Prime Originator

Chapter 25 - Ah! It’s You Again!

Chapter 25 - Ah! It’s You Again!

Two hours have passed since Leon and Rachel had been reading. When Rachel heard Leon closing his book, she also stopped reading.

"Don't mind me. You can keep reading if you want." Leon suggested.

"I think I read enough. It's time for a break." Rachel's stomach started rumbling as soon as she finished saying that.

"Indeed, it's time for a break." Leon stare seriously are her stomach and said.

Rachel blushed.

Rumble*** An even louder rumbling sound was heard from Leon's stomach.

"Pft* Hahaha." Rachel cracked up in laughter.

Leon looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes.

'Ah... so embarrassing. Karma strikes pretty fast.'

Ever since he had awakened his memory, he felt alienated with eating. He had been trying to fix his eating habits to before his memory awakened, but he still ended up skipping breakfast this morning.

'What should I eat?'

Leon thought back to the juicy and tenderizing beast meat coated in the steakhouse's special mushroom sauce as he licked his lips.

"What are you thinking of eating?" Rachel tilted her head to the side and poked her cheeks with her index finger in a cute manner, "maybe me?"

Cough* Leon's thought bubble popped.

"I was thinking of the steakhouse near the campus." Leon smiled wryly. To think everyone's perfect and pure goddess also know how to crack dirty jokes.

Only... her jokes put him between laughter and tears.


Rachel seems to find great amusement in poking fun at him and enjoying his reaction. It was like when a kid suddenly finds an interesting toy to play with.

"Anyway, that's where I'm going to eat."

"Aren't you going to ask what I want to eat? You are quite the gentleman." Rachel joked sarcastically.

"Well... I never considered myself one." Leon shrugged his shoulders, "Are you coming?"

"I... probably can't." Her shoulders drooped down.

She already acted willful once. Her servants wouldn't allow her to leave the campus with Leon during school hours. There would be complications if they report to her father about how close she was to another male that isn't the missing prince. She knew about Leon's humble background. She was responsible enough to not cause him trouble.

"Hmm that's fine. There would surely be plenty of opportunities in the future."

Leon went to return his book before heading off. One of the servants guarding the door narrowed her eyes at his back as he left.

The other one pat the female servant's and shook her own head.

"The young miss is actually quite pitiful."

"Should we report this to the lord?"

"Let's not. We should be more flexible with our work. As long nothing serious is happening, we can just turn a blind eye."

"It's rare to see the young miss being willful but it should be fine as long as she doesn't forget her own responsibility." The servant nodded to each other.

They were very fond of Rachel as they had watched Rachel grow up since she was a child. They had spent a lot more time with the young miss than the young miss did with her actual parents.

Her parents were always busy with work. Being a duke household with manipulation over fire, they were people who focused on the art of blacksmithing. They oversee management of a big business, responsible for the production quality equipment and weapons for the military.

Rachel took some time before she left the private room.

"Young miss." The servants greeted.

"Sorry for being unreasonable before." Rachel apologized, feeling guilty for how she treated them.

"It's fine. We understand." There was no need for the young miss to apologize to them. They understood her feelings very well.




Leon browsed the menu at the steakhouse. Although what he ate last time was great, he wanted to try something different this time. If possible, he would order multiple dishes to balance the elements he can absorb.

The menu was incredibly detailed. Each dish was explained what type of meat used, its elemental attribute and benefits provide, in addition to the simple information.

"Hello esteemed customer, what would you like to...Ah! It's you again!" The young waiter exclaimed, losing her composure.

Leon jumped at the sudden exclamation. He looked up and noticed it was the same waiter that served him yesterday.

"Ah yes, hello. We meet again but there's no need such a strong reaction, no?" Leon greeted with gentle smile, followed by a question.

"N-N-No need for such a strong reaction? Y-You groped me at t-that spot last time." Mary said while pointing at Leon with her shaking hand.

"I groped you last time? I don't think I did such a thing, no?" Leon was puzzled at the accusation but still replied calmly. He felt a headache coming. They had raised a commotion and some customers in the steakhouse also turned their attention towards his area.

Seeing Leon not admitting what he did, she was disappointed and angry. She must be dealing with a rogue!

'Dare to do but not dare to admit.' She pouted.

"You fondled my... my... that, when you paid the bill and left in a hurry." She explained, while trying not to explode.

Leon tried to remember if such a thing did happen. He was in a rush and didn't pay too much attention to the details. But now that he thought about it, it seemed such a thing did happen.

He was wondering what that pleasant sensation his hand felt in that moment was. After looking at the young waiter's chest, he realized what that pleasant sensation came from.

'Such large rabbits would indeed be difficult to avoid contact with.' He thought.

"What do you want?" Mary covered with her arms and retreated when she noticed where Leon's lewd gaze was directed.

"Ah... my apologies. It was an accident. I'm sorry if I had caused you distress." Leon apologized for his conduct. Since he really was the one in wrong, it was only right for him to apologize. He was man and would own up to his mistakes.

'Was it really an accident?' She doubted. Leon's expression was genuine, she was easily convinced that it really did seem to be the case.

But she can't just let him go scot-free right?

"Accident or not, you have to take responsibility!" She tried to put up a brave front.

"Yeah, young man, you should take responsibility for what you did!" The crowd hollered.

"Don't worry lass, we'll make sure he does whatever you want." They assured her.

The crowd who joined in were a bunch of old people, who were regular customers.

Leon rubbed his temples at the unwanted attention and smiled wryly.

"How do you want me to take responsibility?"

Mary froze at the question. She had demanded in the spur of the moment but what did she want from him exactly? She wasn't sure why she was making a big deal out of it. She was confused with what she was feeling.

Being a waiter at the steakhouse, it wasn't uncommon for her to be harassed by some of the unruly young nobles that choose to dine in. They were all taught a lesson by the owner of the steakhouse in the end though. She held a special status in the steakhouse. The owner was fond of her, when she was young and adopted her as her granddaughter.

Why did she need to waste so much time talking to Leon?

"T-This... I haven't decided yet. How about... I get back to you after I decided...?"

"That's fine. I'll be dining here for a while."

"A-Alright then. What would you like to order?" She asked.

"Hmm... I'll have this, this and this." Leon pointed to a total of 5 different dishes.

Leon wasn't joking when he said he would be there for a while. He was planning to eat and cultivate at the same time.

"Alright...thank you..." Mary didn't think he would be able to finish all of it. She thought he was feeling sorry and wanted to help her earn a little more from the commission even though she didn't need it.

'I guess you still have some good points.' She went off with the order while smiling. She didn't really care about her wage. She didn't really have to work there but she wanted to help her foster grandmother take care of the restaurant.

"Hey Mary, what's with that love-struck expression of yours? Who could the lucky guy be?... Eh? Isn't that the guy from yesterday?" Her co-worker said.

"Shh. What nonsense are you saying?" Mary panicked.

'How was that even possible?' She thought. She should be feeling the opposite, but Leon had indeed left an impression on her in that one contact. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel.

"Che. Fine! Don't admit it then." They continued with their work.


Leon was a doctor and he was adept at acupuncture and massages. The years of practice had allowed him to perform the medical skills without conscious thought. Although, his hands haven't fully regain his previous level of dexterity, it was still dexterous.. Leon was unaware that he had used some of his massaging skills and gave Mary a brief but pleasurable experience in that one moment.

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