone, “Yanyan, I wanted to tell you that yesterday I didn’t have enough time to reach my friend who was an amateur actor. I wanted to tell you that, but your phone was powered off. If I knew that kind of thing would happen last night, I should have gone there myself and rescue you…”


After Xu Xiyan listened her friend babbling, it was her turn to be depressed.

Fang Xiaocheng’s friend did not go?

Who was the handsome guy at the hotel?

Did she sleep with a passerby who couldn’t even be called an actor?

S**t… This storyline was changed too fast!

Xu Xiyan didn’t have time to figure out who the beautiful man that had slept with her last night was. The car had stopped at the door of the Xu household. The steward Su Gang had already flown in and told everyone that second young lady had returned.

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