Prime Originator

Chapter 2 - A Father’s Love

Chapter 2 - A Father’s Love

Leon's soul lacked the brilliance it once possessed, but his consciousness was still much stronger than what the average person around him would have.

Having once experienced tribulation, shedding mortality, and achieving the Divine, he had retained the ability to dive into the depths of his consciousness and inspect his soul core, which only divine practitioners are capable of performing.

Even though he was just an alchemist doctor, who achieve the Divine through pills and could not hold a candle to other practitioners in a battle, a Divine was a Divine, nonetheless.

Swimming through a sea of fragmented memories and into the deepest depths of his consciousness, where his soul core resides, Leon froze upon sight. His eyes swelled red as tears threaten to overflow.

At the epicenter of his soul core was one of the 10 heavenly treasure that ever existed in the Divine Realm's history, the [Divine Book of Life].

Whether it's used to become an unparalleled doctor or its world space to store medicinal plants and all creation has to offer.

Both are great uses to a divine practitioner, but perhaps its most remarkable aspect has yet to be uncovered.

However, Leon did not care about any of that. The significance of the treasure being in his soul core means that it has fused with his very being, becoming one with him.

His father no longer being the master of the said treasure means his father will never reincarnate like he did.

The separation of the divine book and soul would result in the collapse of the soul's structural integrity, leading to true death.

A Divine King is considered a master of samsara. Even if the body dies, so long as the soul remains whole, a Divine King can never truly die.

However, it was different for the young Leon who had just stepped into the Divine, far from the peak.

His body's death would result in the slow dissipation of his soul without his body's nourishment. Eventually, true death will still claim him.

His father knew and made the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his own life for his and sent him far away from the Divine Realm, where he could be safe and start anew.

A father's love is like the mountain, weighing heavily on his heart.

The new world was lacking in spirit energy, the source of divine practice. Compared to the Divine Realm, it could be considered desolate.

Perhaps the average person can't reach the Divine state, but was he an average person?

Before returning to the Divine Realm to unleash his wrath on his father's enemies, he will not be stumped by any difficulties on his path.

Opening his eyes, Leon did not continue standing in the hallway and decided to leave.

"Hey bro, you just going to leave me like that?" Fatty Ben asked.

Leon paid him no mind and started walking away. However, before he got far, he halted his footsteps as he was struck by a massive headache.

Seeing Leon stopped, Fatty Ben smiled, "Looks like you aren't completely heartless."

Tapping Leon on the shoulder from the back, Fatty Ben continued, "As I was saying-."

Before he could finish talking, Leon had already fallen onto the ground, out cold.

Scratching his head, Fatty Ben was a bit bewildered at how the event unfolded.

It's apparent that his EQ was a bit lacking, but he was not stupid. Fatty Ben brought Leon to the infirmary, albeit difficultly.

An endless stream of memories poured into Leon's soul core, fusing with it, as Leon relived the body's experience in the past 17 years in fast forward motion.

The influx of information had put a significant strain on his soul core, causing him enormous pain, unlike any fleshly wounds can inflict.

Too great to endure, Leon was unable to retain his consciousness.

Sometime later, Leon woke up, feeling like he had been unconscious for a long time, but only a few hours have passed in truth.

The last class on campus has already finished a while ago, and everyone has already gone home.

Alone in the infirmary, Leon sat up in a daze. He wasn't so sure who he is anymore.

He was confident he was still the son of the Divine Medicine King. However, he wasn't so sure if he had taken over the body of someone who had shared his name or he was reborn with his memory sealed, only to have it awakened later.

He wondered if poison was the catalyst that triggered the awakening if it was the latter. He also feared he would have been dead for good if a different method had been employed to kill him.

He should thank the person that poisoned him for the chance to awaken his memories—by sending that person off to meet King Yama, of course. He could not allow his enemies to live.

'Wait, is there even a King Yama here?' Leon suddenly thought.

The spirit energy in the world is faint, and the heavenly laws even fainter.

Leon speculated that it should not be hard to find out who poisoned him. There can only be so many that would detest him to the point of killing him.

After all, Leon easily got along with the female students on campus. His popularity among the ladies naturally draws the envy and animosity of the males.

Even did not know how this came to be. Perhaps, it was due to Leon's extraordinarily unordinary look that he was friend-zoned, making it easier for ladies to interact with him.

Only a select few people would have the courage to attempt an assassination.

'There's no use trying to figure out who it was now.'

Leon pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind.

Finding the culprit was secondary. Increasing his strength takes priority. Only with power will he wield the ability to protect himself and not fear the plots and schemes of others.

Plots and schemes are transient; only real strength is everlasting—And right now, he could not even hurt a fly if he wanted to.

Without further distracting thoughts, Leon sat in a meditative posture and begun contemplating which cultivation technique he will use to walk the divine path once more.

[Divine Fiery God Manual] was the cultivation technique Leon had used in his past life, given by his father.

Being the Divine Medicine King's son, he was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and walk the medicine path to become a well-respected doctor.

The [Divine Fiery God Manual] was a technique that complements the path of medicine due to its supreme fire control in pill forging.

There are 4 known grades to cultivation techniques; mortal, earth, heaven, and divine.

One can easily guess that the [Divine Fiery God Manual] is a divine grade cultivation technique as all divine grade techniques will have the word divine in their name.

It is logical to think that [Divine Fiery God Manual] should have been the technique Leon would pick as it is the one he is most familiar with and crossed the Divine with.

However, the world is severely lacking in spirit energy, making Leon hesitant. It is unknown how long one would have to practice to reach the same heights as the Divine Kings—No, he had to exceed them!

The technique will only allow him to cultivate to the Divine King Realm. What he wanted was to go beyond that!

He wanted to surpass the Divine Kings!

Only with greater strength will success be guaranteed on his path of vengeance.

Leon suddenly recalled an ungraded and incomplete cultivation technique his father had obtained from an ancient ruin with four other Divine Kings' help, the [Hegemony of Primal Chaos].

The incomplete cultivation manual introduced that one would not be restricted to spirit energy but strive to draw in all forms of energy, transforming them into Primal Chaos Energy, the source energy of the universe.

The name and introduction allowed the Divine Kings to infer that the technique is extraordinary and possibly higher than the divine grade.

However, none was able to make any progress in the technique. In fact, no one was able to practice the method.

It was later concluded that the manual was bogus, something an ancient being came up with during their boredom.

However, if the ancient being was still alive, he would have been angered to death.

'Since I don't have any cultivation, I should at least give it a try. It wouldn't be too late to practice the [Divine Fiery God Manual] if it doesn't work out.'

Leon decided on the incomplete [Hegemony of Primal Chaos].

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