Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Chapter 676 the Little Devil’s long tooth [87]

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After staying up all night, Fangke was extremely tense. The next day, when Catherine woke up, she collapsed.

After tidying up her messy pajamas, she slowly walked to Fangke’s side and looked down at the shadow under her eyelids. She smiled, turned around, and went into the bathroom to wash up.

She would not sympathize with Fangke, nor would she sympathize with her.

Catherine had done all kinds of evil things in her life. If she really had sympathy, she would have given luolanning a long time ago. No one else could make her feel sorry for her.

Moreover, Franck was obviously here to steal Christine from her. How could she show mercy to her?


She had been with Christine for so many years, and no woman had squeezed between them. Now, not only did she squeeze in, but she also openly provoked her. Wasn’t she courting death?

Fang ke was woken up by the shaking.

Before she opened her misty eyes, Christine’s slightly cold voice entered her ears —

“Why are you sleeping here?”

Fang ke rubbed her head, which was swollen from staying up all night, and stood up from the sofa. She thought for a moment.., she said aggrievedly, “Last night, in order to take care of Miss… I didn’t sleep all night, so I accidentally fell asleep… I’m sorry, Young Master.”

Suddenly, fangke exclaimed, “Oh right, young master, have you eaten breakfast? I’ll go make it for you now!”

As she was about to get up to make breakfast, the half-closed bedroom door was pushed open. Catherine crossed her arms in front of her chest with one hand and held the coffee with the other, leaning against the door frame, she looked at Christine and said, “Breakfast is ready, come down and eat.”

Christine was indeed hungry. Moreover, Catherine’s cooking skills were not bad. After eating for so many years, she had gotten used to it.

She immediately nodded and got up to go downstairs. After Christine left, Fangke stood where she was, somewhat at a loss.

Catherine smiled and took a sip of coffee, she said, “I will only say these words once. Christine is not someone you can dream of. He is my man. If you have any unrealistic thoughts, you’d better strangle him to death immediately. Do you think my hands are beautiful?”

Catherine raised her slender white hand in the air and asked her.

Her words changed too quickly. Fang ke was stunned for a moment, then said truthfully, “Very pretty.”

Slender, white, slender, and her fingertips were round. Her nails had a pink luster. Her hands could be said to be the model of hands.

Catherine looked down at her hands carelessly and said, “It’s these hands that have killed a lot of people. Some were strangled, some were stabbed. Of course, most were shot. It’s the most time-saving and energy-saving.”

Franck was so scared that she took a few steps back. Her legs went weak, and her calves hit the foot of the sofa. She fell to the ground and looked at Catherine, who was smiling but looked even colder, her lips trembled as she said, “Miss. . . miss… Why are you saying this to me?”

Didn’t she understand such a direct threat?

Was her IQ too low, or was her words too profound?

Catherine frowned and said, “I’m threatening you. If you dare to have designs on Christine, or even dream of climbing into his bed, you will die the next day.”

As soon as possible, her heart was terrified, franck was still strong and calm as she said, “What if the young master wants me? Miss, are you going to kill me too? “You know… I’m someone the young master brought back… the purpose of bringing me back… is to get into bed. Bed…”

“Even if he wants to rape you, you can’t comply. Remember, you can’t die.”Catherine’s eyes were cold, “Because, I don’t like others touching my things.”

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