Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 5 - The Mistress' Provocation (5)

Chapter 5: The Mistress’ Provocation (5)

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Just as Rong Yan was about to rip Luo Anning’s dress apart, Luo Anning barfed, hugged his waist tightly and buried her face into his neck before throwing up.

The moist sensation on his neck and the horrendous stench of vomit that wafted into the air, made Rong Yan freeze in shock.

His boner seemed to have vanished instantly and he flew into a rage.

The revolting remnants of vomit slid down his neck and stained his shirt and blazer. It then slid down his chest…

Disgusting, too disgusting…

Rong Yan sprung up and glowered at Luo Anning who was still chuckling merrily despite having caused him so much trouble. He shoved her onto the carpet mercilessly.

Luo Anning hit her head onto the back of the driver’s seat with a loud thud and fainted.

With a huge frown on his forehead, Rong Yan removed his clothes swiftly and threw them out of the window, wishing he could trample her to death!

I must have been out of my mind just now. That must be why I had thoughts of getting intimate with her!


Sometime later, Luo Anning woke up feeling like her mind was groggy. Incredibly famished and parched, she scurried downstairs in a bid to find some food that she could eat.

There was a bowl of soup and a few dishes in the refrigerator. Luo Anning clutched her aching head and poured herself a glass of water while feeling dizzy. She then grabbed some chopsticks and began digging into the food without even heating them up.

Her stomach stopped rumbling and she put her chopsticks down before returning to her room to get some sleep.

As soon as she fell asleep, her body began to turn hot and she felt as if a fire was burning strongly within her.

Rong Yan had always been a light sleeper and would wake up after hearing the slightest noise. Hence, he had already woken up, the instant that the door of his bedroom was pushed open.

He could vaguely see a slender figure walking towards the bed with heavy footsteps. Her heavy breathing could be heard clearly too.

The servants would not have dared to enter his bedroom so brazenly. Hence, Luo Anning must have been the one.

He switched on the lights.

The lavish golden lights lit up in the room and Luo Anning’s beautiful face appeared in front of him. Sensing that there was something amiss with her behavior, Rong Yan barked with a frown, “Luo Anning, are you done with your nonsense?”

Luo Anning began tugging at the silk nightgown that Auntie Li had helped her change into, revealing her beautiful and alluring figure.

She then pounced onto Rong Yan and hugged him tightly while kissing him all over. “It’s warm… it’s really warm… ”

As soon as Rong Yan touched her skin, he knew the reason for her strange behavior.

She had clearly been drugged with an aphrodisiac!

Before he could even think any further, Luo Anning lost control of her rationality and began to feel incredibly aroused. She began tugging at his robe…

“Luo Anning, scram and get Auntie Li to send you to the hospital!’

“It’s warm… ”

“Luo Anning… You… ” Before Rong Yan could even finish, she kissed his lips.

He felt incredibly aroused by those moist and tender lips of hers which she was rubbing against his.

Rong Yan had never been the kind to suppress his own desires. Luo Anning was no exception. Not to mention, she was his wife and there was no way he would let this opportunity go to waste.

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