Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Chapter 742 - Long Hair Captures the Man’s Heart

Chapter 742 Long Hair Captures the Man’s Heart

The subordinates acted quickly. Not long after, everything Xia Wanyuan needed was sent over.

“What are you giving?” Xia Wanyuan had asked her subordinate to send Jun Shiling away. Jun Shiling still didn’t know what Xia Wanyuan had gotten people to send over.

“You’ll know in a while. Don’t gifts need to be surprises?” Xia Wanyuan pushed Jun Shiling’s head away. “Go and sleep in the bedroom for a while.”

“No, I’ll work by the side. I promise I won’t look at you.” Jun Shiling looked at Xia Wanyuan sternly. “I’ll keep my word.”

“Alright, then go and sit on the sofa over there.” Xia Wanyuan pointed at a sofa far away from her. Jun Shiling moved over reluctantly.

Glancing at the room filled with flowers and candles, then at his empty arms, Jun Shiling sighed.

Seeing Jun Shiling’s resentful expression, Xia Wanyuan was amused. She sat on the carpet and opened the bag with her back facing Jun Shiling. There were clusters of brocade threads inside.

In her previous life, on the Double Seventh Festival, Xia Wanyuan had always spent it with her mother, younger siblings. In the imperial garden in the palace, her mother had taught her how to embroider and told her that in the future, with a prince consort, she could put her own feelings into a pouch and give it to him.

Xia Wanyuan picked up a piece of red shadow satin, put on the thread, and embroidered it seriously. Later on, Xia Wanyuan rarely did needlework herself, but her foundation in her youth was still there.

Although she was a little rusty at first, she quickly picked it up. This was a gift for Jun Shiling, and Xia Wanyuan embroidered it especially seriously.

In addition, with Jun Shiling by her side, Xia Wanyuan had let down her guard, so she did not hear the footsteps behind her.

Jun Shiling walked over and glanced at Xia Wanyuan’s shoulder. He stood quietly for a while and only spoke when Xia Wanyuan pulled the needle out. “Baby, so this is the gift you want to give me.”

“…” Xia Wanyuan looked up and glanced at Jun Shiling reproachfully. “Liar, didn’t you say you wouldn’t look?”

“I lied. Are you going to bite me?” Jun Shiling smiled and sat beside Xia Wanyuan. He looked at the embroidered cloth in her hand and saw the outline. “Continue. I want to look at you.”

“Alright.” Since he had already seen it, Xia Wanyuan did not hide it anymore and continued to embroider the pouch in peace.

The light gently landed on her. Xia Wanyuan’s expression was focused. Her ten slender fingers moved, and the threads circled a few beautiful arcs in the air, bringing the warmth of her body into the fabric.

Xia Wanyuan had been embroidering, and Jun Shiling had been watching from the side. When Xia Wanyuan finished embroidery, Jun Shiling reached out and took the bag beside her.

“What are you doing?” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling in confusion.

“I’ll try it casually.” Jun Shiling chose a piece of cloth that was the same as the one in Xia Wanyuan’s hand. His learning ability was originally very fast. After looking at it for a long time, he wanted to try it himself.

Xia Wanyuan stopped caring about him and focused on her work.

Starlight flickered outside the window, and the evening breeze blew past. Finally, it pulled the corner of the morning sun out of the horizon.

“Alright.” Xia Wanyuan yawned. In her hand, an exquisite and small purse had finally been embroidered.

The surroundings were set with golden threads and auspicious clouds. There were two sides of the purse, and the fire phoenix soared in the wind. It was lifelike. Xia Wanyuan nodded in satisfaction, then leaned over to look at what Jun Shiling had been busy the entire night.

However, Jun Shiling grabbed the embroidery in his hand and hid it behind his back when Xia Wanyuan leaned over. “If I don’t do it well, I’ll give you something else. Stop looking.”

The usually calm Jun Shiling actually had an embarrassed look in his eyes. Xia Wanyuan felt that it was really strange, which made her even more curious.


“Let me take a look.”



“… No.” Jun Shiling was silent for a while but still rejected it. That embroidery was too embarrassing.

Xia Wanyuan pounced into Jun Shiling’s arms and kissed his eyes with a smile. “Hubby, you’re the best. Show me ~”

“…” Alright, the entire army was wiped out. Jun Shiling placed his hand in front of Xia Wanyuan as if he had resigned to fate. In his palm was a purse that was embroidered with something that could not be seen clearly.

Reality proved that no matter how good Jun Shiling’s learning ability was, there would still be times when he did not know how to do something

“I already said it doesn’t look good.” Jun Shiling pursed his lips, feeling a little angry.

“I want this.” Xia Wanyuan smiled and took the wallet from Jun Shiling. Then, she cut a strand of hair and looked at Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling understood what she meant without Xia Wanyuan saying it. He cut a small strand of hair too. Xia Wanyuan divided the hair into two parts and placed them in separate bags. Then, she handed the exquisite one to Jun Shiling with a warm smile. “Long hair captures the man’s heart.”

Looking at Xia Wanyuan’s smile, Jun Shiling replied in a daze, “Till death do us apart.”

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