Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 1211

“Chapter 1211: Chapter 1224 if this is fate, I accept it [25]”

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“Rong chonger really wanted to throw up, but she also threw up in the car. ”

“As she did not eat much, she could not throw up anything. ”


“Feng Yuxi took out a tissue to wipe her mouth and patted her back. He did not comfort her, “Do not be afraid, It’s okay. Forget about it, do not think about it.” ”

“Feng Yuxi pulled her into his arms and stroked her back. His chin rubbed against her hair with a bit of intimacy, “It’s okay, Darling, don’t be afraid. Be Good, don’t think about it anymore…” ”

“Rong pet curled up in his arms, his hands clutching his shirt tightly, his heart trembling with lingering fear. ”

“Feng Yuxi lowered his head and looked at her with a burning gaze. At this moment, she was obediently nestling in his arms. This was something that he did not dare to think about before. ”

“Now, it had really happened.. ”

His heart was throbbing violently..

It was as if he was proving for him that she really existed at the heart of his heart.

“Along the way, Rong Chong kept his position of nestling in his arms. When he was extremely tired, he leaned into his arms and fell asleep. ”

Feng Yuxi lowered his head and stared at her pale face. He felt pity for her and kissed her lips that had lost their color. He hugged her arms even tighter.


Time flew by.

Two years later.

In the study room of the villa.

“”Young master, Sir asked me to tell you…”Mo Nian pushed the door open and entered. When he saw the scene in front of him, he choked on the rest of his words. ”

Feng Yuxi’s upper body was naked. His fair skin was crisscrossed with old and new scratches. They were densely packed and looked terrifying. He used a cotton swab to apply the medicine and was trying his best to turn around and apply the medicine on his back.

“When he heard the movement, his eyes darkened and he shouted in a low voice, “Get Out!” ”

“Mo Nian was shocked. Before he could react, he was reprimanded by Feng Yuxi, who had always been a modest and noble young master. He reacted and ran out in a flash. ”

“In less than two minutes, the door of the study was pushed open again. Mo Nian walked in with the family doctor and said worriedly, “Hurry up, there are many wounds on young master’s body. You have to treat them quickly!” ”

“Feng Yuxi’s face was already cold as he put on his clothes. Xiang Min also rushed to the study when she heard the news. She just happened to catch a glimpse of it, but just that one glance was enough to shock her! ”

“”Young master, how did you get the wounds on your body?”Xiang Min walked closer and asked with a worried tone. ”

“The family doctor was pushed by Mo Nian and went forward to advise him, “Young Master, let me examine you. The wounds can be big or small. You Can’t delay it.” ”

“Feng Yuxi looked at the three of them expressionlessly. His voice was cold and his eyes were cold. “I’m fine. All of you, get out. Also, don’t tell anyone about this. Do you understand?” ”

“Xiang Min averted his eyes. When he turned to look at him again, he had already asked, “What if Sir and Madam Ask? Do We have to go against our conscience and say that you’re fine, healthy and Happy?” ”

“”Xiang Min.”Feng Yuxi’s tone was displeased. “You’re overstepping your boundaries. Am I being too lax with you, to the point that you’ve forgotten your identity?” ”

“After all, an assistant was just an assistant. In the end, he was the master. What right did she have to question his words? What right did she have to question him. ”

“Xiang Min was about to say something when Feng Yuxi opened his mouth again. “Perhaps father has also made mistakes in his judgment. In my opinion, a person who easily reveals his emotions and can’t control himself has no right to stay with me.” ”

“When Mo Nian heard that, he quickly pulled Xiang Min, hinting for her to quickly admit her mistake to young master. Otherwise, she might be kicked out by young master at any time. ”

“Xiang Min also knew that she was a little reckless just now. She lowered her head and apologized stiffly, “Young master, it’s my fault for not knowing my limits and crossing the line. I’m very sorry about this.” ”

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