Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 1282 - The Most Talkative Princess

Chapter 1282: The Most Talkative Princess

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As the best university in the south and the best liberal arts university in China, Nancheng University naturally formed a competitive relationship with Qing University.

The relationship between the two families was already very tense. Because Xia Wanyuan had joined Qing University, the strength of the liberal arts department of Qing University had rapidly increased, and its reputation had also rapidly increased.

In this year’s college entrance examination enrollment, Nancheng University clearly felt the huge difference from the past.

In the past years, Qing University had dominated with the most outstanding science students in China. Nancheng University had dominated with the most outstanding humanities students in China. This balance had always been maintained.

However, it could not be like this this year.


In science, the Qing University naturally had a very deep history. The students naturally ran there.

In the literature department, Qing University had Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan could be considered a national idol now. Fans had a strong desire to follow their idols.

In addition, the Qing University had created a set of classes with Xia Wanyuan as the core of publicity. Her classes and standards were there.

In comparison, Nancheng University lacked such a signature celebrity teacher.

This year’s enrollment was basically those who could not get into Qing University.

It was not that the students were not outstanding, but Qing University and Nancheng University had always competed in parallel. Now that Nancheng University was suppressed by Qing University, they were naturally indignant.

The reason why Nancheng University valued these ancient cultural relics discovered in Linxi City so much was not only because it might be a new dynasty and civilization, but also because Xia Wanyuan had once made comments about this suspected new dynasty in many public places.

“I believe everyone knows the situation this year.” In the meeting room of Nancheng University, the director was analyzing the situation this year with everyone. “If the situation continues, we don’t have to work next year. Let’s go home and farm.”

“But that Xia Wanyuan is really aggressive.” Everyone was very helpless.

Last year, he had wanted to use the thesis to defeat Xia Wanyuan. Who would have thought that the young lady was so young and had such strong academic ability? She could not do anything to her at all.

“I didn’t ask you to take down Xia Wanyuan at once.” The director took a sip of tea. “Fame and trust are all consumed, especially someone as famous as Xia Wanyuan.”

It was easy to break if it was too harsh. For people who had just started, everyone would be more tolerant. Instead, for people like Xia Wanyuan, who had already become a god, everyone would often consciously crown her with the perfect hat.

Once everyone realized that this person was not as perfect as they had imagined, there would be no inclusiveness.

]Everyone present understood what the director meant.

When Xia Wanyuan was communicating with England, she had already made many comments about the new history dynasty, attracting the interest of many people.

Now, he could use this opportunity to question Xia Wanyuan’s academic ability.

However, they had already made a preliminary discovery. Someone questioned, “But based on our current research results, what Xia Wanyuan said is very likely right.”

The director looked at the person who asked the question unhappily.

“Is that pile of dead people or our Nancheng University’s future more important? What’s so important about that dynasty? Without that dynasty, can’t we live?”

“But…” Some of the teachers present were in this profession, so they naturally knew how much it would affect the history field if they unearthed a new dynasty.

“But what but?” The director had just been scolded by the leader and was furious as he looked at the teachers in front of him. “Either get lost or do as I say! The research results are that this dynasty doesn’t exist. Those things are only modern handicrafts, understand?!”

Everyone was silent. Most scholars had some integrity, although they had been in this society for a long time and were much more tactful.

However, such a lie was still difficult for everyone to accept.

The director had long known these people’s bad tempers. He threw the salary and benefits form on the table.

“Look at your monthly benefits yourself. If you don’t want it, you can leave now. No one will stop you.”

Gradually, some people began to compromise. Just like the domino effect, with the first and second, there were countless others.

In the end, everyone reluctantly compromised.

“Go.” The director held his teacup and nodded in satisfaction. “I’ll get someone to cooperate with the news.”

Nancheng University had a deep history. As an academic base in the south, there were naturally a large number of people and organizations supporting it.

Among them, the Lin family was the most important, and the Lin family had the closest relationship with them.

Although Lin Qingyuan had been abroad a few years ago, the amount of money he transferred to Nancheng University every year was quite large.

When the matters in Nancheng reached Lin Qingyuan, Lin Qingyuan only said, “Don’t worry.”

At the same time, the major media newspapers belonging to the southern department began to support Xia Wanyuan.

Everyone could clearly feel that there had been more reports about Xia Wanyuan recently.

They were all saying that Xia Wanyuan could achieve so much at such a young age.

There were even many media outlets who called Xia Wanyuan the strongest master of the generation, comparing her to the most famous masters in Chinese history.

ia Wanyuan quickly realized this inexplicable public opinion.

“Wanyuan, aren’t these words a little inappropriate??” Chen Yun looked at the reports on the news in confusion.

Although he knew that Xia Wanyuan was quite amazing, she was comparable to all the previous masters. Wasn’t this a little too arrogant?

Xia Wanyuan took a look and knew that someone was adding fuel to the fire. “Just wait.”

“Huh? Wait for what?”

“Wait for their true goal.” Xia Wanyuan looked calm.

Chen Yun was a boor and did not understand these things. Since Xia Wanyuan said that it was nothing, he did not ask further. “Then let’s not talk about this. The production team is already prepared. When do you think it’s better to start filming?”

“Tomorrow.” Xia Wanyuan put down the newspaper in her hand and stood up.

“Okay, then I’ll inform them.”

Even before filming began, this production team had already received almost the entire Internet’s attention.

Hence, on the day of filming, everyone waited with the same mood to watch the gossip.

Everyone silently looked forward to seeing a bloody scene.

However, to everyone’s surprise,

There was a strange silence. Yan Ci quietly filmed and did not speak. Other than having lines when acting opposite each other, Jun Shiling and Xuan Sheng treated each other as air.

The others in the production team were careful and trembling, afraid of angering the big shots.

In the end, the person who spoke the most in the entire production team was Xia Wanyuan.

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