Prime Originator

Chapter 8 - Black Snake Gang

Chapter 8 - Black Snake Gang

Black Snake Gang's secret headquarters.

"Big brother Snake, please avenge this little brother's grievance." The little brother pleaded on his knees.

In front of him was a man in his middle ages, standing upright as he listened to his little brother's pleading with a frown.

They weren't real blood brothers. 'Brother' was a term commonly used to show ones' closeness to another. For a group of criminals working together, a heavy emphasis is placed upon bonds and loyalty. Whether they are the bigger or the smaller brother within the gang is determined by their hierarchy.

Big brother Snake was the boss of the Black Snake Gang and a 2nd step awakener. He was able to possess his current strength due to the benefits received from doing dirty businesses for the nobles backing them. He used to be a poor commoner. There was no other way of receiving Awakening Pills, which were monopolized by the nobles.

"Little brother Thorpe, what happened?" Snake frowned as he looked at Thorpe's tattered look.

Thorpe was the big brother thug; Leon had encountered the other night.

"I was beaten up by a kid. He did not put our Black Snake Gang in his eyes even after I warned him." Thorpe said hatefully.

"How is that possible?" Snake deepened his frown. The Commoner's District and the area between it and the Royal Crawford University was all part of his territory. He knows that Thorpe was one of his best men among the unawaken. Thorpe should've been able to put up a fight and not be thrashed so badly.

"H-he should have already awakened. He was very skillful at throwing chicken bones and finished off our group of 3 brothers in the brink of an eye. However, he should be a commoner." Thorpe didn't recognize Leon's uniform as it had been dirtied by his impurities.

'Chicken bones? What nonsense are talking about.' Snake thought but didn't voice his thoughts. He knew Thorpe was simple minded but wouldn't make joke on a serious matter.

"An awaken that isn't a noble…? Is he from another gang? What is he doing our territory by starting trouble?" Are the other gangs getting restless and started eyeing our territory?" Snake rubbed his chin as he voiced his thoughts, clearly overthinking the matter.

His gang was not the only gang residing in the Capital. There were 3 other powerful gangs besides his own; the Azure Wolf Gang, the Red Salamander Gang, and the White Ferret Gang.

The Capital is divided into the Upper District and the Commoner's District, which is also called the Lower District. The Upper District is located within the inner area of the Capital, while the Lower District is located on the outer area.

The Lower District is further divided into the North, West, East and South. Each one is occupied by one of the 4 gangs. The Western District belongs to the Black Snake Gang.

"What should we do, big brother Snake?" Thorpe asked.

"For now, you need to go investigate his background. If he does not belong to any gang, you may call Arlo and Gower to assist you in apprehending then bring him to me." Snake ordered.

Arlo and Gower were his right-hand and left-hand man. Both were experts at fighting and are both 1st step awakeners.

"Right away, Big brother Snake." Thorpe answered.




Back at the big villa, Dwight and Leon sitting down at a table, drinking tea, while Lynne was standing at the side serving them.

She did not have to be the one serving them tea as there are servants in the villa, however she was interested in listening in on their conversation.

"Old man, although the toxins have been expelled from your body, unblocking your meridians and allowed you to make a breakthrough as a result. The toxins had stayed in your body for a long time, damaging your vitals and your organs are showing signs of failure.

You will need further medical treatment to fully recover. Unfortunately, I do not have the tools required to treat you at this moment." Leon stated.

"Huh? Do you have special eyes or something? How do you know if my grandpa's organs are failing or not?" Lynne doubted.

"I do not need to see directly to know. I can still hear, smell, and feel your grandpa's pulse to find out. It is my skill as a doctor." Leon answered her doubts.

"What? I thought you were an alchemist. How did you suddenly become a doctor?" Lynne asked in confusion.

Leon was a bit speechless and looked at the old man only to see he shared the same confused look. Leon had no choice but to clear their doubts.

