Prime Originator

Chapter 29 - You Have A Gun?

Chapter 29 - You Have A Gun?

"How is the pill business going the past week?" Snake asked. The Black Snake Gang conducts a weekly meeting to report their earnings and discuss plans and problems.

"Compared to the previous weeks, our earnings have dropped by a fair bit."

The pill business they mention was referring to the sales of their Fantasy Pill, which had the effect of causing hallucinations and was very addictive. It uses cheap herbs and easy to produce.

"Dropped? Why?" Snake asked with a frown.

"We have discovered that members of the other gangs having been entering our territory and stealing our customers."

"Do they think we are easy to bully because we are weaker?" Dark expressions hung on everyone's faces. No one would be happy with others intruding in their homes and taking what was theirs.

But it was true that they were weaker than the other gangs. Snake was still a 2nd step awakener, while the other gang leaders had recently taken the next step and became 3rd step awakeners.

"Have we not given any new jobs from the Grey family?"


The Grey family was their backer. They could earn a lot of money by completing tasks given by the Greys and used that money to trade for Awakening pills.

Although they knew they were being ripped off, buying at a greater price than what the nobles pay for, they had no other choice. There was no supply outside of the noble circle and the army.

Snake was about to ask for the rest of the reports when he saw Thorpe entering with an unfamiliar face.

"Thorpe, what the hell are you doing? New recruits don't have permission to be on this floor." Snake said with an annoyed expression.

Thorpe didn't want to explain himself since we would draw more attention to himself. He just retreated behind Leon and let him do the talking.

"I'm here to take over the gang," Leon said bluntly.

"Nonsense! Who did you think you are!? Do you think you can be compared to brother Snake!?" A member jumped and lash out at him while trying to bootlick Snake at the same time.

It wasn't a rare occurrence for the high-ranking members to try bootlicking Snake to increase their favoritism and position in Snake's heart. They do what they do to earn higher chances of receiving the next Awakening pill their gang gets their hands on.

Snake was the sole decision-maker for the distribution of Awakening pills as he was the strongest and the leader.

The other members secretly cursed the one that lashed out first and regretted not being fast enough.

"You are right. We shouldn't be compared. We are not on the same level at all." Leon said with a mocking smile.

"Arrogant!" Snake snapped. Since when was his prestige was so lacking that he would be looked down upon by some random kid?

"Let me teach this kid a lesson for you, Brother Snake!" Another member took the opportunity to show off. How strong could a 17-year old looking kid be?

He closed the gap from behind and swung his hand down, intending to grab Leon's head and press it into the ground, forcing him into a kowtowing position.

How could things go the way he intended? His actions were too slow and predictable in Leon's eyes, who even had his back towards him.

'Wanting to humiliate me? You're not worthy! A man should only beed to kowtow to his parents!'

Leon gave him a powerful back kick, sending him flying into the walls with a bang. His fate was undetermined.

Everyone's expression quickly changed at Leon's display of strength. The force of his kick wasn't something a normal person could produce.

The unawakened members took in a gasp of air. They were thankful they weren't the first to attack Leon.

"So, you are already an awakener. But that still doesn't give you the right to be cocky here, brat." Snake was surprised but recovered quickly and gestured for Arlo and Gower to attack together.

Arlo and Gower and nodded, acknowledging that they understood his intentions and dashed over, flanking Leon from two sides.

Their fists aimed at his left rib and right cheek. He dodged in a spinning motion while grabbing their wrists with an unbreakable grip.

Their expression changed at his vice-like grip. They've underestimated this kid far too much. Clearly his strength is a lot greater than theirs.

With their wrists clamped, Leon spun them in a circle with himself at the center like he was drawing the yin yang before he tosses them flying into the walls in the distance like tossing away garbage.

Bang* Bang* Leon tossed them with great force due to them having stronger bodies than the previous member.

"Arrogance? Cocky? No, this is confidence." Leon's expression was calm and steady.

