Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 28 - What Kind Of A Person Is He?

Chapter 28: What Kind Of A Person Is He?

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Luo Anning smiled smugly, put away her mobile phone and grabbed her purse before strutting leisurely behind them.

Luo Anning initially wanted to send Rong Yan back to his own apartment. However, Feng Churui insisted that they go back to Luxury Mansion and hence, she had no choice but to concede.

After a twenty-odd minute car ride, they arrived back at Luxury Mansion. Feng Churui helped the drunk Rong Yan into the house which was rather quiet because the servants were all asleep.

The two servants who were on the night shift, were extremely happy for Luo Anning when they saw Rong Yan’s return. They hurriedly prepared some broth as instructed by Luo Anning.

“Where’s the bedroom?” Feng Churui asked, standing still in the corridor after helping Rong Yan upstairs.

Luo Anning walked past him and opened the door of the bedroom. “Here.”

Feng Churui heaved a huge sigh after placing Rong Yan on the bed. He adjusted his tie while Luo Anning brought him some water. He thanked her softly and began drinking it immediately.

Rong Yan lay on the bed obediently like a child. Luo Anning was dumbfounded when she stared at his body.

She could not deny that Heaven was indeed biased towards him for giving him a beautiful appearance. Indeed, he was absolutely dashing.

Feng Churui frowned for a brief moment when he saw the gaze in her eyes. He put the cup down and said, “It’s getting late, I’ll get going. Take good care of him.”

Luo Anning recovered from the shock and watched as he left. She hurriedly asked, “Young Master Feng, would you like me to send you home?”

He had arrived at the mansion in her car and hence did not have a chauffeur or his car with him. Hence, his transport home was an issue.

“You don’t have to. If you don’t mind, you may lend me your car. I’ll get someone to drive it back here tomorrow,” said Feng Churui who thought that she had forgotten about him.

“Of course I don’t mind.” Luo Anning handed the car key to him and walked him to the garage. “Drive with care.”

Feng Churu stared at her alluring and beautiful features in silence. A few moments later, he smiled and said, “Alright, get some rest.”

Luo Anning’s car vanished out of sight and she watched him leave, getting a little distracted. She had no idea what kind of a person Feng Churui was.

He clearly stood up for her against Luo Xinya and threatened the latter using his status. Yet, he made things difficult for her by making her go to Xijiang Clubhouse. However, he smiled at her as if they were close friends.

He was like a puzzle that she could not figure out. He had a dashing and benevolent smile on his handsome face but she could not tell how genuine it was.

She returned to the bedroom to see that the servants had served up some broth. Staring at Young Master Rong, she placed a hand on her forehead and sighed while thinking to herself, You scumbag, why did you get drunk all of a sudden? Even if you became drunk, why did you have to involve me.

She really did not wish to serve him, lest he call her a scheming woman again.

“Young Madam, the broth is ready. Aren’t you going to feed it to Young Master Rong?” asked the servant who noticed that Luo Anning had been standing still silently.

“Yeah, I’ll feed him now.”

She took a seat by the bed compliantly and placed Rong Yan in her arms before feeding the broth to him. “Rong Yan, have some broth to cure your hangover.”

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