"I have always been a doctor. It's just how can I become a doctor without having some foundations in alchemy? I can be considered an alchemist and a doctor."

Leon said in a steady tone, but he was starting to get annoyed with the girl for nitpicking at everything he says and do.

"Young man, you are really good. Already a doctor and an alchemist at such young age." The old man praised.

Just the title of alchemist is enough to boost his status to the top of the kingdom and be respected everywhere. The number of alchemists is just far too few. The number of Awakening Pills they are able to concoct was not enough to support the demands of the nobles, let alone the rest of the masses.

The reason Leon didn't end up trying to hide his talent as an alchemist was because alchemist was treated with great importance in the kingdom. Nobles would try everything to establish a good relationship with him.

Leon had lived a short 30 years with his father in his past life, but he had seen many people and faces. He can tell that the old man was kind in nature and appear trustworthy. Leon displayed his skills to show his worth, making the old man owe him a debt of gratitude for curing him and to make it easier for himself to negotiate a business deal.

The quickest way to gather wealth and resources to further increase his Divine practice, was to rely on a powerful family to assist him. Two hands are better than one, and four is better than two.

"If you don't mind me asking, who is your master?" the old man inquired. A person who can nurture such a young qualified alchemist must be extraordinary, the old man thought.

Leon could see that the old man wishes to establish a connection with this so called 'master', but Leon can't just say it was his father from his past life.

"I don't know much about my master. He likes to be free and unfettered, travelling the vast world to further his knowledge. He is usually the one to contact me. I am unable to contact him." Leon bullshitted.

"Ah… that is unfortunate, it would've been a great honor to meet him." The old man sighed.

"Never mind that, if there's an opportunity, you'll surely meet him. How about striking a business deal with me, old man?" Leon brushed off the topic about his master and changed the topic.

"Oh? What sort of business?" the old man was intrigued.

"Naturally the sort of business where I concoct pills for your family, and you will pay me accordingly. The payment can be made in the form of cash, special herbs or rare minerals." Leon stated.

"Ah just that? Of course, we will happily accept your offer." The old man said happily.

The old man was more than happy to accept such a business deal. In fact, if Leon did not suggest it first, he would have been the one to suggest it. Leon was still young and promising, unlike the other old bones. This is a rare chance, hard to come by for his family to rise to new heights.

Leon did not need to say much further. They were able to read each other's intention. There was no need to worry that the Cromwell family would publicize his status as an alchemist.

It would be an extremely stupid thing to do. Why would they want to introduce Leon to others when they can monopolize the pills concocted by Leon for themselves? Not to mention Leon is still young and without a strong background. It may attract those with ill intentions if the words were spread.

"Well then, here's to a happy cooperation." Leon smiled and reach out his hand for the old man to shake.

"To a happy cooperation." The old man shook Leon's hand as he briefly glanced at his sulking granddaughter. Seemingly to have been ignore as they were lost in the own conversation.

"You really don't want to consider my granddaughter?" the old man brought the matter up again.

"Cough** old man, you really know how to joke." Leon was caught off guard again. He really wasn't ready to be involved in such matters.

"Ai yah… It's a pity that you don't fancy my granddaughter." The old man felt regretful.

"Grandpa~! How can you try to sell your granddaughter off?" Lynne complained.

"Hahaha, it's actually not a bad thing for you to be married off to him. He is a much better choice than all those noble sons. He is a real dragon among men." The old man tried to convince his granddaughter.

Her grandpa was right, and she seem to have been a little too prejudiced against him this whole time with no good reason. Why is that so? Lynne was a little confused but how could she not be aware of her grandpa's underlying intention? In fact, Leon was also aware. They were all aware. The old man wanted to take one step further and tie Leon to his family.

"Wily old fox.' Glanced at the old man and thought.

Old man seemed to have sensed his thoughts and gave him a smirk.

'Little fox.'

Ehmm** Leon coughed awkwardly having his thoughts read.

When two intelligent beings confront each other.. Words seems to be unnecessary to communicate.

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