"Which noble house's young master are you?" Snake finally started taking him seriously.

It wasn't strange for Snake to think this way. Leon was still very young, yet his strength was comparable to the 2nd step or higher. Only a noble house would be able to nurture such a young talent.

"Noble house's young master? Hahaha, I'm not from a noble house. I'm a genuine commoner."

"How is that possible...? Never mind, that doesn't matter." Snake shook his head. He was relieved as long as Leon wasn't from a noble house. He thought Leon was some young noble who was bored and ran over to his territory to play.

If Leon was from a noble family, then he would have to treat him respectfully. He didn't want to have the old come knocking on his door after he bullies the young.

But since Leon wasn't from a noble family then it simplified the matter. He could kill him without fearing repercussions.

Snake pulled out a revolver from inside his coat and pointed at Leon's head. He wasn't confident in fighting close combat with Leon, who could be stronger than him.

He had no intention of allowing Leon to join their gang. He didn't want to hand over his position.

"Since you aren't from a noble family, then die."


Leon widened his eyes as he quickly dodged the shot.

"You have a gun? How the hell do you have a gun?" Leon hid behind a stone pillar.

"Anything can be bought with money, boy. You are still too green to challenge me."

Leon really wasn't expecting the underworld connections to run so deep for them to be able to get their hand on guns.

He might have been a bit reckless, but the plan has not changed. His body wasn't strong enough to repel bullets, but he was sure he could dodge them. He wasn't faster than a bullet, but he was fast enough to dodge them from a certain distance.

He made a dash for another stone pillar.

Bang* bang* another two shots were fired but they both missed.

"You might have a gun but it's useless if you can't land a shot." Leon provoked him.

"What are you guys doing? Go force him out of his hiding." Angry, Snake barked at his men who were standing there like useless bums.

The gang members secretly cursed him.

'Didn't you see how easily he sent Arlo and Gower flying? What can we doing?'

Snake didn't think they would be able to do anything. He just said it in a fit of anger, trying to regain some face in front of his men.

"Are you just going to hide behind there like a turtle? What a coward." Snake tried to provoke him.

"Hmph! You have a gun. Even if I was a coward, what are you going to do about?"


"Well, playtime is over," Leon said and dashed out from the pillar.

'Seeking death.' Snake was delighted.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Snake fired consecutively.

Leon dodged the bullets one by one, beautifully as if his movements were a work of art. After the third shot was dodged, Leon used the [Extreme Vanishing Step] and blink over in an instance, slapping the revolver out of Snake's hand before trading blows with him.

Leon hadn't used the movement skill earlier because it was too direct and not versatile. He would really be seeking death if he dashed over in a straight line, only to have the gun pointed to his head and shoot him dead.

[Extreme Vanishing Step] granted extreme burst of speed, but there is no room for maneuverability once in flight. He wasn't going to take that chance.

Not sure if by coincidence or not but the revolver flew in the distance and hit the ground before sliding to Thorpe's feet. Various thoughts ran through his mind. Arlo and Gower were already out cold, pinned to the walls.

If Leon and Snake were also taken out of the picture too then he would be the strongest person present. He already betrayed the gang once leading Leon here, so his situation wasn't stable.

Why not take them both out and become the leader instead? The other members wouldn't be able to threaten him. The position of power was like a deadly temptation to his heart.

Making up his mind he picked up the resolver and pointed it at Leon's back, whose attention seems to still be focused on Snake. He was delusional of his future prospect that he didn't gauge the situation properly.

Click* he pressed the trigger, but nothing happened. His excited expression quickly turned horrible.

At this moment, Leon turned around and flashed him a devilish smile, while grabbing Snake by the hair.

Snake was already unconscious. His limbs were all broken.. He couldn't withstand Leon's powerful blows are all and snapped under the force! Thorpe felt all his hair standing up as his heart go cold with fear.

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