Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 14 - Vying For Affection With An Outsider (1)

Chapter 14: Vying For Affection With An Outsider (1)

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After dinner was ready, Jiang Peihua instructed the three of them to wash their hands. Old Mr. Rong and Luo Anning agreed to continue their game of chess after dinner. They then proceeded to the dining hall.

After the two of them left, Rong Yan stood up and stared at the chessboard that they were using just now. He humphed and messed up the chess pieces.

Who told guys to ignore me and play favourites!

Jiang Peihua fancied Luo Anning greatly. Besides Jiang Peihua was a nice and personable person. Hence, the two of them could get along with each other very well.

Ever since Rong Yan married Luo Anning, Jiang Peihua showered Luo Anning with more love and concern than she did, Rong Yan.

Rong Yan was extremely upset about that.

Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua continuously helped Luo Anning with the food. Thus there was a pile of food in Luo Anning’s bowl, a stark contrast to Rong Yan’s bowl where there was only some vegetables that he had scooped for himself.

The head cook had superb culinary skills and Luo Anning loved the dishes that she cooked. Just as she was in the midst of eating merrily, she sensed an icy cold gaze being shot at her. She immediately looked over to see that Rong Yan was glaring at her with resentment.

She suddenly felt that he was acting a little out of the ordinary today.

After putting the pieces together, Luo Anning deduced that Rong Yan must have become jealous.

He was jealous that Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua treated Luo Anning better than they treated him.

The thought of it made Luo Anning burst out into laughter. Fortunately, he had a menacing glare that made her contain her amusement.

She thought to herself, Old Mr. Rong and Jiang Peihua seem to have really neglected him. Fine, since I have snatched the love and affection of his family away from him, I shall make it up to him a little.

She picked up a slice of braised pork with her chopsticks and placed it in his bowl. “Eat more.”

Staring at the slice of pork, Rong Yan pressed his lips tightly together. Luo Anning thought that he was feeling touched. Hence, she scratched her head and said, “Don’t just stare at it. Eat it.”

“Our lass Anning is a really obedient girl. She’s even learned how to treat her husband well,” Jiang Peihua teased smilingly.

“Mother… I’m not as good as you make me out to be… ” Anning said while glancing at Jiang Peihua in an adorable manner.

Jiang Peihua and Old Master chuckled. “Look, look, Anning is getting shy. Hahahaha… ”


The three of them chatted merrily for the rest of the meal and Rong Yan finally stopped feeling upset.

After dinner ended, Old Mr. Rong and Luo Anning decided to continue their unfinished game. They walked towards the chessboard, only to realize that the chess pieces had been messed with.

They instantly knew who the culprit was.

Old Mr. Rong immediately reprimanded Rong Yan, causing him to become even more upset. His handsome face turned petulant and he looked rather glum and daunting.

Rong Yan immediately felt like he no longer had a place in the Rong Family, so much so that he had to vie with Luo Anning for their attention and affection.

Old Mr. Rong was no longer in the mood to continue playing chess since the chessboard was already messed up. Hence, he decided to take Jiang Peihua and Luo Anning out on a stroll in the garden instead.

Once again, Rong Yan was ignored and left alone.

At nine in the evening, Rong Yan suggested that they return to his own mansion. Old Mr. Rong immediately barked, “What? You two have to stay here tonight no matter what. You’ve already been married for two years. It’s time you gave me a great-grandson.”

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