Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 2 - The Mistress' Provocation (2)

Chapter 2: The Mistress’ Provocation (2)

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“My dear Anning, have you begun to miss me?” Lu Momo asked gleefully.

“You wish! Come out for a few drinks with me,” Luo Anning said while rummaging through her closet to look for some clothes that she was planning to wear.

What a joke. The last thing I want to do is to dine with that jerk who cheated on me. That would be too disgusting.

Lu Momo said, “Little Anning, you break my heart too much. I’d love to go drink with you but I… ”

“The point is, you can’t make it, right?”

“Little Anning, you’re too intelligent!”

“Quit sucking up to me. I’m not buying it. You’re stating the truth though,” Luo Anning said with a smirk.

Lu Momo was speechless.

Who said that she would not buy it?

After ending the call, Luo Anning called Mo Qiange and arranged to meet up at a certain time and place. She then hurriedly changed into her outfit and left the manor suavely.

She completely ignored Auntie Li who was calling her worriedly and painstakingly.

She arrived at Emperor City, the most luxurious bar in S City.

Luo Anning discovered that Mo Qiange was already waiting for her. She alighted from her car and handed her car keys to the valet before walking towards Mo Qiange. “Qiange, have you been waiting for a long time?”

Mo Qiange smiled dashingly and said, “No, I just arrived too.”

Luo Anning nodded and pulled him into the bar while urging, “Let’s go in. Have a few drinks with me.”

“Are you in low spirits?” he asked.

Luo Anning immediately pursed her lips and asked, “Is it that obvious/”

Mo Qiange teased, “All your emotions are written on your face. What do you think?”

Luo Anning had a good temper and would never flare up easily. The fact that she was actually angry meant that she was being vexed about something important.

He was rather curious about what happened. Apart from her uncle and his family, no one else would have the ability to provoke her.

Luo Anning pulled him towards the counter of the bar and took a seat on the high chairs. She ordered two glasses of whiskey from the bartender and took a huge gulp before saying, “Rong Yan has an extramarital affair and he even got his mistress pregnant. That woman confronted me today and demanded that I divorce Rong Yan.”

She explained the matter nonchalantly. However, Mo Qiange was rather taken aback. Young Master Rong dared to insult her?

Some women could accept being cheated on but Luo Anning was not one of them.

Was she the kind to let others take advantage of her without retaliating?

Clearly not.

“What do you plan to do then? Divorce Rong Yan?” Mo Qiange asked cautiously while observing her expression.

“No, I’ll never get a divorce. I’ll at most just make a cuckold out of him.”

Tit for tat, fair and square.

Luo Anning finished the whiskey in one gulp and pushed her empty glass towards the bartender. “One more!”

Before she snatched Anning Corporation back from them, she would definitely not get a divorce. Otherwise, her efforts for the past two years, would have gone in vain.

Since Rong Yan had insulted her, she would just cheat on him too to get her revenge.

Mo Qiange’s extraordinarily handsome face lit up after hearing her words. “Anning, that’d be so troublesome. Besides, it’s not safe either. Why don’t you cheat on him with me? I’m healthy and tight-lipped. How does that sound?”

Luo Anning shook her head fervently and said, “No, I can’t do it with you. Even rabbits don’t eat close to where they reside. I’d be worse than a rabbit if I did.”

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