Prime Originator

Chapter 23 - Military Service

Chapter 23 - Military Service

"What's going on today?"

"I'm not sure. I heard there was going to be a big announcement."

Inside the assembly hall at Crawford University, all the students were gathered. The day was proceeding as usual, when a notice for all the teachers on campus were to cancel their classes and escort their students to the assembly hall and wait for further instructions.

Leon didn't really care about the cancellation of the classes as he weren't planning to attend them anyway. He had planned to continue his reading in the library, when he was forcefully dragged along.

There were military personnel everywhere on campus and it was not wise to resist. He was dissatisfied with the interruption of his schedule, but he could only comply. Considering the severity of the issue, it seemed like something big was about to happen.

There were hundreds of students gathered in the hall as They were chatting among themselves. Their noise was soft but when many are chattering at the same time, it becomes a noisy commotion.

"Silence!!!" The Dean on stage demanded.

The noise died down into utter silence as the student waits for the Dean to start speaking. A person stood behind the dean in military uniform with medals indicating his rank as a commander in the army.

"The Queen has decreed that all students are to be conscripted into the army and start their military service. This person here will be your training instructor for the following two months to prepare you for the service at the front lines. Those attending from other kingdom do not have to partake in the conscription and can return to resume your classes." The dean announced.

It didn't take long before the students broke out into an uproar.

"What!? Forceful conscription into military service? What is happening?"

"I thought we had the choice of deciding when to start our military service before the age of 25?"

"Did something big happen at the Great Wall?"

"It... can't be another war... right?"

"What about our mid semester exams?"

"Wow, they are kind of lucky to skip the exams."

"Yeah I kinda want to join."

"Do we still get to go home during the 2 months training?"

All sorts of topics and concerns were raised. The dean was not angry at the commotion. Such a reaction was to be expected. He gave the students some time to digest the news before stepping away from the front stage and nodded to the military commander.

The military commander stepped forward and waited patiently for them to stop talking. He was different to the dean. He held the rank of commander, but he was a commoner. He had to be give the students some special treatment and privileges. They were all either nobles or came from distinguished families. Their statuses would be different once they start their military service.

They would all be assigned as cadets, a rank higher than sergeant major. Cadets were only 4 ranks away from commander. There is 2nd lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, captain then commander.

It might not take long for them to reach his rank if they achieve some major contributions during their military service.

They were different to him who started from the bottom. He had spent 15 years in the military, climbing up the ranks step by step from a private to corporal, then sergeant, sergeant major, followed by the next 4 ranks to commander.

He had skipped the cadets rank. Cadets was a special rank in between sergeant major and 2nd lieutenant that was created to temporarily assigned the students of Crawford University, before they receive their official rank as a 2nd lieutenant.

It wasn't fair treatment for commoners like him, but such was the way of the world. It had always been a cruel and unforgiving world. It was just a matter of when you realize that fact.

The noise finally died down when the students became aware of the commander standing at the front.

"I am Commander Eugene. Your training instructor for the next 2 months. You would be allowed to go wherever you wish outside of school hours. However! During school hours, you will all be under strict military regulations. You are expected to be present on time and ready to carry out any instructions given. Punishments will be meted to those who failed to comply. That is all. Training will commence tomorrow. You are free until then." Commander Eugene stated in a strict and disciplined manner before leaving from the back of the stage.

"You can choose to continue classes for today or return home and mentally prepare yourselves for tomorrow. Assembly is dismissed." The dean added before returning to his office.

Leon rubbed his chin in thought.

'Looks like things aren't going well at the front lines.'

He has 2 months to settle his matters in the Capital. When he is sent to the front lines, he would longer get the chance even if he wants to. Military service is expected to last 1-2 years but if a war had broken out then it could last even longer.

Military instructors were also sent to other schools to prepare the students. Those who weren't of the minimum eligible age for military service would at least be knowledgeable for when they reach the age to conscript.

At the end of the assembly, Leon returned to the library. He still had things he wanted to learn. He had archaeology, geology, etiquette and history classes today, but he won't be attending them.

"Leon~" A familiar voice called out to him.

Leon stopped in his tracks to check who it was.

A beautiful girl could be seen heading in his direction. It turns out to be the Duke's daughter, Rachel Lancaster, whom he managed to befriend before his memory awakened. She was followed by two servants to protect her.

"Where are you heading? Archaeology class isn't that way, right?"

"I'm heading to the library to read some books."

"Eh~? You're going to skip class?"

"Well there's not much point in going since military training starts tomorrow right?"

"Hmm... you're right. Maybe I'll skip and join you to read some books too...?"

"If that is what you want then it would be my pleasure to have your company. I can't possibly decline the request of a beautiful lady, right? Leon said jokingly.

Rachel blushed at Leon's words. She had received many praises and compliments for her outstanding beauty since young, but it had never made her happy. On the contrary, it made her disgusted instead. It was always the young masters from esteemed noble houses that sing praises of her beauty and confess their love for her, but they could not hide their lustful gaze that wantonly roams her body.

Leon had never directed such gazes towards her. His compliments were always pure and of genuine admiration. She wasn't repulsed by Leon, which allowed them to become friends.

Perhaps it was their difference in status or he wasn't interested in women that he never entertained such a thought? Or maybe he was good at concealing such things? None of her guesses seem correct either.

Leon was a perfectly healthy young man. He wasn't lacking confidence and seemed like a genuine person, not those kinds of two-face hypocrites. Her curiosity got her interested and wanting to understand him better as if he was a rare creature that needed to be studied. They were also not restrained by formality and status as they conversed freely.

"You're such a sweet talker. Alright let's go." Rachel slightly blushed.

"That was considered sweet talking? I guess haven't seen real sweet talking before." Leon shook head with a smile.

"Oh? How about you show me what real sweet talking is?" Rachel said defiantly. She wasn't going to take that comment easily. What sort of sweet talking haven't she experienced? She wasn't lacking admirers and pursuers after all.

"Well alright. You asked for it." Leon stopped in front, showing her his back.

He slowly turned around with a charming smile and said,

"Oh Rachel, your beauty simply does not belong to the mortal plane. Your skin is flawlessly white like snow and your eyes like the starry skies, body carved from jade and your silky-smooth hair dances in the wind. You must be a goddess that descended from the heavens above. Just a simple glimpse of your beauty has enraptured my heart. Please go out with me." Leon said in an exaggerated manner.

His little act made her blushed as her heart was a little moved. It was a fresh but pleasant feeling she hadn't experienced before.

She was a little absentminded but recovered when Leon's little play started attracting the surrounding people's attention.

"Nice try. Aren't your words lacking some genuine emotions?" Rachel smacked him on the shoulders and dragged him away from the watchful eyes.

"Hahaha, you're right. I don't know what being in love feels like, but you have to admit that my act was pretty good." Leon laughed.

"Well... it was different compared to what I usually hear." She said, while lost in thought.

She didn't remember Leon being this daring in the past. He seemed different.

'How strange.'

"My lady, please refrain from making contact with other males." One of her female servants advised.

The interrupted warning made her unhappy as her mood dropped.. She was reminded of her status as the fiancee of the missing prince.

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