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Chapter 802: Blacksand Desert

Chapter 802: Blacksand Desert

After Leon mentioned the black-purplish glowing flowers, Aria and Darlene glanced down at them.

"What kind of flowers are they?" Aria asked.

"These flowers are called Violet Soul Flowers, and they're all at Tier-5 quality to boot; they have the effect of nurturing damaged souls and can be refined into pills for a stronger effect."

Leon explained the Violet Soul Flower's properties according to what he found recorded in the [Archive].

"Oh? Does that mean Big Brother knows how to refine the pills and help my mother recover?" Luna ran in front of Leon and looked at him with her big puppy eyes.

"I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you, Luna." Leon shook his head helplessly and said, "Tier-5 Violet Soul Flowers are good spirit herbs for soul recovery."

"However, your mother's realm is too high. Tier-5 Violet Soul Flowers will have little-to-no effect on her even if they are refined into pills. We are most like going to need Tier-8 Violet Soul Flowers at the very least to cure your mother."

"Oh…" Luna uttered as her bright eyes dulled with disappointment.

Nevertheless, he had expected such a reaction; telling her the hard truth was better than giving false hope—only to crush it more mercilessly.

"We should leave and not disturb the Demon Empress's resting spot," Leon said with a soft sigh before adding, "We'll head to the south floating island next."

"Mm," Aria and Darlene agreed.

Shortly after, Leon gathered the dark faes before leaving the vicinity of the central island despite the dark faes' strong reluctance.

"Don't worry. There will be more opportunities for all of you to cultivate on the central island," Leon promised before giving Darlene a glance.

She immediately understood and used Dark Passage to quickly move everyone to the south floating island.

Upon their arrival, Leon quickly inspected the support-circuit building.

"There's no Celestial Power sealing the entrance; it looks like this might be another bust," Leon commented.

That being said, he intended to thoroughly search the floating island before moving on to their next target.

'Master, you can always ask me anything about the entire Radiant Heaven Realmship; my consciousness covers this entire space and understands everything going on," Tak-si materialized before informing Leon of its assistance.

Leon threw it a casual glance before saying, "And you expect me to trust you after you hid things from me until it was too late?"

"I'm sorry, Master." Tak-si lowered his head guiltily.

However, Luna quickly took over before she spat, "Don't bully Grandpa Spirit! Grandpa Spirit was only following my wishes! If you want to blame someone, blame me!"

"You're speaking too seriously," Leon gave Luna a casual flick on the forehead, which inflicted no damage whatsoever to her spiritual form. "Is there anything on south and east island, Tak-si?"

"None, Master."

Tak-si restored his appearance before obediently answering Leon's question, "Only the north and central islands had something. The south and east islands were practically untouched during the war."

"I see," Leon rubbed his chin in thought.

After glancing at the dark faes for a moment, he asked, "How many members of the Dark Fae Clan are in this southern region?"

"There are currently 76 members of the Dark Fae Clan in this region, Master. Of the 76 members, 62 members are in Bone Sea's outer region, while the remaining 14 members are currently trapped within a Demon Lord-level Tomb."

"A Demon Lord-level Tomb, huh?" Leon muttered thoughtfully before asking, "Where is it?"

"In the Blacksand Desert, roughly 20 miles further southwest on the surface from here, Master. They were swallowed by quicksand and stumbled on the Demon Lord-level Tomb by chance. But with no strength to challenge nor leave, they couldn't go anywhere," Tak-si informed.

"I got it," Leon nodded and waved at the realm spirit, "You can leave for now."

"Understood, Master." Tak-si complied.

Shortly after the realm spirit's spiritual form dispersed back into the background, Saresha quickly made her way over with some dark faes.

"My Lord, there's nothing of value on this floating island," she reported.

"I already know, but good job," Leon praised them nonetheless.

"Shall we proceed to the next floating island?" Saresha asked.

However, Leon shook his head, "No, we will be descending to speedrun a Demon Lord-level Tomb and save some members of your clan in the process."

'People can speedrun Demon Lord-level Tombs? Perhaps, only the noble lord can say something like that,' Saresha silently thought.

At the same time, she was also surprised by Leon's words alongside her clan members.

"Are my clan members in danger, my Lord?" she quickly asked.

"Not for the time being, but there's no telling if they start acting rashly after being trapped in the Demon Lord-level Tomb for so long," Leon stated before giving her an order, "Gather everyone. We will shortly."

"Yes, my Lord!"

Sometime later, Leon brought Aria, Darlene, and the dark faes to the desolate region filled with black sand.

The ground was soft and lacked stability, making it difficult for everyone to trek without losing balance.

And with each step they took, mounds of black sand shifted, causing a great disturbance in the area.

"It'll be hard not to notice other people around if the black sand moves like this with every step we take," Leon commented while glancing down at the rolling black sand.

Suddenly, a large pile of black sand erupted a few dozen yards away, blasting in the sky before everyone spotted the giant figure of a black worm—no, a dark wyrm.

"And it appears that humans and demons are not the only beings in this desert," Leon added with a calm look.

However, the dark faes grew nervous and uneasy.

The dark wyrm's large frame made the dark faes feel minuscule in comparison, and it had the strength of a Peak-stage Greater Demon.

"My Lord, the dark wyrm looks hungry, and it's staring at us…!" a dark fae spoke.

Shortly after the dark wyrm locked onto Leon's group, it immediately lunged at them with its gaping jaws wide open, ready to feast on them.

'Master, the dark wyrms are actually quite timid creatures; if you summon your higher-quality dark power, it'll quickly become obedient in front of you!'

Just as Leon was about to retaliate, Tak-si quickly informed him.

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